More Useful WD-40 Hacks That Will Have You Feeling Ahead of the Game

Handymen and handywomen of the world — rejoice! Those of you who’ve read our previous article about the almighty power of WD-40 know it can do a lot of things. And just when you think you know it in all of its versatile glory, here we are with another article about even more things you can do with it.
So take a quick trip to Home Depot or the nearest auto shop, and get a few of these magical spray cans. After reading this you might want to have one in each room of the house and a couple of extra ones in the car.

The Perfect Match

From scented candles to fireplace stains, smoke stains on the walls are the kind of stain you probably want to get rid of.


While there are numerous ways to try and tackle the stains on the walls, adding a bit of WD-40 to soap and water will help the cleanup job happen with less of a hassle!

The Secret Garden

We’re guessing most people don’t have a water fountain in their backyard, but this goes out to the few that do! Due to consistent contact with water, mildew on water fountains is to be expected – it can even add an extra touch.


But, if you’re not a fan of the “secret garden” decor, you can spray the fountain down with WD-40 to prevent mildew growing in the future.

Staying Out of Treble

The world of piano owners is divided into two – those who play the instrument, and those who use their piano as a beautiful piece of furniture in their homes.


To keep your piano in top shape, whether it’s being used or not, you can clean the keys with some WD-40!

Not So Silly Putty

Although it’s loved by children and parents alike, every parent knows the downside to Silly Putty – it easily gets stuck to the furniture. However, you don’t need to drop everything and buy new furniture when this happens!


Use a little WD-40, an old rag, and some elbow grease and remove the toy in no time at all!

Mildew? More Like Mil-don’t!

When buying furniture for your backyard, you’re probably going to go with a rustic finish, right? There’s something about wooden furniture that pulls the outdoor space together. While picking out furniture, one thought may come to mind – wood in the back yard may cause mildew.


That shouldn’t be what stops you from purchasing the set. Keeping wood protected from mildew can be done with some WD-40!

The Cookie Tin

Tell us you haven’t bought a tin of cookies just for the box – we know we have! Cookie tins are a unique way to hold keepsakes, sewing material, old photos, anything sentimental – so when we see a beautiful box, we purchase it.

Getty Images Photo by Found Image Holdings

What happens when you can’t wrestle that tin lip open? Add some WD-40 to the sides of the lid to ensure a smooth open and to prevent it from getting rusty!

Lint Screen Saver

While the lint screen of your dryer may very well be one of the best things around, it also has its obstacles. It traps all the extra lint from your clothes, as well as more complicated things that get stuck to it every once in a while.

Alamy Stock Photo

These more complicated objects, like gum, for example, can be removed with a little WD-40.

Rain Rain, Go Away

While it may seem trivial, one of the most crucial parts of your car is its doors. They need to stay in tip-top shape to maximize safety and protect you from the weather.


Come winter, you’ll probably want to prevent rain and snow from getting in, and one way to do that is to keep the rubber lining in great shape by spraying a layer of WD-40 on them.

Speaking Volumes

If you’re looking to invest in something long-term, great speakers are something to look into. As with almost everything, proper care and maintenance will help prolong the product’s life.


To help maintain your speakers, you can wipe them down with a dry cloth and a very light spray of WD-40. Emphasis on a light spray, be careful not to overdo it!

Unclogging Those Sinks

The sink is something we use every day, so it is pretty inevitable that it gets clogged every so often. Dealing with a clogged drain can be frustrating, especially when you have dozens of other things on your mind. Next time you have a clogged drain, it doesn’t need to be as annoying as you think.

Alamy Stock Photo

WD-40 can be a quick fix for this issue, spray the product, allow it to sit for a minute or two, and watch the magic happen before your eyes.

Stain Right Here

You know those moments when you just know, today’s the day you’re going to stain your favorite shirt? With oil nonetheless? Well, don’t give up hope quite yet! Though oil may be one of the more difficult stains to get out, WD-40 is worth a try.


Before throwing out that shirt, try spraying the miracle worker to salvage it – it can help remove oil from different textiles.

Furry Friends or Foes?

No matter where you live,  chances are, you have some unwanted friends hanging around your house. While most critters are harmless, sometimes they can get in your trash and cause a huge mess.


