Check Out These Creative Ways Aluminum Foil Can Improve Your Life

Just about anyone has some aluminum foil lying around in the kitchen. It’s the kind of thing we tend to take for granted. Thankfully some brave and bold folks have taken the liberty to experiment with this regular old household item, and have discovered that it can be pretty darn useful.


From home-made funnels to banana fresheners, to even intercepting government interfaces  (yep, you read right) get ready to learn about all these many surprising little foil hacks that will improve your life.

Replaces a Funnel

Pouring liquids back into thin-necked bottles can be a pain in the…neck. What do you do to avoid spilling everything all over the counter if you don’t have a funnel? Well, fashion some foil into a home-made funnel of course! If ou need to pout some wine back into a bottle, or put exrtra bit of salad dressing back, all you do simpy pop some foil onto the lid into the shape of a pipe.


Pour the liquid into the foil funnel and watch it needly drop back into the glass bottle. You can even adjust the shape and size to your needs. It’s totally mess-free and you will probably never need to buy a funnel again.

Create Kardashian-Level Sunbeds For Your Plants

Plants like sun but in a slightly different way than we do. While the average human requires only a few minutes of daily direct sunlight to get the vitamin D that the body needs, there are those such as the Kardashians who mostly use it for tanning their skin. Plants need sunlight in a much more basic way, as they rely on it for their daily activities – such as growth, and would literally die without it.


One really cool thing you can do for your plants is to place an aluminum plate at just the right angle so that the sunlight reflects itself onto the plant, effectively creating a tanning bed. This will make sure that your plants grow well and are healthy, plus it’s a very cool thing to show off to your science teacher.

Keep Your Bananas Fresh

Bananas are one of the best foods you can eat for your health. They are full of great nutrients that keep you healthy and full of energy. The only issue with bananas is that they take a long time to ripen, and then if you open them by accident, it’s a race against time before they get mushy and rotten.


A great and simple way to fix this is to seal the top of your bananas shut using some aluminum foil. It will help your bananas stay alive for a lot longer and you’ll actually be able to eat them over a few days rather than only a few hours. It also helps keep the moisture and nutrients inside them because they don’t end up getting oxygenated through exposure to air.

Keep Your Pie Firm and Hot

Everyone loves a good pie, Making pies is definitely one of the most fun things you can do in the kitchen, especially when you get to see the joy on everyone’s faces after they get a taste of your sweet and delicious baking skills. If you want to protect your pie from melting or losing some of its shape, aluminum foil has got your back.

Getty Images Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon

Next time you finish baking a fantastically delicious pie, make sure to wrap aluminum foil around its edges to keep it warm and solid. It’s important to protect your precious pie and make sure it’s literally in the best possible shape for you and your guests. Thanks to aluminum foil for making it possible!

Don’t Let Any of That BBQ Meat Juice Drip

Everyone loves a great BBQ. The only problem is, when you cook your meat on a grill, all of those delicious meat juices drip down from the meat and on to the coals. They can’t taste it, so what’s the point of wasting it?


Before popping your meat on the grill, take some aluminum foil and put it just below the grill as a makeshift pan. This will make all of the delicious juices drip right onto the foil, allowing you to keep cooking your meat without losing any of its juiciness. When you’re done grilling, pour those juices back on to the meat or just set it aside as some delicious gravy for some mash and just enjoy yourselves!

Get Your Batteries to Work Again

Unlike most of our rechargeable devices, batteries do, unfortunately, need to be replaced every now and then. Even with new batteries, sometimes there is a small contact problem. This often results in something not working.


You can solve this by putting a bit of folded aluminum foil just between the end of your battery and the spring. Since aluminum is an electrical conductor, the extra reach just might be exactly what you need to get the parts touching and powering up your device. Enjoy!

Use Aluminum to Seal Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are one thing that everyone has at least a couple of lying around the house. The only problem with plastic bags is that they are not the best for storing food because they are not air-proof. You might have already guessed that this is where aluminum foil comes to the rescue!


By taking a long patch of aluminum, folding it across the open part of the bag, and then ironing it using a solid object – you get a perfectly sealed bag which will stay that way for a long time. If that’s not cool enough, wait until you see the next amazing thing you can do with this useful metal.

