Keeping Your Dog Fit In Winter

Many dog owners struggle to keep their canine friends active and fit during the winter. Mutts are quite good at handling chilly weather, but, just like us, they might find themselves feeling a little less motivated to move, as well as wanting to sleep as much as possible. This can result in what we like to call “The winter chub.” While it is cute and mostly harmless, it can turn into a problem if your pooch puts on too much weight. Check out our list of things you can do to keep your pet warm, active, and happy.
Canines love to walk and even in the coldest of times, they will be eager to go out. It is advisable to go for a walk in the warmer part of the day. Many dog breeds are resistant to cold but their paws can still be sensitive when they go out in the winter. If your dog cannot handle the cold well, be sure to equip them with a warm jersey.
Playing with other pooches ensures physical exercise. Let your dog chase its friends, play with them, fake fights with them and even try and catch something together. The best part is that all you have to do is sit down and watch your canine friend enjoy the moment, you don’t even have to move! If you can’t get to the dog park before sunset, there are several Dog Daycare Centers that can serve as an option, where others will make sure your favorite pet gets everything it needs while you are at work. When playtime is over, your dog should have a well-heated place to warm up in.
Remember that taking these simple steps can make a huge difference in your dog’s happiness and as a result, in yours as well.