Warm Destinations to Escape This Winter

As the weather gets cooler for some regions, the dream to travel to warm destinations is strong. With more places being opened for travelers, it’s time to start thinking about some of these warm destinations to escape to this winter.

We searched high and low to feature some of the best areas to travel to if you’re looking for relaxation, peace, and warmth! Enjoy our list of the best destinations to travel to this winter season below.


There are many areas in Morocco that you can visit to get some warmth during the winter season. In this region, you’ll find that the two most visited cities include Fez and Marrakech. These two cities will provide with much relaxation and heat to enjoy away from your cold wintry hometown region.

Cape Verde

If you want to visit the beach to soak in some sunshine and sip some cocktails, then Cape Verde is the place for you. This warm destination to escape the winter features colorful homes, gorgeous beaches, and fabulous waters for surfing.

Gran Canaria

This warm destination carries spring-like temperatures all year round! Enjoy the natural parks and the dunes while you’re on vacation in the Canary Islands. This area is a fabulous getaway during the month of December when winter is at its coldest level in some other regions.


Tunisia offers a variety of options for anyone seeking to get away from the cold weather. This warm destination allows you to wear flip flops while enjoying the beach, or travel to the Sahara desert to get a soak up the sunshine. The cheapest time of year to visit Tunisia is during Christmastime.


You can head on over to Goa to escape winter with a beachside vacation. India is a way to experience a completely different culture than what you’d generally get when you visit Europe. They have warm temperatures and plenty of beaches to enjoy during your warm destination vacation.


Enjoy an Atlantic Island vacation when you opt to put Madeira on your list of warm destinations to escape the winter season. This region has many mountain views to enjoy as well as beaches to swim in during your vacation away from the brutal winter season.


You can head on over to the other side in Australia where you can enjoy warm temperatures all year round. There are many activities and adventures to enjoy during your vacation in Australia. The trick with this vacation being worthwhile is spending a week there to get enough days for relaxation.

As you can see, there are many warm destinations that allow you to escape the winter cold and enjoy some warm weather. Hopefully, this list has provided you with enough resources to determine which region of the world you’ll travel to for vacation when the cold weather hits!