Sport Moments You Just Can’t Miss

Whatever the sport, athletes usually put themselves through intense training and experience crazy ordeals in order to achieve unbelievable stunts.
Lucky for us, many of these once-in-a-lifetime moments have been photographed, and you won’t believe what you’re about to see!

Parallel Player

Among the most controversial players in the NBA, Dennis Rodman stands out for his skills and stunts.


This perfectly timed picture was taken in 1997, at the United Center in Chicago. This amazing shot of Rodman was captured as floated in the air almost parallel to the  floor & proves to be one of the best photos ever taken in basketball history.

Tennis anyone?

Michelle Obama has a great sense of fashion and fitness knowledge. Her intelligence and sense of humor are her best qualities, and she’s the most down-to-earth person the White House has ever seen. Her freaky passion for fitness has kept her healthy and in good shape.


This picture was taken during the ‘Let’s Move’ movement to stop child obesity and promote fitness awareness through sports. Though she might laugh seeing herself in this picture, it shows her passion for tennis and fitness.

Tennis Ball Galaxy

The interesting fact about the galaxy and the Milky Way is it’s never been captured in pictures, and always remains as some sort of figment of our imagination. But this amazing photographer has snapped this perfectly timed picture of a wet tennis ball spun into the air which creates a spiral formation that looks like the galaxy and the Milky Way.

Getty Images Photo by Abhijeet Kumar

The droplets spun off the ball look like tiny stars and planets revolving in the galaxy and the ball looks similar to the sun.

Is That a Backflip?

Michelle Wingshan Kwan is known for her consistency and expressive artistry on ice and is widely considered as one of the greatest figure skaters of all time.

Getty Images Photo by Stuart Franklin

This amazing picture captures her extreme flexibility; it looks like she’s about to break her back! But don’t worry ice skating fans, there are more incredible pics yet to come!

MVP = Most Valuable Picker!

When all the cameras point at Lebron’s game and give him no private time, it’s no wonder we’re left with an intimate nose-picking moment.

It looks like he’s more confident in winning his nose picking than his ball game!


This kid looks like she’s trying to outrun these cyclists in their own race. But I don’t think she’ll win, as it looks like she’s running away from her home.

Getty Images Photo by Doug Pensinger

This opens up room for questions: where are this kid’s parents?! Is she running away from her mom & dad’s strict trail?! or Wait! Is that a boy or a girl? The long hair and cargo shorts give no clue; but keep on running kiddo! We believe in you!


Reflection photography is often described as abstract art—one that’s easily appreciated by many but particularly difficult to achieve. This is because photographing reflections, especially on water, is an art that takes time to master; a perfect combination of creative juices and technical know-how.

This perfectly timed photo captured the stunning mirror image on water just as you see it in real life.

What is happening here?

It’s looks so funny and weird, as though some creepy crawlies are covering her head…lol!?! But all jokes aside, this heavyweight woman has no idea how dangerous it is when her hair covers her face.

Alamy Stock Photo

She needs to learn how to pin up her hair before starting regular workouts. Only then will she be able to see herself!

You’re supposed to jump over them, not crawl under!

Hey guy!!! Don’t lose your head; you need it for the next race…lol!!! It’s hard to guess what he’s trying to do. It seems like he’s running into that bar and trying to make headlines for his obituary.


Knowing that it’s a race to jump over and not crawl under, he actually went on to win the game by passing through the hurdles in his own special way….just kidding, he actually lost the game.

He’s gonna be dizzy!

The funniest picture ever, one that really makes you laugh out loud!!!

Alamy Stock Photo

This perfectly timed picture showcases his determination and focus, yet his face is hilariously overwhelming.


This baseball player may have gone through a jaw replacement for taking his eye off the ball.

I think this perfectly timed ‘ouch’ moment got captured when the player made jokes about the pitcher’s mother.

What the …?

Am I missing something or is she missing her head?

This perfectly flexible gymnast is way too amazing. The timing of this shot is impeccable.


Looks like an alien competing in the Olympics. Since when did they let extraterrestrials compete?

Getty Images Photo by Adam Pretty

Are we really that short of sports persons?!!!

Please use a tissue!

