The Best Places to See The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a beautiful display of natural lights that you can only witness in certain areas of the world. Some areas are better than others to experience the full beauty of the aurora borealis. Today we’re sharing the best places to see the Northern Lights so that you can check this bucket list item off your list soon.

You’ll find that the best areas to see this natural beauty is close to the Arctic Circle, yes it’s true! This means you’ll probably need to bundle up in some warm weather clothing, so get prepared! There are some lights in the southern hemisphere, but they’re not as gorgeous as the Northern Lights.

Make sure you plan your Northern Lights trip around a full moon to have the highest chance to witness the aurora borealis. These lights can appear and then disappear rather quickly at times, so be patient and try to keep your eyes on the sky so you don’t miss them.

While one can never fully predict when and where the Northern Lights will appear, this list will provide you with the best locations to travel to for an increased chance at witnessing this beauty.

 Northern Lights Cruise, Alaska

Alaska is one of the places where the Northern Lights are frequently seen more so than any other location. You can take a cruise with members of the National Park Service who can help you witness this beautiful light show. This voyage usually occurs between July and May of every year.

Northern Lights and Arctic Cultures trip, Canadian Arctic

If you’re a woman who is into wildlife, then you’re going to love the chance to partake in this 7-day event. You’ll sleep in a glass Aurora pod that has a full 360-degree view for maximum chances to witness the beauty of the Northern Lights.

North Pole Igloos Hotel

This final place to see the Northern Lights will cost you a pretty penny, we’re talking about $105,000. This will be more of a glamping trip and allows you to spend one night in the North Pole and two nights in Svalbard with meals and transportation included.

These are just a few ways you can get out of your comfort zone and experience a new adventure all the while witnessing the Northern Lights. Whether you opt to select one of our featured destinations or not, the fact remains true; there are many places to travel near the Arctic Circle where you can experience the Northern Lights.

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