Aluminum Can Keep Your Sleeping Bag Dry

Have you ever found yourself sweating at night in your sleeping bag? It’s a big problem because moisture tends to attract everything bad that you can find outdoors. One of the best ways to prevent the sweat from soaking into your sleeping bag and attracting unwanted wildlife and insects is to use some aluminum foil.


Just take a long piece of aluminum foil and lay it under you when you go to sleep. You’ll be surprised and amazed in the morning to find that your sleeping bag was completely insulated. Meaning, no moisture had left your sleeping bag. The aluminum also insulates you from moisture, keeping you dry at night. This is a great way to sleep tight in the wild!

Moving Furniture With Aluminum

The biggest culprits in the difficulty of moving furniture around are gravity and friction. There’s nothing you can do about the former, but the latter can be largely solved using aluminum foil. Someone recently discovered that you can actually put a sheet of aluminum paper under each of your furniture piece’s legs (just like in the picture).


This will cause the furniture to lose much of the friction it has with the ground, making it much easier to move around the floor. Unfortunately, aluminum foil can’t help you carry furniture down the stairs unless you’re willing to use it as a slide, so you’re on your own when it comes to that.

Make Your Own Fish Bait From Aluminum

If you’re sick of hanging worms and pieces of bread on the tip of your hook, or you just find that these baits don’t quite do the job, a cheap and possible alternative you can use is actually aluminum foil. No joke — studies have shown that fish are attracted to shiny objects. One might even refer to this type of bait as “fish diggers”.


What you do is put a piece of scrunched up aluminum foil at the end of your fishing line, and the fish are automatically attracted to your bait due to the way that it sparkles and shines. We’re not saying that fish are greedy money-grubbing creatures, just that they really like to check out and taste things that are shiny

Increase the Lifespan of Your Steel Wool

It doesn’t take more than 2 to 4 uses before you start seeing your trusty steel wool-gathering some unwanted rust. You can actually make the lifespan of steel wool last much longer and dramatically decrease the amount of rust it will from using a bit of our favorite material, aluminum foil.


Take some aluminum foil and wrap it around the steel wool. Then just put the aluminum ball containing the steel wool into the freezer and take it out next time you need to use it. This will prevent rust from accumulating and allow you to use your steel wool over much longer periods of time.

Perfect Hair Curls Using Aluminum

Yup, even cosmetic and beauty habits can be improved by using some of that sweet aluminum foil. Next time you want to curl your hair, just go to the kitchen and grab some of that trusty aluminum foil. All you need to do is shape it according to your desired hairstyle and clump it tightly to your hair so that it maintains the proper shape. Now just take your hair curler and you can safely begin curling.


The main purpose of the aluminum foil is to keep your hair the shape you want it while also protecting the hair from the heat of the hair curler. Who knew that this cheap and plentiful metal could be used for such an array of purposes??

Make Chrome Shine Again

Chrome is a type of metal that collects rust over time, causing it to look dirty and unpolished. It doesn’t matter how many times you go over it with a wipe though, because rust isn’t something that can just be cleaned off. This doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of it or replace it all, Once again, plain old aluminum foil will do the trick.


Simply take a piece of aluminum foil and scrape it gently over your rusty chrome surface, and you’ve got yourself a brand new metal that looks like it was just recently purchased. It’s easy, fun, cheap and rewarding.

Having Fun With Aluminum

There are many creative uses for aluminum foil, but not all of them have to be practical like keeping your electronics safe or growing your plants better. You can also have fun with aluminum due to its many versatile features.


One easy and fun use for aluminum is to wrap it in various shapes and use it for some improvised artistic modeling. Another fun use is to cut it up into various shapes or even cover an entire room with it and create a light show. The options are endless and the fun guaranteed!

Keep Your Pans Clean

We all love frying and fried food. In fact, the only bad part of pan cooking is the horrible clean up it involves


It takes a lot of time and elbow grease to clean up a pan, especially if it’s been sitting out for a while. Want to circumvent the process entirely and save some time in the process? Simply cover the pan with aluminum foil before you start and cook your meal over the foil. Then, when you’re done, simply throw it away and you’ve got a totally clean pan!

