More Hilarious Fishing Photos That Were Perfectly Timed

Greetings, fishermen, and fisherwomen! We are happy to see you back here. We take it you saw our last article about the best fishing photos the internet has to offer and now you’re back for more. Well, we got your back. We went on another stroll through the interweb and brought you some of the finest fishing photos we could find. So get your fishing gear, a couple of cold ones, and your best mates, and get ready for some fishing fun!

Say “Fish”

These fishermen couldn’t look happier, and why wouldn’t they? They just caught three beautiful Opah fish, and certainly knew how to capture a perfect picture.


Although we must say that, considering how huge these fish are, we can’t help but let our imagination go wild and think of what would happen if they weren’t actually dead and decided to exact revenge on these three fishermen. Now that would be an even better photo!

Car Fishing

We don’t know how this happened, but we do know that this sweaty man is doing his best to fish his car out of the water. Although we have to say, buddy, we wouldn’t have high hopes if we were you.


But hey, we get it. At that point, there’s obviously no way you’re getting the car out of the water, so you might as well just take the opportunity to snap a funny pic.

Multipurpose Fishing Rod

They always say that necessity is the mother of invention, and this photo truly does prove that. There’s nothing a fisherman likes more than to have a cold beer while he’s waiting for the day’s catch, and this guy figured out a way to do it in style.


We must say that this is an ingenious idea. Leave your fishing rod to see if it catches something nice, and use it to hold your beer in the meantime. Imagine, you barely have to move during the entire day, you have everything you need within a one millimetre radius!

Against All Odds

This little kid is going to fish, no matter what. He’s a tiny, hardcore fisherman that will not let a small thing like having to go to the bathroom ruin his daily catch. And we have to say, kudos to him for the resourcefulness.


Now, this is a real fisherman at heart, who came prepared with a fishing rod, a cap, and an emergency bucket.

“Is That My New Brother?”

Nice catch, buddy, but unfortunately, you’re not the center of this picture.You’re hilarious dog is. While this guy is probably thrilled with his good catch, his dog seems to be absolutely disturbed by the idea that that thing is going back home with them.


Don’t worry little furry guy, you’ll probably get to eat some of it later tonight.

“Move Over, I Was Fishing Here First”

The man in this hilarious, and perfectly-timed picture, is Texas pastor Matthew LaGrange. The pastor decided to go fly fishing for the first time down by the Big Thompson River, near Estes Park. The man probably expected a nice day of fun, fishing, and a nice catch to take home, but instead, he lost his footing to a huge Elk that was less than pleased to have his fishing spot invaded.

Getty Images Photo By Joe Amon/The Denver Post

This elk isn’t taking any nonsense; he’s been there far longer than the pastor, and this is a prime spot for fly fishing, so move over buddy!

Fisherman Overboard

This looks like a case of either really bad relationship problems, or an unfortunate accident that probably ended up being one of this guy’s worst days ever. But at least he’ll always have this hilarious picture to remember it by.


Was the girlfriend trying to use him as bait? Judging by the surprise on her face, this poor guy probably just fell face first off the boat, and we have no idea how!

The Fish That Caught a Human

This picture is so fantastic that it’s hard to figure out what’s going on here. Did this fish catch that human, or did this weird guy just decide to attempt a rare form of fishing for the sake of snapping this photo? Whatever the case, this is definitely one for the family album.


Then again, you have to give this man credit. He knew that the fish should be the center of attention of any fishing photo.

They Tried to Warn Him

This guy didn’t want to believe his friends when they tried to warn him of imminent global warming. He was determined to do some ice fishing, no matter the cost.


But let’s face it, he really didn’t think this thing through. Even if he catches an amazing fish, how in the world is he going to get it back to solid ground?!

A Different Kind of Fishing

This girl just wanted to do some sunbathing while she read, but it seems these fishermen decided this was the perfect spot to catch something that day. Maybe she was one of these fishermen’s girlfriend or daughter, although we doubt they wouldn’t have warned her about sunbathing someplace else that day.