To prevent this from happening, spray some WD-40 on the sides and top of your trash bins, it will cause them to be slippery and make it difficult for those furry friends to climb on and into.

Keeping Things Under Control

For those of you who haven’t moved into the digital age and still have a TV antenna, you know you have to make sure to keep them in good condition to stabilize a clear picture when watching your favorite TV shows.


A great way to do so is wiping them with WD-40, and a cloth will keep things intact – though, if you ask us, its high time you move into a more digitalized world.

Home Decor the Right Way

Metal figurines are a lovely addition when it comes to home decor, especially when they are one of a kind pieces. Their only flaw is their tendency to get a bit rusty.


Don’t despair! To prevent this, make you can keep them properly cleaned and maintained with a good spray of WD-40 now and then!

Folding Chairs & Ironing Boards

You know when you go to the beach, take out your folding chairs, and they simply won’t unfold? Or when you’re ready to iron, but you’re ironing board won’t open? Those old, rusty joints are the culprit! Once again, WD-40 is here to make your life easier.


Spray some directly onto the joints, and loosen up the metal and be on your way to the beach with not a care in the world!

Your Wish is Granted

Although polishing your brass or golden lamp won’t help you summon a genie or grant you and wishes – it will make you feel good about how good they look.


If you’re an ornament collector, keep them shiny and dust-free by wiping them down with our handy spray and a soft piece of fabric or cloth.

Bust Dust & Mosquito Screens

There’s nothing quite like opening your windows to let in that midsummer’s afternoon breeze. However, it is crucial to have a screen to prevent unwanted flying critters from annoying you in the middle of the night – especially in the summer!


To keep these screens dust-free, wipe them down with WD-40, that way you’ll keep your home both dust and mosquito-free!

A Chef’s Kiss

It’s always exciting cooking knowing that once the meal is prepared, it will be served and eaten off of a new dishware set! Whether it was a wedding gift, or you’re merely updating your set – it’s an exhilarating feeling.


The only frustrating thing you need to deal with is removing the stickers from the bottom of your new dishes. To avoid that sticky residue that may stay for the rest of the dishes life – use WD-40 to help the stickers easily peel off.

No Emotional Baggage

If you’re anything like us, you love traveling. Aside from making sure you packed your bags with all the essentials and passport, a crucial part of traveling includes attaching luggage stickers so that the airline can keep track of our belongings.

Alamy Stock Photo

When we’re back at home, we’re left with the unpleasant feeling of removing said labels and getting sticky residue on our luggage and hands – wipe away that gunk with the help of our favorite spray!

Sofa, So Good

An unavoidable misfortune is leaving behind marks on the floor – especially when you love having dinner parties. Whether it be from moving chairs or other kinds of furniture, it’s bound to happen! Surprise, surprise, WD-40 can help you out here, too!


You can wipe down these marks with the spray. Make sure to wipe all residue thoroughly to avoid any slipping.

Maintaining Those Blades

It goes without saying, but lawnmowers are not a cheap buy. Since they are an investment, it’s essential to clean them properly.


To keep your lawnmower in the best shape possible, you can use WD-40 to clean its blades – this will ensure many years of use from your lawnmower.

The Butt of a Joke

Ashtrays may not be the cleanest of all your household items – it is still essential to keep them as clean as possible. If you don’t clean them after use, you may notice that it gets pretty challenging to clean them; the more you wait, the harder it gets.


To avoid the headache, you can spray new ashtrays with WD-40, to make life easier when cleaning it in the future.

On the Playground

Adding a playground and swing set is a beautiful way for kids to stay active and enjoy time outside. What’s less optimal is a playground set that squeaks and creaks when you use it.


The noise is enough to make you wish you didn’t have the playground set to begin with! To alleviate and prevent these annoying noises, apply some WD-40 to lubricate the troublesome parts of the set.

Taping My Heart Together

A part of growing up is understanding that there is a more appropriate way to put things up on the walls, and that tape may be somewhat of a fresh approach. Taping posters to your bedroom walls is so 1997 -but that’s beside the point.


When you learn better, you have to start removing the tape, which leaves behind tape marks and extra gunk. Trusty WD-40 will wipe away the mess easily and quickly.