Easily Scrape Off Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a fantastic alternative to white sugar and is widely known to be a better and healthier alternative. The only problem with brown sugar is that it’s a lot stickier than regular white sugar and tends to hang on to the edges of your containers. Now, if you have some aluminum foil at our disposal, all you need to do is to take a bit of aluminum, clump it into a razor-like contraption and start scratching away at the sticky brown sugar.


It will quickly soften up and be very easy to pick up and manipulate. There you go. Problem solved in just a few minutes with our trusty old metallic friend.

Protect Your Cars From Hackers

If you’ve got one of those brand new cars and your remote can turn on your vehicle or even just open the doors to it from afar, there’s a chance that your car key has the ability to connect to the internet. This means that is also more prone to hacker attacks due to compromised internet connections.


Once you’ve determined that your car key has online connectivity, the best thing you can do to protect yourself from potential hacking and car theft is to simply cover your car remote with aluminum foil. This will block all external signals and completely protects the device from any access to hacking. The same applies to your phone if you’re trying to hide from the government, but that’s a topic for another entry.

Create Your Own Aluminum Paint Palette

You’re an artistic person. That’s clear by the fact that you’ve gone this far into the article in looking for creative uses for aluminum. One fantastic way you can use aluminum foil to save money and improvise when you feel artistic is to grab a square of aluminum foil, fold it in a beehive pattern (or a simpler equivalent) and put some paint in each cell.


Congratulations! You are now the owner of a fully functioning paint palette that cost you nothing and took only 2 minutes to make. Another advantage of this aluminum paint contraption is that you don’t need to clean it, since you can just throw it away when you’re done.

Don’t Let Your Paintbrush Dry

Our final tip for painting enthusiasts is related to your trusty paintbrush. One of the most annoying things when painting is having the paintbrush dry out during a short painting break. Dry brushes are very frustrating as they become very stiff and lowers the quality of your painting.


Next time you take a painting break, take a rubber band and a piece of aluminum foil, then use the rubber band to hold the foil wrapped around the brush’s hairs. All that’s left is to put the paint brush in the freezer and take it out a few minutes before you want to use it. This will ensure it remains fresh and useful for a long time

Fortify Your Paint Rollers With Aluminum

Sometimes we could swear that paint rollers have intentionally been made to be as durable as a piece of paper. By the end of a good painting session, your roller is usually far from being used for any future painting needs.


One thing that you can do to dramatically extend your precious roller’s lifespan is to wrap it in aluminum foil between uses. This will prevent the paint from ruining your roller and it will remain looking just as good as it did the previous time.

Repel Insects With Aluminum

When you’re enjoying a nice picnic in the park or outside your home in the garden, it’s very easy to have your food spoiled by many hungry little insects. One magical quality that aluminum foil has is that it is distinctly reflective, and can be easily wrapped around your food or your containers and plates. How does this help you repel insects? Because bugs often use light as an indicator of where to go next.


Aluminum foil creates a very strong and confusing reflection for the insects, oftentimes making them turn the other way. This means you can effectively use aluminum even as a cheap and abundant bug repellant.

Never Need To Clean Your Oven

Cleaning oven grease is not the most pleasant experience out there. Especially when you’re someone who tends to be heavy on the oil usage. Grime build-up however really easily avoidable. All you have to do is lay a large sheet of tin foil onto your oven tray whenever you cook. This protective sheet shields your oven from grease drippings, keeping it perfectly clean and oil-free. This can be super time saving too as scraping off oven grease can be tedious.


Once you’re done with the cooking, simply throw away the used foil and replace it with a new fresh sheet. You will probably never have to clean your oven again. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but this sure is helpful.

Create Beautiful Cake Decorations

If you’re in a really creative mood, one of the coolest things you can do with aluminum foil is create some amazing cake decorations. The material has all the required traits (except being edible) that make it ideal for cake decorations — It’s flexible, easy to mold, shiny and reflective, and can be a perfect cake decoration once you put some non-toxic paint on it.


You can play with aluminum foil to make it look like everything from flowers to jewelry or anything else that your imagination can think of. Speaking of foods, in the next entry we’ll talk about another huge benefit aluminum has for tasty bread.

Keep Your Bread Nice and Warm

Did you come home with some fresh bread that just came out of the oven at the bakery? Freshly baked bread is quite possibly one of the tastiest things in the world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for bread to begin losing its heat and moisture, and reverting to a dry piece of dough.