Getty Images

All we know is, these fishermen are highly unlike to catch anything with that view distracting them.

No Worries at All

After getting over the very serious fact that your boat just went down, you have to laugh at the irony of this picture. These men probably decided to name their boat “No Worries” as a way to bring good luck.


Little did they know they should’ve named it “Start Screaming for Help”

“Look, Mom, My First Catch Ever!”

His parents told him they would go fishing that day, and this little guy wasn’t thrilled. So, he decided to take a fishing net instead of a pole, and he decided to teach his dad a lesson and make him feel like the fish feel when they’re caught. Or maybe he was just trying to be funny and annoying, both of which he succeeded if that was the case.


Good on you, little man, not only did you create a perfect snapping opportunity, you probably bugged the hell out of your dad!

Fish Are Terrifying

This kid is not happy. At all. His dad is giddy from his catch, the grandmother is smiling and proud, but that little kid looks like he just saw the Boogeyman. Don’t worry, kid, fish will seem less terrifying as you grow older.


Plus, we;re sure you’ll forget all about it once you have some delicious fried fish for dinner.

That Meeting Was Way Too Early

There’s nothing wrong with going to a meeting in casual clothes and showing up early. And there’s also nothing wrong with meeting a client where they feel comfortable, which in this case, would be fishing in their underwear. But when you show up for a meeting this early in the morning and wearing no pants, you probably want to rethink some things in your life.


We must say, though, that briefcase certainly inspires confidence and professionalism.

The Vikings Are Still Alive

Even though history has told us otherwise, apparently, the vikings are alive and well…and fishing. These guys aren’t going into battle without a proper stock of fish to eat.


The design of the shields and the helmet quality seems to have gone down in the last centuries, but hey, these guys definitely have the fighting spirit.

The Slippery Slip

It’s OK buddy, it happens to everybody who’s trying to fish at one point or another. Fish are slippery, there’s no way to get around that, even if you’re an actual pro and not a Berkeley grad who decided to go fishing with his buddy.


But hey, this picture will be a permanent reminder of how much fun they had in the lake that day. And hopefully, that fish landed inside the net!

The Flying Fisherman

Forget fishing rods, baits, coolers, and boats. This man from New Caledonia only needs his trusty stick to catch a nice, big fish. People in the Southwest Pacific do this every day, and fishing aficionados should probably hang around these pros to learn a thing or two about the sport.


Kudos to this man, who seems to be doing acrobatics as well as fishing. We hope you really enjoyed that dinner.

Worst Catch Ever

What on Earth is going on here? Maybe this teen got grounded on the day she wanted to go fishing and she decided get creative. We have to say it though, we couldn’t think of a better thing to use as bait than a dollar. This teenager is definitely onto something.


As far as the catch goes, we seriously hope that fishing rod came out empty.

The Fish That Had Enough

This fish has seen some things, he’s been around for a while, getting caught and being thrown back into the water. He knows the drill. But he’s had enough of the little game these humans seem to be playing. He understands you need a nice picture to show your friends and family, but you just interrupted his breakfast.


“Ugh, these humans really have no manners at all”. We’re with you Mr. Fish.

Yes I can

When his buddies told him to bring the beers, we don’t think they meant for him to fill up the entire boat with beers. He certainly got ahead of himself.

Image result for fishing fails

We are pretty sure that no fish got caught that day, in fact, that boat probably didn’t leave the grass.

Double Whammy

Not one fish, but two! This gal sure had her work cut out for her in that big blue ocean. Looks like she got a little too close to her marine friends though.


This is definitely one for the album.

This is a Serious Sport

The Reds baseball team should consider opening up a competitive fishing division, with this lady as the team leader!


No doubt this will make the sport more interesting to watch.

Cover Photo

She might look smooth now, but moments before, this lucky lady’s fishing rod almost snapped in half from the size of that fish. Fast forward to this moment, she is effortlessly showing off her catch for the day.