Wheelbarrow of Fortune

Anyone that loves gardening understands that a wheelbarrow is an essential tool to have in your shed, especially when it comes to maintaining a yard.


Keeping your wheelbarrow in good shape is essential to maintain it’s longevity. To keep the handy tool clean and rust-free – you guessed it – use WD-40!


There’s nothing quite like drawing a bath after a long day’s work, right? If you’re prone to stressful days – you’re probably no stranger to the bathtub. That being said, nothing will put a damper on your bath more than those dirty stains that accumulate in the tub over time.


Clean up these tight spots with the spray and avoid any future messes with regular maintenance.

Disassemble With Ease

Putting together plastic drawers and shelves is a pretty simple task to handle – especially these days when Ikea forces you to assemble everything yourself. When it comes to taking them apart – that’s a whole different story, especially if the shelves have been around for a while.


To avoid difficulty in disassembling, spray WD-40 between the pieces that come together so you can easily take them apart later!

Prevent Wind Chime Rust

Wind chimes are a great addition to your porch or backyard. Their appeal may fade with time as they tend to rust up after the rain. Though we don’t have a fix for rusty wind chimes, we do have a way to prevent new wind chimes from rusting.

Alamy Stock Photo

Once again, WD-40 is your secret weapon. Spray new wind chimes with the product before each rainy season to ensure that they stay beautiful all year-round.

Slide on Over

Sliding doors are what every house needs. They are a beautiful addition to the home and provide natural light and easy access to the outdoors – especially if you live near the beach. Sometimes, opening the sliding door isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be, and struggling to open the doors can be frustrating.


You can ease up a jammed sliding door by spraying some WD-40 on the sliding strip, which will loosen up the door.

Toy Story

Any parent will be able to relate to the next one! While it may be nice knowing that your child can entertain themselves with an array of toys – the endless hours of entertainment can also cause hours of headaches if those toys make noise.


Toy squeaks can be taken care of (and silenced) with a bit of WD-40, and your headache will magically disappear!

Prevent Wicker Creaks

Nothing says spring and summer quite like wicker furniture. The only drawback is that wicker tends to make creaking sounds when you sit on it.


For some, this noise may be bothersome, while others may not notice it at all. If you’re a part of the folks who are sensitive to certain sounds, spraying WD-40 will quiet down the creaks.

The Best We Ever Saw

Saws are something everyone should have in their shed – they’re useful, versatile, and, to be honest, just plain necessary. That being said, they do tend to get dirty pretty quickly.


Dirt and dust accumulate, which will, in time, make your tasks more complicated than they need to be. Use WD-40 to clean the tool before there’s no turning back!

Loosen Spark Plugs

Although you may not know a spark plug by name – in short, it is a device for delivering electric currents from an ignition station. Spark plugs that get stuck are a frustrating thing to deal with.


Removing these damaged plugs can be an annoying task, but with the help of our handy WD-40, loosening the spark plugs will become less frustrating!

Get That Par-Tee Started

The importance of keeping your gold clubs in prime condition is known to gold lovers – professional and amateur players alike. While there are plenty of cleaning products designed specifically for golf clubs – they can be pretty pricey.


If you don’t want to spend the extra money, WD-40 can help you get the job done just as well.

De-Barnacle Your Boat

As you may have already understood, boats demand a lot of attention and care. Another plague that can bother boats and boat owners is barnacles. Although it may seem like this is some sort of urban pirate legend – barnacles are real!


With the help of our handy spray and a scraping tool, you’ll be able to get rid of these pesky little crustaceans easily.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Decay and rust are the greatest enemies for any boat, and it is vital to take steps to prevent them from happening.


WD-40 is the perfect tool to use as a preventative measure to make sure your boat doesn’t fall victim to detrimental corrosion.

Wax On, Wax Off

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the snow or sand – being an avid surfer or snowboarder means maintaining your board correctly. Proper maintenance means waxing your board – but also includes making sure you’ve cleaned off previously applied wax.


WD-40 can help remove even the toughest wax that may have clung to your boards.

Enjoy Your Trip

Wearing light-colored clothing automatically turns you into a magnet for spills and stains. The same goes for bumps and bruises – when we wear white, we’re bound to fall and trip, causing blood-stains on our favorite white clothes.


