Why American Football is the Best Sport

The NFL’s inception occurred in 1920 and now American football is one of the best sports in the world. While this sport did lose some cash flow in the last year, they are still going strong as one of the favorite American sports to attend and watch.

Today we’re sharing all of the reasons why people say that American football is the best sport. We hope that this will help those out there who want their family to understand why they love American football so much.


It doesn’t matter the weather, tailgating is a popular activity among American football fans everywhere. This is one of the reasons American football is the best sport. People who love football will party tailgate-style rain or shine.

Cinderella Stories

There are many Cinderella-like stories throughout most sports, but American football seems to have the most share of Cinderella stories to admire. You know what we mean, those from rags to riches sort of stories that uplift each of us and make little kids realize they can be anything if they work hard?! Yeah, those stories are abundant throughout American football.


One of the fun parts of American football is that most fans will have rivalries. This means most teams have a heavily competitive team that they compete against. It’s like one area’s sports team dislikes the other area’s sports team. While we don’t have any examples, we’re confident any American football fan out there will know what we mean.

This rivalry makes being a fan quite competitive and fun for all who watch the games, especially if you have friends rooting for the rivalry team.

Awesome Defensive Excitement

While many sports can get the fans excited for some defense, American football seems to get the most excitement for those defensive plays. Defensive plays can impact the overall American football game so much that it’s by far one of the favorite parts of games for most fans.

Weekly Intrigue

American football has weekly gameplay so that you can keep your eyes on the game, and stay engaged. Other sports can wait months or weeks in between each game, resulting in this much-needed skill called patience. Monday Night Football and other games throughout the American football season keep fans excited and engaged all season long.

There you have it, a few reasons to share with your friends about why you know American football is the best sport in the world!