That would have been a little embarrassing, but luckily they both came out intact, well, sort of.

Pride and Joy

Like many have proved to us before, people often get fishing wrong. It sure is no easy act and when you catch that first fish, there is no greater feeling of accomplishment. This lady tells us with that smile, just how awesome it is to show the ‘fruits’ of that hard work.


By the look of that happy expression, this probably was her first fish of the day.

I Bring Gifts

With the fishing rod in her mouth, treading through the water, this woman looks as if she journeyed from far and wide to deliver that winning trout. Whoever is about to receive that gift from the sea is one lucky person.


Perhaps she didn’t even need a fishing rod and ended up catching that thing with her own hands. It certainly looks like it.

The Real Expert is in Town

Whoever thinks fishing is a man’s thing is seriously mistaken. Fishing is a waiting game, and that is one thing women are really good at. This gal clearly showed some serious perseverance when she pulled this monster fish out the water. Move aside, boys.


Side note: that is going to be one tasty meal later on.

Look What I Got

By the excited look on her face, she didn’t expect to do much catching that day. Guess she got a little more than she bargained for because that fish is almost the same size as her.


Is it possible that she caught it with her bare hands? Perhaps she got a little bit of help from a friend.

Just Chilling

Fishing is super dependent on the weather conditions. It can’t be too hot or too cold. It’s also ideal when the water is not pure ice. These dudes, however, have managed to strike the perfect balance. With their summer vibes, while safely floating on an ice cap island, these fishing pals have it totally made for them.


We just really hope that little slab of ice can hold them.

I am One of Them

Seagulls are famous for their fishing skills and when you’re that good, you’re allowed to show off a little. This talented bird decided to slip into the role of a ‘good ol’ human fisherman, and he looks good doing it! No doubt this jazzed up seagull put all the rest of the fishermen to absolute shame.


You can’t mess with the natural order.

Urban Fishing

Who needs the sea, rivers, lakes or even ponds when you have your city sewer right at your disposal. Perhaps there is a whole new kind of fish species swimming under those things. We just hope he doesn’t catch a rat, actually, come to think of it, it seems a lot more likely.


That would be a bit discouraging. Perhaps after testing these waters, he’ll opt for a lake or something.

Gone Nappin’

We really hope these guys are not on the job and just fell asleep on their recreational fishing trip. By the looks of it, they didn’t choose the best location, because this seems more like a grimy swamp in the city than an actual river out in nature.


That definitely could explain the prolonged nap. Waiting for something to bite in those conditions is a guaranteed ticket to snoozeville.

Sushi, Anyone?

Cutting out the middle-man to get your fresh sushi delivered straight to your mouth seems pretty practical. This method of fishing doesn’t seem exactly the safest one.


Even with a helmet, a vest, and gloves, she kind of looks like she is struggling a bit to stay afloat.

Deep Waters

Unlike our ‘road-fisher’, this guy certainly went a few steps further, or you might say, deeper. It may, on the ‘surface’, seem a little simpler than the more traditional type of fishing, it is after all a lot more hands on. The list of equipment of the other hand seems a little more lengthy: diving gear, oxygen tank, an old boat for comfort.


Hmm, what is the more convenient option in the end? He looks prepared to enough to stay there for a good few hours. Let’s just hope he can pop up for a break now and again.

Dry Season

Ideally, fishing starts with placing your fishing rod in the water. The next step is waiting to see what bites. The road might change the experience a little. On the other hand, maybe some woodland creature will peak their head out and see what’s attached to that string.


Don’t knock it till you try it.

“Out to Pool”

This guy was desperate to take out his old boat to sail, but maybe got a little too lazy and settled for his backyard pool. He seems pretty content to just sit there and relax. Maybe if he stays there long enough he will start picturing a school of fish surrounding him.


This sure does demonstrate the power of wishful thinking.