You can solve these problems quite easily with aluminum foil, since it works perfectly as a heat preserver. All you have to do is to take a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around your brad or hot sandwiches to preserve it longer. Aluminum foil works much better than containers, because it takes to the shape of the bread and doesn’t leave any room for heat to escape.

Create a Touchscreen Pencil

Apparently, aluminum foil interacts quite nicely with touchscreens. This means you can spare hundreds of dollars on the brand new and overly expensive Apple Pencil, or even save yourself a visit to the store next time you want to use an external object to handle your touchscreen phone.


Simply take any object of your liking, it could be a pencil or even a pin, wrap some aluminum foil at the tip of that object and it will work just like a proper touchscreen pen. Don’t you worry that it’s not a brand name. Make it your own by using colors or even stickers and your friends will no doubt be impressed.

Reattach Floor Tiles With An Iron and Aluminum Foil

Is one of your floor tiles lose again? There’s no need to run to the store and replace it. We’ve all had the experience of stepping on the floor in our bathroom, only to hear a sudden “crack” sound telling us that a floor tile is now on the loose. There’s actually a really easy way to solve this problem.


All you have to do is to stick the tile back to its normal position, then take a sheet of aluminum foil and place it on the tile so that it is completely covered. Now just bring out your trusty iron and go over the tile as-if you’re ironing a piece of cloth. Do this for a few moments and the heat will get that tile fixed right into the floor. Neat, huh?

And Now It’s Time to Clean the BBQ

Now that you’ve finished your legendary BBQ, it’s time to clean up the grill. This is by far the least favorite part of having a BBQ, since it means you’re going to have to clean all of that oil and grease from your BBQ – a dirty and daunting task.


Expedite this process and make it a lot more fun and simple by using aluminum foil. Place the grill in some soup and water scrub the grease away with the foil. Watch how the remaining BBQ scraps immediately disappears from your grill. Simple, effective, fun and cheap. That is the magic of cleaning things with aluminum foil.

Polish Your Silverware With Aluminum Foil

As humans, we tend to eat things. And when we eat, we use silverware. Silverware changes color over time and requires a little more than a simple wash for correct upkeep. Yes, we’re talking about the dreaded act of silverware polishing. While silverware polish exists, it requires a trip to the store, a toll on your wallet and frankly, it smells funny.


If you don’t already have some silverware polish lying around, simply grad a dish, wrap it with aluminum, pour in some baking soda and salt and you’ve got a makeshift silverware polisher. Dump all of your dirty silverware into the dish, cover them with some boiling water, and you’ll see them gradually getting their original good looking shine back.

Professional Bacon Roasting

Bacon is one of the most delicious breakfast foods in the entire world. It’s simple to make, fairly cheap, and tastier than most other meats due to it’s high fat percentages. Anyone who has ever professionally cooked bacon will tell you that one of the best ways to do it is on a rigged and curvy surface.


The ridges help your bacon slices stay elevated giving, them hot air from all sides and getting them cooked and crispy the whole way through. But if you don’t have a rack with ridges on it you can always take some aluminum foil and style it in the same way. Now that’s some restaurant level cooking!

Create A DIY Food Platter

Many of us love to host. Sometimes we really want to serve our guests some cute little finger foods but find that we currently don’t have any proper food platters to use for such a purpose. Maybe our favorite serving dish is dirty at the time or maybe we don’t actually have one for this kind of event – but no worries, the Aluminum foil will do just as well!


One possible solution is to take a cardboard box and some aluminum foil, and simply cover the entire cardboard box with the Aluminum foil. This will create a clean, good looking and very special serving platter for you and your guests. We’re sure they would be thrilled that you’ve thought of them enough to craft your own platter just for them.

Create A Disposable Frying Pan

Let’s say you’re out with your friends on an impromptu night of camping. You guys have everything assembled and ready. The tents are hitched, the fire is roaring, the campfire songs are being sung… pretty soon you begin to get hungry, but oh no! You’ve forgotten your frying pan at home and nobody else has one!


Luckily for you, after reading this article you’ve decided to carry aluminum foil with you wherever you go. Now all you have to do in order to save the day for everyone is to take a few branches, stick them together in a large square, and tape aluminum foil across them as a bowl-like surface. Congratulations! You have just created your very own DIY frying pan.