Was Lebron’s nose picking game not enough?! brandonmitchellorg

Athletes, learn to use a tissue and keep your fingers out of your noses while on camera!!

Jello face!

What a punch! No doubt this guy’s not gonna withstand this.

Getty Images Photo by Bettmann

It’s a clean knock out.


Wow! Good teamwork girls! Keep going until she reaches the shore safely.

Getty Images Photo by Al Bello

Best picture proof of teamwork.

Ice meets face!

What happens when you know how to dance and remember all your moves, but then dance on an icy surface wearing blades of metal under your shoes? The fall of the year!

Getty Images Photo by FRANCK FIFE

I mean come on guys, if you’re throwing each other in the air on a slippery surface, what else do you expect?!


This perfectly timed picture snapped when the ball punched this tough guy straight on the nose.

Getty Images Photo by Ryan Pierse

It’s the right time to expect this big guy to cry like a wee baby.

How in the …?

OMG! This headless gymnast replaced her head with her foot. I believe there’s nothing this extremely flexible woman isn’t capable of.


And of course, doing cartwheels and somersaults should be a breeze.

What balance!

What determination and focus! She’s incredibly awesome in balancing her weight on her chin.

Getty Images Photo by Jed Jacobsohn

Usually, gymnasts have amazing flexibility and overwhelming body control, but she seems to be one step further. This particular pose of hers might help her win this meet. It’s simply mesmerizing.

d’s worst chiropractor!

Are they supposed to be wrestling or just pulling each other’s heads off?! That dude seems to be suffocating and crying for help.

I hope the referee steps in and stops it, otherwise he’ll probably end up looking like a long necked giraffe or have his head pop off altogether.

Holy …!

It’s absolutely surreal to see this man running so fast on such ferocious waves. He’s certainly brave enough to meet the waves and win the race.

How many of you dare to compete in the first place? If it were me, I’d definitely make a run for it towards the shore!

My brain’s confused now!

This is truly incredible. Not sure whether they are water dancers or team divers, but it still seems to be perfect.

Getty Images Photo by Ezra Shaw

It’s more like an optical illusion; there seem to be two women or only one woman who could possibly be the world’s tallest woman ever.

Conjoined Doubles Ice Dancing!

Apparently flexible athletes are a thing now. They take things too far and this picture proves it. It seems like conjoined doubles skating on ice.

Does this count as pair skating?  Nevertheless, their determination and balance will undoubtedly count for something.

Get back!

C’mon guys, you’re still good friends. I totally understand your frustration, he shouldn’t have watched the new episode of Game of Thrones without you, but still, this isn’t the right way to show your anger.

Keep it cool and watch it again, together.

Take That!

Oops!!! That’s a real hard punch on the face. Is the guy really punching a player because he’s rooting for the other team or does he want the ball to take home and sell online?[email protected]/photostream

Whatever this is, it really calls for a debate.

Cowboy up!

During bull riding events, rodeo clowns are the first defense against the bull after a cowboy gets bucked off.


Entering an enclosed ring with a 2000 pound angry bull is an insane thing to do. Rodeo clowns believe themselves to be brave enough to face the angry bull. But it seems more crazy than brave.

The “Thank God Ledge”

Alex Honnold is an American rock climber best known for his free solo ascents of big walls. He was the first person to free solo El Capitan in Yosemite National Park and holds the fastest ascent of the Yosemite Triple Crown. No ropes, no karabiners, no cams. Nothing but his hands and feet to climb the record breaking 3000-foot “Thank God Ledge”.

Alamy Stock Photo

Honnold probably thanked god for surviving this freakily dangerous free solo attempt.


Yuck! Players sweat a lot I guess. Or maybe it’s just a water balloon that looks like a soccer ball?

Or it may be water from the wet field? Nah…it’s actually a sweaty soccer player who’s trying to hit the ball but his sweat is dripping all over his face. Tissues, anyone?


She seems to not like the scoring and definitely has issues with the judges.

Getty Images Photo by YURY KADOBNOV/AFP

Perhaps making faces to the judges provoke issues rather than solve them.

Keep away!

Soccer game is now open for all….superman joined the game. His super powers might help win the match, as long as he doesn’t use his hands to touch the ball.