WD-40 can be used as a pre-wash to prevent future blood-stains – just try and watch your step, so you don’t end up with skinned elbows and knees!

Fridgin’ Cool

Most of the time, our fridge is in perfect condition – like something out of a refrigerator commercial. Other times, not so much, we place one item where it’s not supposed to be, and all of a sudden, things get out of hand.


At first, it may not bother you, but when spilled food starts piling up, it can smell up the fridge. Guess what eliminates those messes in a split-second? WD-40!

Let’s Ketchup

There’s nothing you can’t do with tomatoes, from salad to sauces, you can roast them or turn them into jam, they’re wonderful. With that, they are one of the messiest fruits out there, and every time you eat tomato-based food – chances are, you’re going to get stained.


That’s when good ol’ WD-40 comes in handy; it helps with tomato stains as well!

Carpe(t) Diem

Imagine finding a huge stain on your carpet, and not being able to trace its source – is there anything more infuriating? We honestly can’t think of anything worse!

Alamy Stock Photo

After the anger, comes acceptance, and the understanding that it’s time to clean up the mystery mess. Have no fear; this is another job for our trustworthy WD-40.

Grease Lightning

Coming to contact with grease is like coming into contact with the devil. It is so difficult to clean – and washing it off with soap and water doesn’t help.


However, WD-40 can come in handy and easily de-grease your hands, just be sure to wash your hands afterward thoroughly!

Stuck to You

Few things are as frustrating as finding glue residue on your favorite items. But before you stress out about the dried glue, a few sprays of WD-40 will help you easily wipe away the residue without damaging the surface of whatever you’re cleaning.

Getty Images Photo by NorGal

Another point goes to team WD-40, our favorite product around!

Prosthetic Help

The invention of prosthetics has helped millions of people around the world, from arms to legs; they’re truly a miracle. If you or someone you know wears a prosthetic device, you may know how difficult it can be to remove it at times.


If you have a can of WD-40 by your side, can help you ease this difficulty – just spray some at the junction, and it will lubricate the area to help remove it.

Tone Down That Shine

Though adding polyurethane shine is something that people do to add an elegant effect on their wooden floors – sometimes too much shine can end up looking pretty cheap.


If you’re interested in toning down the shine, you can spray some WD-40 on the floor and spread it around with a rag.

Prevent the Sting

We’ve already established that WD-40 can help prevent bugs from entering our homes – but the spray can also repel wasps from around your deck and the rest of the house?


Spray the product around the areas you typically see them and wish your worries goodbye!

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Although watching the first and second snowfall can be romantic, when the snow starts building up, it can not only be annoying to clean up but can also cause damage to your windows.


You should know you can prevent this buildup altogether buy spraying your window and window panes with WD-40 before the snow arrives? Try this neat new trick out next winter.

Silence the Squeaks

Some people love it, some people hate it, but we’ve all heard it – the squeak of brand new shoes. For some people, the noise is annoying enough to have them refrain from wearing their new kicks.

Getty Images Photo by Elsa

Spray some WD-40 on the bottom of your shoes to avoid this aggravating sound – we promise that the people around you will thank you as well!

Clean Those Tiles!

The dirt and mildew that tend to accumulate on bathroom tiles are some of the most unpleasant stuff we can think of. While it may be gross to clean up – it is essential to take care of before it gets out of hand, if not to mention, dangerous.

Alamy Stock Photo

With WD-40 in hand, the process is more straightforward and will make less of a mess. You’ll be showering in paradise with not a care in the world.

Stop Bugging Us

Cleaning up after a bug that has flown into your car is far from exciting. Sometimes you find yourself driving into a swarm of the critters, and there’s no avoiding their ultimate demise.


If you wait a while before tending to the mess, it can become more and more challenging to clean up. The process becomes much more comfortable if your spray WD-40 onto it; simply wipe away the bug leftovers, and you’re good to go!

That Colgate Smile

Although it may seem like an oxymoron, toothpaste stains on the sink can be quite gross. We have all been guilty of leaving these on the sink for far too long, but let’s admit it, that’s no excuse.

