The Best Places To Travel During The Winter

Shorter days and longer nights, cold days and colder nights, everyone is excited for different reasons. While some people see winter as a dreary time of the year, some others thing it is a magical season. If you find yourself in the second category, you, probably, are also looking for a way to make the best out of the current winter season before it goes for another year. What better way is there than to go visiting places? Here are some locations that should top your list.

Bergen (Norway)

Unless you were expecting mild rainfall, mild sunlight during winter, Bergen, Norway should sit on top of the list of places to visit this winter. Dubbed ‘the UNESCO city,’ Bergen averages 32 degrees Fahrenheit during winter. An absolute treat, isn’t it? The white coating from the snow makes the colorful buildings pop up along fishing pots especially when these buildings are covered with Christmas lights. Catch a cable car up to the Mount Fløyen if you want a view of winter in Norway, one that will leave you gasping for breath.


Innsbruck (Austria)

The perfect time to go skiing is winter, and although there are so many countries with tall mountain ranges covered in snow at this time of the year, there is one place that stands out as the perfect location for your vacation, it is Innsbruck.  This Austrian city is practically the home of skiing and you will be thrilled to find out that it has successfully hosted the Winter Olympic Games, not once, but several times. Apart from skiing, the area will take care of all of the sporting needs you have as it can boast of popular resorts that do just that.

Lisbon (Portugal)

Unless you want to fall seek from the excessive winter cold, you will certainly need a break from the cold sometimes. This is exactly why Lisbon is one of the greatest vacation choices you can make. Portugal, unlike all other European countries, Lisbon is never really cold even during winter, making it the ideal location for anyone who still longs for the sunshine of summer. There are so many attractive things about Portugal, but, Lisbon tops the chart thanks to its amazing architecture and wide selection of delicacies.


Abisko (Sweden)

If being shrouded in darkness for weeks does not bother you as it unsettles some people, then the village of Abisko is the place for you to visit. This village is located so far north that, during winter, it takes the concept of shorter days too seriously as the sun doesn’t come up sometimes for several days. One silver lining to the dark skies of Abisko is that it becomes so easy to view the Northern Lights, one of nature’s most beautiful wonders, as it is almost always dark in this part of the world.

Just like summer, winter is a great time of the year to be on holiday, just make sure you have a bagful of thermals before stepping out of the heat. It’s cold out there.