Boost Seed Growth With Aluminum

Like most tiny growing things, baby seedlings need all the help they can get to turn into big adult plants. If you want to help your seeds grow faster into healthy plants, you can give them a serious boost by using some aluminum foil. When planting your seeds, create tiny aluminum foil planters to cover and place your seeds in, in order to give them some extra sunlight.


This will help your seeds grow faster and blossom into the great plants that they are meant to be. We highly recommend this habit if you have a green thumb and are going to be planting seeds because these little guys need the sun as much as we need water.

Protect Your Credit Cards

Regardless of how much money you may have in your bank account, hackers and thieves will target anyone. In recent years, a new trend has began. Wireless credit card thieves use magnetic signals to steal your money without ever touching you. They do this by using proximity devices that scan and use your credit cards.


You can easily prevent this type of theft by wrapping your wallet in aluminum foil. This will completely isolate your credit cards and any other electronic device from external communication, being the equivalent of putting your wallet in an underground safe. Who knew that aluminum foil could actually protect your bank account?

Prevent Paint From Solidifying

Sometimes we leave pain lids open for a little to long. Let’s face it, opening and closing lids during a big paint job isn’t very convenient. But what ends up happening is that within a short amount of time our paint dries out and turns into a solid mass, effectively ruining the entire paint jar. This happens due to a process called oxidation, where the material comes in contact with air.


Prevent your paint from solidifying by having a piece of aluminum foil ready next to the paint bucket. When you finish using the bucket just put the aluminum foil on the tin while blowing air into the bucket — this will cause the air inside it to get replaced with carbon dioxide and keep the paint inside wet and ready for use!

Keep Your Child’s Mattress Perfectly Clean

Changing sheets nightly is an inevitable part of being a parent. Diapers don’t always hold as much as we want them to, bottles drip and babies make messes. Sheets can be washed but what about the mattresses underneath? You might ask yourself exactly what trick there is here, but in fact it’s actually very simple. Just wrap your mattress with aluminum foil before putting on the sheets – this will not make it any less comfortable for the child and will make sure that fluids don’t seep into it.


Once your child has mastered going to the bathroom on their own, you can remove the aluminum foil and let them enjoy the bed without extra protection.

Hide Worn Spots In Mirrors

When mirrors begin to wear out and lose their reflecting abilities in odd places, that definitely puts a “dent” in our day. Nobody needs a daily reminder that their mirror isn’t as perfect as it used to be, but at the same time, nobody has the patience to go out and buy a new one. This is where aluminum foil could come in very handy due to its reflective ability.


When you have dents and cracks in your mirror, you can actually put a flat piece of aluminum right behind the glass. Just use some tape in the back to stick the aluminum to the mirror. Prepare to be amazed as the beautiful and perfect look it once had is restored to your mirror!

Make Your Teeth White With Aluminum Foil

With so many perfect celebrities popping up on Instagram with their perfectly white teeth… it’s no surprise that most people would do anything to get their teeth whiter as well. Avoid fancy dentistry as it is usually very expensive, time consuming and doesn’t always work, so try out this aluminum foil hack instead.


Just mix some baking soda and toothpaste together, and put a big chunk of it on some tin foil. Take the aluminum foil, wrap it around your teeth and gently bite into it for about an hour. After you’re done, remove the aluminum, wash your mouth, and you just might find that your teeth have become a lot whiter! It may seem like a long time but it’s a perfect excuse to catch up on some Netflix.

Keep Animals Away From Tree Barks

If you don’t like animals eating and gathering around your tree trunks during the winter, it might be a good idea to use some aluminum foil. During long winters, animals often look for the best hiding spots they can find for both food and warmth. If you don’t want to find rabbits, mice, and foxes hanging out near your trees, it might be a good idea to put aluminum foil around their trunks.


Simply take out a big chunk of aluminum, and wrap it tightly around your tree while attempting to make sure that it’s set as tightly as possible. The aluminum foil should be good for many days and weeks, so you will only need to replace it very infrequently.

Create Your Own Candy Froster

When your baking a cake for a dinner party, it’s always a bummer to find out that you don’t have any frosting bags left to frost your cake with. Well, cake or cupcake, if you’re in need of a candy foster but just can’t seem to find one, aluminum foil can help solve that problem for you.


