How to Plan a Staycation

With so many areas restricted travel, we thought you could plan a staycation this year. A staycation is similar to a vacation in that you take a break from electronics, and detach from work to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. The only difference is that a staycation occurs at home and in your local community.

Rather than plan a long trip to somewhere else that may have too many restrictions to enjoy the time away from home, why not plan a staycation this year? You’ll find some information and tips below to plan your staycation this year to stay safe at home while enjoying a mini-vacation with your family.

Decide What to Do

As with most vacations, the key to planning the best staycation is to decide what you want to do. Determine if you want outdoor adventures, spa experiences, or other things to handle during your staycation. Make a list of things you’d like to experience during your staycation.

Plan a Budget

You’ll need to plan a budget for your staycation just as you would with a vacation. Sit down to evaluate your income and expenses. Learn what funds you can set aside towards your staycation fund. Once you have your budget figured out, you can then review your list of things to do and start making plans.

Set the Dates

Your staycation will need to have a start date and end date. This means figuring out when your family can take time off work and school, if applicable. You’ll want to treat this like a vacation away from home and stay away from working or other tasks as this is going to be a real vacation at home.

Make an Itinerary

Now that you have your budget, the dates, and know what you want to do, it’s time to create an itinerary. Sit down to make a list of what you’ll do during your staycation and when. You’ll need to make a shopping list for any supplies you’ll need and get them taken care of before your staycation starts.

Get Creative

Be sure to use your creativity while planning a staycation. You’ll want to do things outside of the norm while you’re home on vacation. You could plan to camp outside, go stargazing, have a campfire, or plan unique meals and treats that you’d typically not enjoy while at home.

Find Deals

Be sure to check the internet for local deals and savings. You’ll need to see if there are any local events or unique experiences you can save money on. This will help you expand your knowledge about your local area while enjoying one of the best staycations ever.

Be a Tourist

Lastly, you can pretend to be a tourist in your hometown. Dress up in tourist type outfits, and get out there with your family to enjoy the community as the tourists would. Stop to watch birds, read the community board, shop local stores, and dive right into the tourist experience in your town.

These are just some basic tips to help you plan a staycation this year. We feel this is going to be the best way to stay safe during our current climate, and perhaps help bring you closer to your local community in the process.