Look, fishing is a tough business and is not for the faint of heart. One can wait for hours before there is even the slightest tug. Not to mention the discomforts of the outdoors. It’s probably not for everyone out there. That doesn’t mean that everyone shouldn’t enjoy it! If you don’t feel venturing out, do what these guys did, and bring the experience to you.


It seems to be working for them, and it also looks super comfortable.

Stealth Fishing

This guy seems a little conflicted about the natural habitat of fish. While he is aiming for the water, he seems to be dressed for hunting season. We’re also not quite sure if the way he is stealthily creeping towards the water is entirely necessary.  Nevertheless, that is one interesting fishing rod he’s got there.


He definitely gets an ‘A’ for ingenuity.

Fishing with Your Daughter

This is one way to bring your daughter on a fishing trip. This kind dad must have tried everything to get his daughter to join him on his adventures. Who knew that all you need is a cute little pink fishing rod. While this little thing looks more like a toy, there is simply no denying that it did the job.


We just wonder if it comes in adult size too!

I Got You!

The only thing better than spending a day fishing is spending a day fishing with your best friend. But, as we said, sometimes things can go a little awry when you’re out on the water all day, especially if you accidentally drop your rod in the water.


While some people may just continue on with their day and forget about it, others won’t want to let go of their favorite rods. This guy knows what it’s like to connect with a rod and was willing to make quite the sacrifice to go after it. Luckily, he was out fishing with his friend who supported him as he dove headfirst in the water to retrieve his rod.

Fish Flops

Flip flops are the perfect footwear for the summer. Not only are they great for lounging around, going to the pool or beach, but they’re also the perfect fishing shoes. So, somebody thought, why not combine the best of both worlds? They created these fish flip flops, which are the perfect footwear for your next fishing trip!


They also make the perfect gift for your fish loving friends, or better yet, a great way to scare away the women in your household.

A New Breed

Snorkeling is an incredible experience. It gives you a chance to observe life down under and surround yourself with tropical fish. If you’re lucky enough, and there’s good visibility, you’ll have the chance to see different species of fish. One incredible experience down under is seeing schools of fish, especially when you get caught smack in the middle of one. You become one with the fish, literally.


This snorkeler dove down under with what appears to be quite the talented friend. His friend snapped a well-timed picture of him, just as a fish was swimming near his head, making him look like a fish-head. Next time you’re about to reel in your catch, you might want to jump down under and see what you’re missing out on! You may just catch a wonderful surprise!

No Way I’m Coming Out, Man!

After reeling in your fish, most people are ready to throw in the towel. But, that’s a big mistake. If you catch a big fish, you are far from being done and actually what comes next is the hardest part. This fisherman was so excited to catch a huge fish and thought all he had to do was scoop it up out of the water.


But, this big fish had other plans and wasn’t about to give up so easily. In fact, this man was looking at the karate world champion of the under world. The fish smacked the fisherman over the head using his back fin. Kudos to a fish that stands up for himself.

Which Sign Do You Follow?

Imagine this. You walk around the lake looking for the best place to open up shop with your rod. Finally, you spot an ideal fishing bridge. You think to yourself- “wow, this looks like the perfect place to cast my rod!” You finally make it over to the bridge and can’t wait to get started.


Then, the first sign you see says “fishing bridge.” You’re so happy you found a good spot and nobody else is there! That’s when you see another sign that says “closed to fishing.” So, which sign do you follow?

Family Fishing Trip

Some couples love going on romantic fishing getaways together. Unfortunately, sometimes the babysitter cancels and the couple has to make a decision. Do they cancel their trip? This couple apparently had no desire to cancel their highly anticipated trip. So, they had to make do with the cards they were dealt.


As we’ve already said, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. This couple thought of exactly how to solve their problem. While it doesn’t quite match up with the steamy getaway they had planned, they managed to turn their hopeless situation into a lovely family vacation. But, I do worry about that crib, it doesn’t look like it’s very secure…

No Sewer Fishing, Guys!