Getty Images Photo by Lasse Kristensen

WD-40 will help you quickly wipe away these nasty stains from your sink and keep your bathroom in tip-top shape!

Taking That Big Step

Picture this, its mid-winter, you confidently leave your house stepping into that giant puddle that’s calling your name, when suddenly you realize – your shoes are not waterproof. Bummer, right?


You can avoid this situation by waterproofing your shoes with WD-40. Pro-tip, you can also waterproof your coat and hat with it as well!

Hair We Go!

As ironic as it may seem, we often forget to clean the items we use to groom ourselves. For example, when’s the last time you cleaned, let alone thought about cleaning your hairbrush? Yea, we didn’t think you’d remember either.


There’s no day like today, grab that brush, spray some WD-40 on it and soak it in some water to quickly get those hairs out. No need to thank us now, your hygiene will thank you later.

Clean Dog Waste

Stepping on someone’s dog’s waste may be one of the most infuriating things out there. PSA – please, please clean up after your dog, there’s no reason not to, and it takes less than a minute!


For those of us on the receiving end of those people who don’t pick up after their dogs (it’s okay we’ve all been there) – WD-40 can help remove the unwanted waste without a hassle.

Remove Ink Stains

Ink stains are notorious for being some of the most stubborn and clothing-killer stains out there. While many times, it may be too late to save an item of clothing, WD-40 can help save many fabrics with a spray and a rinse.


Try it out next time you find yourself with an ink stain.

That Green Thumb

For those who have given up hope on their green thumb – or were never too into plants, to begin with yet want to add some greenery to their lives – fake plants are the perfect solution. The decor will brighten up your living space without the hassle of watering them and making sure they’re in the right sunlight.


However, just because they’re fake, doesn’t mean they should be forgotten about. Clean and shine plastic plants with a little WD-40.

Just Brew It

We can all agree that drinking coffee and tea are two of life’s greatest pleasures and privileges, right? They’re a vital part of nearly every single culture.


Along with their joy, sometimes tea and coffee can leave stains behind – stains that seem like quite a hassle. WD-40 can help clean up the marks easily and without too much commotion!

A Groundbreaking Discovery

This next one may come as one of the biggest surprises on this list! When you’re trying to dig deep into the ground, sometimes the hardest part is breaking into the ground in the first place.


If you spray WD-40 directly onto the shovel, you’ll instantly simplify the job – watch as the shovel digs into the ground without and trouble!

You Grow!

There seems to be a theme to what WD-40 can accomplish! It may be a scary thought, separating flower pots that are stuck together, you may chip one, or worse, have the pot shatter in your hands.


Our faithful WD-40 is here to help yet again! Spray some in between and separate the flower pots without damaging them (or your hands) at all!

Separate Stuck Legos

You can’t go wrong with Legos; everyone loves them! It seems like they’ve been around forever, and yet the manufacturers still haven’t figured out a way to make Legos that don’t get stuck together. When they do, they’re almost impossible to separate.

Alamy Stock Photo

WD-40 can help separate these little pieces in a jiffy! Maybe Lego should look into collaborating with the spray for an exclusive non-stick Lego collection!

Grease & Grime

BBQs are one of our favorite summer activities, but cleaning a grill after a Sunday cookout can be quite an annoying task to accomplish, one that may make you wish you didn’t invite 15 of your closest friends over to begin with.


The burnt leftovers can be a hard one to clean up, but WD-40 can help you out with this one too! Spray it onto the grill for an easy way to wipe away grease and grime.

Go Fish!

If you ever wanted to know fisherman’s big secret, look no further, you’ve come to the right place. Many fishers have shared their secret to baiting fish with great success. This may come as somewhat of a surprise to you, but our handy product is the trick.


These fishermen claim that spraying fishing lures with WD-40 attracts more fish. We’re not going to knock it till we try it!

As Good as New

Leather couches have many pros – they are much harder to stain, and they’re durable for much longer. They also require a bit of maintenance to keep them in excellent condition and looking new.


WD-40 in moderation (this is very important) can be quite sufficient to keep the sofa in good tip-top shape!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Growing up, there was nothing quite like getting a new baseball glove. That being said, breaking it in was quite painful and challenging.