Simply take a sheet of aluminum foil, wrap it into the shape needed and you now have a device that’s perfectly capable of making the best frosting for your delicious cake. Who knew that frosting cakes with aluminum could be so much fun!

Paint Your Door Without Worrying About Doorknobs

When painting a room, the first thing we do is cover stuff. The couch, the bed… no matter how careful we are, we wouldn’t want to leave it up to chance that paint might ruin our favorite foot rug. However, the most tricky part of a paint job focusses around the door, more specifically, the doorknob.


Aluminum is perfect for this job as it doesn’t let paint through and it is highly malleable allowing you to sculpt it into any shape you like. Simply take a sheet of aluminum and wrap it around your doorknob, then press it tightly so that it’ll take it’s shape. After you’re done painting just take the aluminum foil off and admire your spotless work.

Get Better Wi-Fi Connectivity Using Aluminum Foil

In today’s world, home Wi-Fi is a must. While you can have a great connection in the living room, there always seems to be a part of the house that doesn’t quite pick up the signal. Naturally, we do our best to avoid visiting these parts of the house, since that would mean our favorite Netflix shows and YouTube videos won’t be able to stream properly.


What if you could make your Wi-Fi signal much stronger? Well, you can! By using a few sheets of aluminum foil, wrapping them into a long and thick wall of aluminum (like in the picture above), and placing the aluminum wall next to your Wi-Fi modem you can expand your Wi-Fi signal throughout the entire house!

Unwrinkles Clothes

Say goodbye to annoying creases with this little ironing hack. Since aluminum foil is a wonderful conductor of heat, it can be super useful to use when ironing your wrinkly clothes. Placing a sheet of foil under your ironing board is guaranteed to take your shirts to a level of smooth that you have yet to witness!


Try it out. You will be impressing everyone with your infinitely smoother shirts.

Fix Holes in Clothes With Aluminum

Some parents choose to throw out ripped clothes and just buy new ones. This can get expensive very quickly, especially if the rips keep occurring. Other parents prefer to solve this problem with their hands and attempt to sew the rip back together using a thread and needle. The problem with this solution is that you sometimes stitch your child’s clothes to the ironing board while trying to fix them.


One way aluminum can solve this problem is by placing a small piece of it just under the hole, which will usually help you to avoid the fabric getting stuck to itself or anything else. Even tailors can benefit from the wonders of aluminum foil!

Make Your Soap Last Longer

Keeping your hands clean and knowing you’re doing your best to stay as clean as possible is always a great feeling, regardless of who you are. The only problem is that those soap don’t last long.


Simply place a sheet of aluminum foil under your soap bar and it will help soak up a lot of the particles that usually rub off the bar. This will definitely save you money on those precious soap bars, especially if you buy them at one of those expensive organic shops.

Boost Your Radiator With Aluminum Foil

During some of the colder winter nights, we all wish that the radiator could give out even just a bit more heat. It’s already quite an expensive device, so not having all the heat you need is an even bigger disappointment. Apparently, you can actually make radiators much more efficient without costing a single dollar more, simply by using some aluminum foil.


All you have to do is to take some aluminum foil and put a sheet of it between the radiator and your wall. Make sure that the aluminum is firmly taped to the wall and perhaps even bend its edges so that it boxes or points towards the rest of the room. This will reflect the heat into the open area of your room and double it’s strength!

Create Your Own Cookie Designs

When kids and parents think about something fun to do together that’s both nourishing and creative, the first thing they often think of is baking cookies. Everyone loves cooking and there are so many options out there! Different flavors, different colors and of course, different shapes. Most people have some cookie cutters around the house but the options are still quite limited.


Kids are so creative and if there’s one creative outlet that’s yummier than the rest, it’s aluminum foil cookie cutters. Use aluminum foil to design your own cookie cutters by taking a thin strip of aluminum foil and folding it in half. Then bend it until you get any shape of cookie you dream of. Trust us, the kids will love it!

Light Up Your Cupboards and Corners

There are many areas and drawers in your kitchen (and house) that receive no light due to being too deep or too far in corners that we can’t reach. One of the most interesting things that aluminum foil can do is make hidden or far off surfaces a lot brighter than they seem and keep cockroaches away at the same time.