You may not believe it but this boy from Texas is the pioneer of sewer fishing. His name is Kyle Naegeli and he’s amassed quite the large following, with over 200,000 followers on his Instagram page. He goes fishing through sewer holes. A few years ago, he made a bet with his father that he’d be able to catch a fish in the sewer. Well, he won the bet.


While it may be hard to belief that this actually works, apparently, a YouTube video shows him actually catching a large-mouth bass. But, it looks like his friend could use a training session on how to do it correctly so that you don’t end up in the sewer himself.

Chilling on The Water

If you’re going to be spending so many hours out on the water, you might as well make it comfortable, right? After all, the day could get long and tiring. While most people may choose to take along something small and convenient to make the boat ride more comfortable, other people decide to go all out. These men weren’t content with bringing along small seat pads. Instead, they took their living room furniture with them.


After all, there’s nothing like having a piece of home with you. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that there’s an angry wife at home somewhere yelling about her missing furniture. But, these guys look like their fully enjoying their experience and taking in warm sunny day over some laughter and cold beer.

Eco-Friendly Fisherman

Nowadays, it seems like everybody is talking about being more sustainable and making the earth greener. It’s an empowering initiative that requires all of us to add in our part. Well, whoever made these is clearly on board the conservation boat.


It’s obvious that he has a love of both fishing and is an environmentalist. He used recycled beer bottle tops and turned them into lures. These little key chains are the perfect gift for a lover of the outdoors.

Age Will Not Stop Me

One awesome thing about fishing is that it can bridge between generations. You see grandfathers fishing with their sons and grandchildren. Age doesn’t matter in this sport and it’s something that you can keep doing through old age. That being said, it’s still easier to do when you’re younger and have a lot of strength because it can be rigorous. But, once you’re “hooked,” you’re hooked for life.


This guy here might have to go out there with a walker but you couldn’t stop him from going out and enjoying his favorite hobby for a second, even if he has to escape from his old-age home. Kudos to him, that is one cool guy.

Someone Had A Very Bad

Of course, the whole point of fishing is to catch a fish. Seems like in this situation, things turned a little sour for this guy. Instead of catching a fish, the fish seemed to have caught him!


While this situation is probably not real, the photographer sure made it look real. I know that if I walked past that in the middle of a park, I would let out a shriek.

A Tangled Mess

Fishing isn’t as simple as just grabbing an old rod and heading out to the local lake. Rather, there are several types of rods you need to choose between. One popular choice is the bait caster. If you’ve ever been fishing then you know that using this kind of rod can lead to some problems. Because the spool isn’t automatic, you must control it yourself and use just the right amount of pressure.


If you don’t use it correctly, then your situation can end up looking a bit like this guy’s. Basically what you’re looking at is one big tangled bird’s nest of a mess!

This Is My Land!

This guy seemed to be having a grand time out on his boat when suddenly, a crocodile jumped out of the water and onto his boat. Clearly, he hadn’t been expecting this visitor and it seems like he just managed to escape. What really makes this photo epic is that somebody was there with a camera at hand to capture the moment.


If you’re ever going out for a fishing trip, you should always remember to have with you a camera and a good friend to capture moments like these.

Always Take A Ruler With You

Everybody has an item that they never leave home without. For some, that may be chap stick or their water bottle. For those who are competitive in the fishing community, taking a ruler with you fishing is absolutely necessary. Whether you want to prove to your friend that the fish you caught is bigger or if you’re trying to win prize money, the ruler is your tool to accomplishing this.


Well, what happens if you forget your ruler at home or lose it? You draw one on your leg, naturally! Then you never have to worry about accidentally misplacing it or forgetting it at home.

Overexcited About Fishing

You know what it’s like; you’ve got a big trip planned and you can hardly wait. Shucks, it’s hard to even sleep you’re so darn excited. Often times, people fall asleep looking at pictures of their upcoming trip or they might start wearing certain clothes in anticipation of the adventure to come.