Alamy Stock Photo

WD-40 can soften up the glove and be ready to use in half the time it would take to break the glove in regularly.

No More Splinters

You may not believe it, but it’s true, WD-40 can be used as a polish! You can use it to prevent splinters and damage on old rakes and brooms by spraying some WD-40 to prolong make them last longer!


Say goodbye to the days you get those aggravating little splinters when you sweep!

Guitar Hero

If you’re a musician, you know that keeping your instrument in pristine condition is essential. Guitarists know this better than most.


Part of guitar maintenance includes routine cleaning, and that means cleaning its strings. You can use WD-40 to wipe the guitar strings with a cloth gently!

Not So Super, Glue

Super glue is one of the most useful things to have around the house. But with great power comes great responsibility, and once you’ve super-glued something, its pretty hard to get that super glue off.


WD-40 can come in handy in these situations and surprisingly enough, un-glue pretty much anything!

Before Your Next Trip

When making a checklist of the things that need to be cleaned, we’re guessing your license plate isn’t at the top of the list. In fact, it probably doesn’t even make it on that list at all, now does it?


It’s important to clean every once in a while, and if you have WD-40 at home, you can use it to keep it squeaky clean!

Sticky Situation

We’ve talked about getting gum off of clothing, but what happens when your niece or nephew “accidentally” gets gum tuck in your hair? It’s a pretty frustrating, nervewracking experience, especially since the first thing that comes to mind is cutting it out of your hair!


But before you reach for the scissors, use WD-40 to get it out, saving your locks in the process!

Something’s Bugging Us

One of the most underrated uses for WD-40 may be one of the most surprising as well. Cockroaches can survive nearly everything, they may even survive the apocalypse…but they can’t survive WD-40!


Spraying the pests with this magic is a great way to repel bugs from entering your home!

Clean The Fridge Gasket

Fun fact, you know that rubber on the fridge door that keeps the door sealed, the one you never thought had a name? Well, it’s actually called the fridge gasket! The more you know, right?


Now that we have that cleared, it’s probably high-time you clean it because it’s perhaps filthy right now. Our friend, WD-40 can help you out with the gunk that’s been stuck in there!

A New Kind of Smartphone

We don’t know about you, but every time our phones fall, we suffer a mini heart attack. Nothing is more heartbreaking than picking up your phone only to find that your worst nightmare has occurred, your screen is completely shattered.


Before you get your screen replaced, WD-40 is an excellent way to temporarily fix your screen and make it look better before you get a new one!

No More Water Marks

Glass shower doors are a chic addition to any bathroom. The only inconvenience is that certain stains accumulate pretty quickly on the glass surface, the same stains that seem to never come out, despite vigorous efforts!


You can clean the glass doors with WD-40 to prevent those stubborn stains from creeping up on you.

How to Be Cool

In our opinion, the air conditioner may be one of the most practical inventions of modern times. Without it, we’d without a doubt, suffer through every summer. That being said, before installing a new A/C unit, make sure you clean it well with WD-40!


This will guarantee the freshest possible air possible so you can enjoy that sweet A/C breeze all summer long.

Showering You With Solutions

Nothing ruins a great shower experience, quite like a blocked shower head. It’s pretty disheartening to have a shower with low pressure, especially after a long day’s work. You guessed it, WD-40 can come in handy here too!


Clear up the clog by spraying some WD-40 and enjoy that shower like it was meant to be enjoyed. You deserve it!

Bumper to Bumper

We’ve all placed a bumper sticker on our car that we grew to’s nothing to be embarrassed about, in all honestly, it happens to the best of us! When you realize that the bumper sticker you got your junior year of high school may not be appropriate anymore, let WD-40 guide you towards a brighter future (and bumper.)


Use the spray to help you peel off the sticker easily and without too much of a hassle!

Key to My Heart

Everyone is bound to have a lock somewhere around the house, from locking storage sheds to keeping our belongings safe at a locker at the gym.


There’s nothing worse than trying to open up a rusty lock – especially if what you’re trying to reach is valuable. Spraying some WD-40 can help pry it open in a jiffy!

Wood You Mind?

We all have that one friend who, no matter how many times we ask, will not use a coaster. Nothing ruins a beautiful wooden table more than stains especially rings coming from drinks without coasters.


