Bunny Body Language – What Does It Mean?

Rabbits can make great pets. Not only do they look like adorable little pillows, but they are also very relaxed and mellow pets to have. They can also be quite shy and scared, so if you choose to adopt a cute little bunny, it is important to make sure you understand their body language, which is more elaborate and expressive than you’d expect. Knowing what each gesture your rabbit makes means is key to understanding your rabbit’s needs and bonding with it. So, what does it mean when a bunny stands like a boxer? How about when it jumps in the air? Read more to find out.

A Butt Twitching Bunny

Let’s talk about butt twitching. What does it look like? Well, it is exactly as it sounds. Sometimes the butt twitching can be so swift that it might look as if your bunny is vibrating. If your rabbit twitches its butt, it means it is delighted and satisfied. It is common to see this butt-shiver when they are eating a yummy treat and are really enjoying it.

A Boxing Bunny

If your rabbit is standing up on their legs and puts their paws close to their body, it means they are in the boxing position. This stance makes them look like cute little harmless boxers and it means that the bunny feels aggressive. Bunnies are usually scared and they’d rather run than face an enemy so it is crucial to understand the even though this behavior looks cute; it means that the bunny is trying to protect itself.

A Bunny Binky

Have you ever heard of a binky? If not, look it up. It’s adorable. A binky is when a rabbit jumps and twists while in the air. If your rabbit is performing a binky it means it is so joyous it can not contain itself.  A happy rabbit that is a bit sluggish might perform a mini-binky, which looks like the beginning of a binky but without leaving the ground.

Alamy Stock Photo
Alamy Stock Photo

Bunny Grudges

Bunnies sure look like they are very naive and forgiving but they are actually known for holding grudges. If your rabbit is upset with you, you will be able to tell by their body language. An angry rabbit will sit with their back and butt towards your face, and might even refuse to take any tasty treats from you. If your bunny gives you the cold shoulder just give it some space, eventually, it will forgive you.