Getty Images Photo by VI Images

In case he loses the match, he must remember not to use his laser vision on the opposing team.

Cowboy up? Nope, cowboy down!

Never try to invade someone’s personal space, especially when it’s a super cranky angry bull. But when will these cowboys learn their lessons? Silly cowboys trying to climb on bulls back.


Isn’t it obvious they don’t like you and you’re gonna get kicked off high into the sky? They just act like a bunch of teenagers that don’t know when to stop.

Where’d he go?

This picture is truly deceiving. Is he really invisible or did he have his head blown off by the punch? Still can’t figure out what’s happening between the two players.

Heard many say hockey is a violent sport but never seen a match like this. Remember when we went to watch that street fight and a hockey game broke out?


Ouch! The photographer captured the exact moment this guy got hit with the cleats on his face!

Getty Images Photo by Brett Hemmings

This guy definitely has to mend his face or he’s gonna need a new one.

Nice hair!

Gymnasts take things too far. It seems to be an easy sport, but in fact, it’s one of the hardest sports ever. Besides being freakishly flexible, gymnasts love to take insane risks.


Those rings are really high and the gymnast is trying to achieve her next move. Luckily, she’s got a mat underneath her, so even if she misses her move, she can still land on her legs instead of breaking her hands!

‘I hate this racket!’

Most of us forget to use wrist straps on wii controllers while playing video tennis.

Getty Images Photo by Julian Finney

And this is what happens. You lose control on both wii remotes and the game.

Gimme that beer!

Oh no! The beer spilt all over! Wait…is it a baseball game or a beer selling game? It looks more like a beer seller dressed up as a real player.


The player looks confused as to whether catch the ball or the beer, and finally decides to spill it over the fan. Poor guy is going home messy and smelling like cheap beer.

“I’m so scared!”

That guy’s face looks terrified by seeing that little volleyball. He assumes that it’s gonna hurt him….dude, don’t be scared. It’s just a ball.


Or maybe it looks like Wilson from Castaway! Why be petrified? Just be cool with it.

Dad Saves The Day

Every child’s hero is undoubtedly their father. But this heroic father saved his son from a major disaster. Shaun Cunningham took his son Landon to a baseball game as a birthday present, where the Pittsburgh Pirates were playing the Atlanta Braves.

When the player lost his grip on the bat while swinging, it flew straight into the crowd, just a few inches away from a nasty hit. This heroic dad swooped in to save the day and his son from the impending disaster. This memorable moment got captured to make the dad feel like a star.

Quick thinking!

This fan didn’t even need a baseball glove. Catching a fast baseball is a real challenge and this guy nailed it using his hat! Bravo!


But the guy next to him looks like a bad Bruno Mars impersonator, who’d definitely catch a baseball for you.

Focus … focus … focus!

Does this gymnast woman have any lower body?!  She’s definitely got a strong determination and an unwavering focus.

How is she able to focus so sharply? The amount of attention is really amazing!!! I couldn’t even dream of paying that much attention without Ritalin.

RIP skateboard guy!

Hey skateboard guy, you’re supposed to come down in one piece. Hopefully he’s wearing a helmet.


Why in the world would these skaters attempt something they’re very well aware is gonna end in a tombstone?! Don’t worry, this 80-foot fall is nothing to worry about…if you’re wearing a helmet.

Surfing A 100 Foot Wave

You definitely need binoculars to view this spectacular big wave surfer and extreme waterman Garrett McNamara. This American is known for breaking the world record for the largest wave ever surfed.

On January 2013, Garrett surfed a 100-foot wave in Nazare, Portugal. He has also ridden a tsunami with 300-foot waves formed by calving glaciers in South-Central Alaska.

Ouch to the max!

Ouch! What a painful experience! Poor guy, I hope he has it all safely covered. Is this part of the game? I heard it’s not listed in the rule book to hit someone in the groin.

Getty Images Photo by Mike Egerton

Also, I don’t see any referee there, is he also injured?! C’mon dude, spare these people.

Amazing Acrobatics

It’s amazing to view these three gymnasts balancing each other in the acrobatics world competition in 2010. Typically, all acrobatic gymnastics need to have incredible balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and endurance. But to achieve this skill, these girls would undoubtedly have had to been trained to a point of exhaustion. Kincher

The girl at the bottom is strong and focused enough to hold the other two. The middle girl seems to be extremely flexible and super strong, balancing both. The topmost girl is very determined and balanced. Overall their performance and coordination is absolutely spectacular.

