Cats And Why They Love Boxes

Cats have, for a long time, been objects of suspicion. We have not really understood them and some their weird habits. These includes: randomly running around at 4 am, intensely staring at objects,  rubbing up against furniture and curling up in boxes. We cannot help asking why cats act these ways. We may never be able to answer some of these questions, but here are some reasons why your cats curl up in boxes.  In boxes they…

Have time to think

As much as you need your ‘alone time’, your cat does too. And research has revealed that, when stressed, cats simply find a box to lay in. another fact is that, felines that have access to boxes are generally calmer than the ones who don’t.


Feel protected

Maybe a box is not so spacious a place to spend one’s day, it surely boosts a cat’s sense of protection. The cat feels protected from all sides and is expecting no surprise attacks as there is only one opening to its safe box. This feeling of not having to be on the lookout for threats reduces the stress levels of cats and they can now focus on sleeping 22 hours a day.

Feel warmth.

Cats need as much warmth as they can get. You too will probably curl into a ball underneath a blanket in cold weather, why then can your cat not do the same especially knowing that they are normally colder than us. The inside of a box is one cozy place your cat will love to spend time.

They’re anti-social

As hard as this is to believe, it is very true that cats are very anti-social animals. But honestly, who can blame them, knowing that most of us would rather shy away from people most of the time. Felines are known to most likely abandon their problems rather than face them.

Boxes are great scratching posts

Boxes offer a great outlet for the insatiable urge of a cat to scratch at things. This is how they keep their claws sharp for when they need it. Also, this way, they are able to mark their territories with the secretions from the scent glands in their feet.


They’re a great pouncing place

Although they no longer need to find their own food, cats are natural hunters that rely on their instincts to hunt. They normally stalk their prey for a while before pouncing for the kill. Boxes give your cats a chance to play out their wild life scenario even if the only thing they have to stalk is a remote control or a stray piece of stocking. A box is the perfect place for your cat to get in touch with its wild side

As we grow to love the concept of thinking outside the box, it seems cats are reveling, more and more, in the habit of thinking inside a box. You should stop blaming your cats now for loving the box so much, you should instead, order for a big cardboard box as a present to your darling cat.