Luckily, WD-40 can help remove these stains from the table! In the meantime, we’re considering not inviting that particular friend over anymore!

The Next Picasso

Though we all want to believe that our kids are the next Picasso, letting them express their inner artist sometimes can often mean you’re left with a mess around the house. It may sound cliché – but this usually means crayon drawings on the wall.


While you may be proud of their accomplishments, we’re guessing you’re going to be teaching them about drawing on paper. In the meantime, use our favorite WD-40 to help scrub off that masterpiece off the walls!

Save All Your Kisses for Me

Though it may seem like a compliment, getting lipstick stains on your clothing is never fun, especially since it’s a tough one to get out!


Before throwing the stained shirt in the wash, you can pre-treat the lipstick smudge with some WD-40 to help get it out a bit faster!

Gum, Gum, Gum!

Have you ever worn a pair of new jeans or shoes, only to realize you’ve stepped or sat on some gum that someone tossed aside with not a care in the world? It can be aggravating – even nerve-wracking to get out, a wrong move, and you could ruin your pants forever.


Fear not, WD-40 is here to save the day! Easily remove that pestering piece of gum with a spray or two!

Put a Ring on It

Have you ever tried on someone else’s ring and suddenly realized you can’t take it off? You do everything in your power to wiggle that ring off, but it seems as though you and the thing are now one. Don’t worry!


This is the perfect time to whip out some WD-40, spray it on that finger and have the ring easily slip off!

Winged Friends Only!

This may be one of the most impressive WD-40 hacks! Adding a bird feeder to your patio may seem like a splendid idea until you notice the non-bird creatures taking the feed for themselves. We don’t want that, now do we?


If you spray WD-40 on the edges of your bird feeder, it will make it too slippery for non-winged friends to hang on to!

Rock, Paper, Scissors

What’s the point of scissors if you can’t separate them? Have you ever needed to open up a package, or cut something open only to realize that your scissors are stuck shut? You guessed it!


WD-40 to the rescue! Apply a little WD-40 between the blades, and you’ll be able to unstick the blades apart easily. You’ll have useful scissors back in hand in no time at all!

Let it, Snow!

Watching the first snowfall can be a magical experience – when you’re indoors, that is. When you need to start your car, it’s a lot less of a magical experience. Instead of using salt or fighting the snow, use WD-40 to defrost ice and snow from your car windows quickly.


You can even use it to defrost the ice on your windows at home to let that cool winter breeze in…or, not!

Removing Tar From Your Car

As you’ve probably already noticed, WD-40 is a great cleaning tool to keep around the house. Perhaps the best part is that it manages to clean a wide variety of items and surfaces.


If you’re a car owner, you know that every once in a while, you get tar on your car (excuse the rhyme.) Next time you notice tar, spray some WD-40 – it will get the tar out quickly and easily!

Have the Shiniest Shoes

White sneakers have always been in style, and don’t seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon. The only problem is…keeping them white and clean.


Instead of putting them in the washing machine, just pick up your good ol’ WD-40. Spraying just a bit will help you quickly wipe away any dirt on your shoes!

Why Don’t You Zip Me Up

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pure defeat when the zipper of your favorite jeans or bag get stuck, right? Especially when you’re rushing to get somewhere.


Next time you require a quick fix, take that WD-40 and spray it on the zipper in question. Trust us; it will loosen it up in no time!

Those Stubborn Glasses

You know that horrible frustration you feel when glasses attach themselves? It’s almost impossible to separate them, even a bodybuilder doesn’t have the exceptional talent it takes to separate the stubborn crystals.


Don’t worry, WD-40 has got your back. Spray some in between the glasses and watch how they magically come apart!

Shiny as Can Be

We’ve all been there; taken out our most elegant silver in honor of our guests only to realize it isn’t as shiny as we remembered it being. Have no fear, WD-40 is here! WD-40 is an excellent choice when you’re planning to clean and shine your silverware, jewelry, and other items.


All you need to bring out that shine is a simple spray and wipe down. Thanks to its composition, it doesn’t harm the texture of the material you are cleaning, leaving a shiny and new look to whatever silver you’re polishing.

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