Seismic Punch

Montreal fighter Lucian Bute successfully defended his IBF super middleweight title over Glen Johnson. There was no denying this was a great fight and a great performance.


However, this picture may lead you to believe otherwise, not to mention coincide with the judge’s decision as to it not being a knockout. If it wasn’t a strong blow, then how could his skin show such incredible seismic waves?

Riding On Water

Robbie Maddison, a professional motor bike stunt rider & surfer, does seemingly impossible things and has set new records for riding on two wheels on water. He’s a man who makes his entire living off of doing things on a motorcycle that no one would ever think about.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Dodge – CA

It took nearly 2 years of preparation to design this motorcycle with ski that would do the trick: to glide across water. Though it wasn’t an easy task, he figured it out after several failed attempts. Now, finally, surfing and motorcycle riding have come together to conquer the world’s most challenging surfing spots.

The Woman With Many Arms

This spectacular dance, the “Dance of a Thousand Hands”, is performed by 63 deaf dancers of the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe. It describes the legend that Bodhisattva Guan Yin has one thousand hands.

Getty Images Photo by Ji Chunpeng

This is extremely interesting, especially when considering that all 63 of the performers are deaf and their coordination is stunning. Undoubtedly, they’ve created an amazing optical illusion of a woman having multiple hands, and it is enthralling to see the hard work these young people have dedicated to their art.

Living Life On The Edge

Back in July 2015, Ian Flanders, a professional BASE jumper and climber fell to his death in a parachute accident in Turkey. Matt Blank, his climbing & BASE jumping partner made a video as a tribute to his friend and partner on the edge. Project

In that video, he’s added this picture of both of them and also wrote a letter to Ian before he passed away. It’s heartbreakingly touching and sad to hear how much he valued his best friend Ian.

Ice Skating Strength

The professional adagio pair – made up by Fiona Zaldua from London and Dmitry Sukhanov from St.Petersburg – has had a long career on the ice. They perform spectacular and unusual lifts to excite audiences.

Getty Images Photo by PETER PARKS/AFP

This particular trick was performed in Shanghai during an ice show in 2012. It’s so amazing to see both Fiona and Dmitry having such core strength and confidence in each other. The amount of practice that both would have gone through to nail this trick is definitely super exhausting.

Hang Loose

This photographer has really put in effort to take this stunning picture. This rare picture is certainly one only seasoned surfers get to experience. It requires technical-know-how and perfect timing.

Getty Images Photo by Richinpit

The photographer allows you to see a female surfer in wave tunnel and the slow setting sun from a professional surfer’s point of view. Hopefully, after clicking this spectacular scene he sailed back to safety and wasn’t hit by a vigorous wave.

Bronzed Baller

Playing basketball with friends is a common event but have you ever played basketball with a statue!?!….This photographer has made it possible. He brought a statue back to life as if from a fairytale, to join in a game of basketball.


Actually, this perfectly timed photo deceives your eyes and makes it look like the outstretched statue has shot the basketball. You think it made the shot?

Speed Skaters

Speed skating might not be the most popular ice sport, but it certainly is an impressive one. The speed skating races go by fast, so make sure you’re paying attention. If you blink, you might miss them. According to Olympic officials, speed skaters skate at 30 miles per hour on average.

Getty Images Photo by Jordan Mansfield – International Skating Union

This picture got captured at a 2015 World Cup Race in Erfurt, Germany. This blurred photo shows how fast the skaters are going! It’s true that you can’t blink.

Cycling Splash

The Absa Cape Epic is an annual mountain bike stage race held in the Western Cape, South Africa. This Cape Epic attracts elite professional mountain bikers and amateur riders from around the world, who compete in teams of two. The race typically covers more than 700 kilometers (435 miles) and lasts eight days.


Here in this picture we see a rider trying to catch up with his partner, splashing in mud puddles, as all the riders must finish the line by the specified maximum stage time. So therefore, team dynamics are a major part of the race.