Try this: next time you open one of these deep cupboards, place some aluminum foil on their bottoms and watch how the light reflected by the Aluminum will illuminate the entire space. As we’ve shared earlier, this is only one of the ways you can use aluminum foil in some crafty lighting strategies around your kitchen and house.

Keep Your Humble Photography Budget

If you are interested in pursuing a photography career, but don’t have the means to buy all that expensive high-end equipment, one of the easiest ways to “fake” some great lighting is by using a flashlight and some aluminum foil. The aluminum foil acts as a mirror and helps the light bounce around your photography set, exactly as if you actually were using some high-end camera.


If you’re looking to try out a photography career but don’t want to spend all of that cash before trying it out — just grab your phone, a flashlight and some aluminum foil. Now all that’s left is to find a great model, but that’s for another list

Clean Your Pots and Pans With Aluminum Foil

If you just recently ran out of scrubbing pads or sponges, a great alternative that’s simple and quick to use is aluminum foil. Simply take some foil, crumple it up into a ball, and use it to scrape off all the food scraps that have been accumulating on your pans and cooking pots after a few weeks of use.


Like many other metal surfaces, the Aluminum foil will actually do a better job at cleaning and shining these surfaces than the regularly used instruments. Clearly there’s a reason why aluminum foil is found in almost every kitchen. As you can see — it’s super useful, and not at all restricted to cooking uses.

Untangle Your Cuttings

Many people enjoy growing plants for the proud feeling of successfully getting a job done, as-well-as the many benefits that they provide in return. If you want to make the most out of your garden, you probably know that garden plants can be reproduced in a variety of ways, with one of the best of them being cutting the stems and placing them in water until they develop roots, thus turning them into new plants.


By using aluminum foil, you can actually help these cuttings grow stronger and in a focused way. Just place the cuttings in a container with foil and make a few holes in it, this will help the cuttings grow into plants much faster and without the need for so much water.

Keep Your Matches Dry For Years

Matches are a simple and elegant way to light a fire whether you need to light the stove or ever a great outdoor BBQ. The biggest problem with matches, however, is that they come inside a delicate and thin cardboard box, making them susceptible to dampness and other environmental factors that ruin the match’s effectiveness.


One of the easiest ways to preserve your matches over a long period of time is to simply wrap the box in aluminum foil. This will keep your match box and the matches inside completely dry and allow you to use them many months and years after you’ve first purchased them without worrying about their functionality.

Sharpens Scissors

There is nothing more annoying than a pair of blunt scissors. Luckily, with this little sharpening hack, you need not trash those old scissors. You don’t need to buy a big metal sharpening block either. All you need to do is tare off a piece of good ‘ol foil and cut up the sheet a few times.


Cut the foil between 5-15 times, depending on the bluntness and you’ll sharpen them in no time.

Block the Government From Controlling Your Thoughts

If you’re one of the increasingly frustrated citizens afraid of the government spying on us and taking control of our electrical devices, there’s a good chance that you’ve also contemplated whether or not government agents can take control of your mind. This is usually done through wireless radio signals, and lucky for you, aluminum foil can help block out those pesky signals.


One particularly useful trait of aluminum foil is that it can effectively isolate you from radio signals due to its isolating nature. By wrapping your head with aluminum foil, you can guarantee that your brain will be free from outside radio influences, at the risk of looking like a total nutcase of course.

Clean Your Iron

No one likes wearing wrinkly clothing but let’s face it, ironing is a big hassle. Irons rack up dirt, grim and rust over time, making them much harder to use than when you first got them. When people see their iron beginning to deteriorate, they usually start shirking their ironing duties until they eventually give up altogether.


There is a simple solution to this problem. Take some aluminum foil, roll it into a crunchy ball, and scrape it against the bottom of your iron to get it nice and clean again. Just be careful not to scratch the flat surface of the iron, and it will look brand new again.

Trap and Throw Out Oil and Grease Using Aluminum

If your only an occasional inhabitant of the kitchen you may not know this, but letting oil and grease slide down your kitchen pipes is a very bad idea, and will likely come back to haunt you at a later date. Using paper towels also isn’t the most effective, as they quickly gets soaked and start to dripping the oily greasy substance all over your hands.


