Mind Blowing Benefits of Walking in Nature

Walking down a forest-filled path in the backwoods or down a trail in your local community with birds, trees, and other wildlife around you can be so easing on the soul. Being out in nature is a helpful way to bring your soul back to a peaceful place, not to mention it can help balance your mind.

Nature has many mind blowing benefits, and today we’re going to share the mind blowing benefits of walking in nature. These benefits will inspire you to start making it a priority walk in nature at least once a week with or without your friends.

Reduces Anxiety

Being outside in the fresh air, soaking in the sunshine, and listening to wild animals like birds chirping and chipmunks rustling in the grass help reduce your anxiety. Your mind will be focused on the smells, sounds, and sights around you so that you stop worrying about the stressors that you have in your life during your walk in nature.

Improves Short-Term Memory

The University of Michigan completed a study with two groups of students. Both groups of students were given a memory test. One group of students was then told to go walk around the gym at the university while the other group was sent outdoors to take a walk in nature. Out of the two groups, the students who walked outside scored 20% higher in the short-term memory test than the other group.

Reduces Stress

Science has proven time and time again that time spent in nature help reduced stress. There’s been a proven decrease in heart rate and cortisol levels when people are surveyed after taking time out in the forest. If you can’t get outside, just having a window-view of nature when you’re working can give you similar results.

Reduces Inflammation

Elderly patients and chronic pain patients have been tested in a variety of surveys and research panels as to whether walking in nature helps reduce inflammation. Out of all of the studies completed, it’s been shown that people who take a walk in nature as opposed to walking down the city streets tend to have a reduction in inflammation regardless of their condition they have causing the inflammation.

Eliminates Fatigue

You can’t help but feel wide awake when you’re outside looking around the beautiful world you live in. Taking a walk in nature not only helps eliminate fatigue but it can get your creative juices flowing. Many people who work in the creative field such as the sales & marketing industry tend to enjoy nature walks whenever their mind is frozen because walking nature makes you feel awake therefore less tired.

These are just some of the mind blowing benefits of walking in nature. You should get up and go outside for a walk in nature every day, if not every day, then please try to make this one of your weekly habits to do consistently for 30 minutes at a time.

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