Hockey Fight

Michael Ferland of the Calgary Flames gets thrown during a fight against Corey Tropp of the Columbus Blue Jackets during an NHL game at Scotiabank on March 21, 2015 in Alberta, Canada. The referee let Corey and Michael break out into a fight; but, not before this action shot was snapped.

Getty Images Photo by Derek Leung

No doubt the crowd goes wild whenever a fight breaks out in Hockey.

The Sun Juggler

No good travel photo album is complete without the token sunrise or sunset picture. Sunsets only take half an hour, so you need to think about the elements and silhouettes before they start or you might miss the shot. Well, in this picture, the photographer really choreographed the model to pose as though he’s juggling with the sun.


The picture is very interesting and impressive, and convinces us that the person is truly juggling a soccer ball.

One With The Water1

This is a perfect shot of Michael Phelps, the competitive Olympic swimming champion, competing with his true competitor – the water. The photographer was able to snap a picture of Michael gliding on the water.

Getty Images Photo by Lars Baron/Bongarts

This may even be a perfect example of water surface tension. Regardless, this perfectly timed picture is truly mesmerizing.

Diving Into Schools

Underwater adventures are fun and thrilling, especially when it comes to school of fish. Fish evolved to swim in schools to better protect themselves from predators, improve their foraging and swim more efficiently. This large gathering is much safer than being single.


Fish in schools sense their environment with high accuracy and maintain awareness. They respond quickly to changes when they see divers as intruders or predators. It may also look like they are intimidating the intruders.

Sky Diving Snap

Skydiving is never fun…it’s crazy. But seeing this jumper, any professional diver would think twice. First of all, this jumper’s name is not widely known. Secondly, this picture would have probably scared off many potential divers.


However, this iconic photo has captured the spongy clouds and the blue sky, making it a real feast for the eyes, and it’s gone viral.

Hops To The Hoop

This photo was taken during the 2015 NCAA Basketball tournament, where Dayton won the game over Boise State University. During this game, Dayton’s Kyle Davis is leaping over Boise State’s Chandler Hutchison.

Getty Images Photo by Joe Robbins

This anti-gravity shot is our second in a row proving that basketball players defy gravity. The player stretches out against gravity, making him parallel to the floor.

Goals Eye View

Sergei Bobrovsky, goaltender of the Columbus Blue Jackets, reaches back to make a save.

Getty Images Photo by Jeff Vinnick

This picture is snapped from the goaltender’s point of view, so people may get a chance to witness the goaltender block the shot and in the background, Fedor Tyutin of Columbus Blue Jackets and Jannik Hansen of Vancouver Canucks watching during their NHL game at Rogers Arena in British Columbia, Canada.

Shark High-Five

Of all underwater creatures, the shark is one of the most terrifying; however, the shark in this picture has gone viral, changing its reputation as a phantom of terror. Eli Martinez, diver and editor of a shark diving magazine, was interacting with the lemon shark in waters off the coast of the Bahamas.

He said that initially, it laid back and then came swimming towards him when he raised his arm. Unexpectedly, it took a slight turn and tapped him with its fin like a high-five. It’s a good thing that this funny little gesture in stride was caught on film, or else nobody would believe it.

One With The Water 2

Emilia Bottas, Finnish record holder in swimming, took part in the 2008 Olympics; she competed in the 100m butterfly competition and swam 1:02:31, ranking 46th. In the 2012 Olympics, she competed in the 100 and 200 metres butterfly and 200 metres individual medley.

In the 2016 Olympics, she competed as part of the Finnish team in the 4×100 metre medley relay.

Wheelchair Skateboarding

Aaron Fotheringham is an extreme wheelchair athlete who performs tricks adapted from skateboarding and BMX. He has been on a wheelchair since the age of 8. Inspired by watching his brother ride at the skatepark, Fotheringham tried a few tricks on his wheelchair.

Getty Images Photo by Hagen Hopkins

Later, he used a customized WCMX to perform the same sort of tricks that skateboarders and BMXers can do. He has titled his sport WCMX and says it’s a fun way to live life.

Invisible Platform

Allison Rebecca Stokke is a track and field athlete and national-ranked pole vaulter. She broke a number of American records for high school pole vaulting and continued to pole vault, attending the University of California, Berkeley. Today, she’s a professional vaulter and fitness & sports model.