Next time you’re in the kitchen frying up something good, take some aluminum foil, shape it into a cup, then when you’re done just pour all the oily mess into the aluminum cup. Once you’re done simply cover the aluminum by folding it carefully, wrap it with some paper or plastic, and throw it away in the garbage. Now your kitchen pipes are safe and it’s time to enjoy a wonderful meal.

Keeping Your Spectacle Frame Safe

Glasses are usually pretty expensive and we try as best we can to protect them from bending or getting their frames ruined. If you wear glasses you’d know that one sort of activity that has a high potential of ruining your glasses is dying your hair. This problem forces you into what looks like a binary choice: either keep the glasses on and risk ruining your frame, or take them off and do it all half-blind.


Thanks to the wonders of aluminum foil, you can actually choose the third option – just wrap the frame of your glasses in aluminum foil, and now you’re free to dye your hair or undergo any other head and facial related activities with no worries or concerns to your trusty little seeing partners.

No More Melting Ice-Cream!

Children absolutely love ice cream, but one of the most annoying aspects as a parent is that somehow their ice cream always manages to drip all over their clothes or your furniture and it is very hard to clean up afterwards. There’s nothing more annoying than running around after your kid cleaning up ice-cream drops.


This can be easily solved by using some aluminum foil. Simply take a piece of aluminum paper and shape a disposable bib out of it, wrap it around the ice-cream facing upwards and now all of the melting parts will fall right into your aluminum bib. It’s safe and fun for the kids while giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Make Your Jewels Shine Again

Everyone loves some form of jewelry, but like everything else, jewelry tends to collect grime and dirt over time, causing it to lose its prestige and look a lot less attractive than it was when it was new. It’s actually quite easy to get rid of this fog and grime using some water, a bit of cleaning detergent and also, you’ve guessed it, aluminum foil!


If you ever find yourself wishing one of your pieces of jewelry was cleaner than it is, simply grab a bowl, fill it with water and put the piece inside. Now all you have to do is to add some cleaning detergent and a piece of aluminum. Stir it up and wait for a few minutes. Next time you check it out, you’ll find that your jewelry is now perfectly clean and shiny again!

Rid Tour Clothes of Static Electricity

Have you ever put your clothes in the dryer, and put them on later only to be attacked by million tiny electric shocks This is an annoying problem that always seems to happen in the most uncomfortable times possible. But there is a solution.


If you want to solve this problem once and for all, take a small ball of aluminum foil and put it into the drying machine with your next cycle. Instead of the friction causing electrical charge to build up in your clothes, the aluminum ball will heroically “soak up” all the electricity and prevent it from leaking onto your clean clothes.

Improve Your Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

If you love experimenting with indoor and outdoor design, you’ll find that aluminum foil is an excellent tool to use in order to play around with the lighting in your house. One very cool feature of aluminum foil is that it’s a very good reflector of light, and possesses the ability to be able to bend in any way you wish to make your lights very pretty indeed.


You can actually play with aluminum foil by hanging it in various places around the house that create more light bounces and beautiful vistas and shadows. All you will need for this are some scissors (which you can sharpen using aluminum foil), some glue or tape, and a creative mind full of ideas of how to use of the fantastic metal.

Keep Your Frozen Food Tasting Great

It’s always a bummer to freeze a delicious meal only to take it out a few days later with all of the taste gone. All you’re left with is a memory of what was once a very tasty dish and not much else. Luckily, using aluminum foil, you can actually preserve both the state and the taste of your food much better.


The cool thing about aluminum foil is that it traps the particles inside it, so next time you want to freeze your leftover food, simply wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and the great taste and smell will stay with your meal. This way, when you heat it up you’ll be enjoying a meal almost exactly as tasty as it was when it was first made.

Keep Your Fireplace Clean

One of the most annoying things about owning a fireplace is the sheer abundance of dust, soot, and ash that accumulate fairly fast, especially if you use it often. It’s not an easy job to clean these all up, and they have a tendency of turning everything in the house black when you do.


You can solve this problem by placing a double layer of aluminum foil under the fire next time you’re going to use the fireplace. The foil will gather all the dust and ash into one easy pick-up pile. Once you’re done with the fire, give it a few hours to cool off, gently check that it’s now at room temperature, and just fold the aluminum-containing all the leftovers into a ball that goes straight into the trash.

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