This picture was snapped at the right moment during her workout, where it seems she’s landing on an invisible platform!

Cubs Celebration

The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 National League Championship series and 2016 World Series, which ended a 71 year National League pennant drought and a 108 year World Series Championship drought, both of which are record droughts in Major League Baseball. Even so, the fans were super excited about the win.

This fan in particular emotionally exudes his feeling for the long-awaited victory and is pictured during the victory celebration at the 8th inning.


Not so sure what these men are trying to do. Is it a real game or a performance?! It looks so intentional to delay this man with a hand shoved into his mouth.

Alamy Stock Photo

Whatever it may be, this is a perfectly timed, very awkward picture and I can hardly imagine what happened after this.


This may not be of international significance but believe it or not, there’s an amateur ‘showjumping’ competition held annually in Lewes, East Sussex in the UK.

Alamy Stock Photo

This kind of showjumping happens with a toy horse at their local Sports day and dog show. This may seem like a trivial matter, but these games are taken rather seriously by those competing.

2007 Fiesta Bowl

In an enthralling match, the Boise State Broncos used deception to upend the Oklahoma Sooners at the Fiesta Bowl. Before the memorable showdown, bookmakers installed Oklahoma as 7.5-point favorites to manhandle the Broncos.

Getty Images Photo by Boise State University

At the end of regulation, and consequently, in overtime, former Boise State head coach Chris Petersen used ingenuity to propel his team to an incredible 43-42 upset victory.

Mike Tyson’s Bite

Approximately eight months after their bracing first encounter, Evander Holyfield defended the WBA title against Mike Tyson on June 28, 1997. Tyson was determined to requite his loss to Holyfield and he ferociously charged the champion from the get-go.

Getty Images Photo by JEFF HAYNES / AFP

To make matters worse, referee Mills Lane ruled that a Holyfield headbutt that bloodied Tyson’s right eye was accidental. An angry Tyson sought retaliation and viciously bit both of Holyfield’s ears in the third round. Lane disqualified Tyson before the fourth round began and boxing’s most infamous evening came to a bizarre conclusion.

Super Bowl 2000

The “Greatest Show on Turf” was a must-see spectacle. The St. Louis Rams’ record-setting offense humiliated defenses that year and is often mentioned as the best one ever assembled.

Getty Images Photo by Tom Hauck

The Rams went 13-3 and outperformed the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the postseason to further to Super Bowl XXXIV. In the Super Bowl, Kurt Warner’s team worked to outlast the Tennessee Titans.

Taking A Tumble

Third-placed Italy’s Christof Innerhofer does a little somersault on his podium as winner Switzerland’s Sandro Viletta and second-placed Croatia’s Ivica Kostelic look on and can’t help but laugh.

Getty Images Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI

This happened after the men’s alpine skiing super combined event at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics at the Rosa Khutor Alpine Center.


Karol Bielecki of Poland is helped up after an unfortunate crash into a protective net during their Group A men’s handball game against Spain at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.


It’s good to such sportsmanship as both sides come to the aid of Poland’s teammate, even if it is a tab bit embarrassing.

You Get to See This

Italy’s Federica Faiella and Massimo Scali fall as they perform during the pairs Free Dance Programme of the European Figure Skating Championships at the Torwar ice rink in Warsaw.

Getty Images Photo By YURI KADOBNOV

We were just thinking how rare it is to see these photos, it’s so unusual to see the best athletes fumble that it’s almost majestic.

Oh No!

China’s Sun Zhiyi slips and falls during his dive at the men’s springboard preliminary during the World Swimming Championships at the Montjuic municipal pool in Barcelona.

Getty Images Photo by Clive Rose

This fall must hurt, but also can you imagine the pain in your gut knowing you missed your shot at an Olympic medal.

A Slight Tease

As Juventus’ Carlos Tevez celebrates with his teammate Andrea Pirlo after scoring against Torino, he gives a funny gesture during their Italian Serie A soccer match at Juventus Stadium in Turin.

Getty Images Photo by MARCO BERTORELLO

He must be so happy that the first thing conjured up was this funny display during this match, we can’t blame him though!