Well, this guy took things to a whole new level. He’s so hyped up for his upcoming fishing trip that he thought it would be best to not only sleep with, but snuggle with his fishing rods at night. Now that is true love. We are sure that his wife is not happy about this. We can imagine that she probably told him ‘It’s me or the rods.” Well, his decision is clear.

Necessary Requirements

There’s nothing better than a sign which strays from the typical signage and instead uses humor to relay rules. This sign tells dogs to keep their masters on a leash at all times. It also says that you are allowed to swim only if you have fins or gills or feathers.


So, if you find yourself in this location, make sure that your dog puts you on a leash and put on some feathers or gills if you’re going to jump in the water.

Where Did He Get His Boating License?

A lot of people say that there aren’t many differences between driving a boat and a car. Whereas in a car, you have to veer around potholes, in a boat, you have to avoid much bigger things. Check out this boat whose driver didn’t manage to avoid this big rock in time.


While in a car you might be able to get away with driving over a pothole, in a boat, driving over rocks is a little less maneuverable. There’s a reason why driving a boat requires a special license and I’m just hoping this guy had his.

For Fanatics Only

Of course, the reel is one of the most important tools to a fisherman. The reel is attached to the fishing rod and is used in winding and stowing the line. You are unable to control your line without it and you rely on it for catching fish. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to fish.


Well, the brains behind this picture decided that reels don’t only need to be used in fishing but rather there’s a place for it in home decor. He took the reel to his bathroom where he transformed it into a holder for toilet paper. On the water or in the bathroom, the reel once again proves to be a vital item.

Keep Calm And Get Your Fishing Rod

You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. What this means really is that if you’re stuck in the middle of a flash flood, you should at once ditch your car and grab your fishing rod.


While that’s not the first thing most of us would do in this situation, it seems like this man sure is enjoying himself, and hey, the more power to him! I guess you have to be a true fisher to understand. Hopefully, this man sent out some positive vibes to others and inspired them to stay calm and carry on.

Fishing Is “Reel” Therapy

Nowadays, there are all sorts of different therapies to manage your mental health. There’s dance therapy, music therapy, and art therapy. Well, some people are even getting into fishing therapy! If you spend long hours out on the water fishing, you might know that fishing can be a type of therapy. A lot of time you spend out on the water is pretty mindless. You aren’t doing much other than hanging out with your rod.


It makes for a great way to clear your head. The owner of this boat is the pioneer of fishing therapy. He is such an avid believer in the therapy that he named the boat “reel therapy.” Clearly, the owner of this boat feels as though fishing is therapeutic and wants to share the message with others.

Snack Break

If you’re the type that enjoys snacking all day, fly fishing probably won’t be the best sport for you. This sport requires that you immerse half of your body in the water. So, this isn’t really the most fitting environment for you to bring along your afternoon PB & J. Some people, however, won’t let this stop them.


This man in the photo is both a dedicated snacker and a dedicated fly fisher. According to him, you can have the best of both worlds. He simply brought along a tray table and placed it on the top of a tube. Some may even say this guy is brilliant!

On Higher Ground

We have already shown you many people who go great distances to set up the perfect fishing spot. Some people ignore the rules while others use blow up floats. And then there are the people who fish right after their wedding. But, I think these guys outdo them all. Somehow, these guys managed to get their hands on a giant crate.


Maybe one of them had one hanging around their lawn. Well, they used the crate to spice up their fishing excursion. I’m not sure what advantage height has in fishing, but these guys seem to be enjoying themselves and that’s the most important thing.

Giraffe Fishing

Fly fishing is a very popular method of catching fish. The way it works is that you must first walk into the water before you throw in your line. So, of course, you need to come prepared in full waterproof gear.


This guy here decided that he didn’t want to stand upright in the water all day, which judging by his age, I can understand why. So, he solved his situation by buying a giraffe float to bring out into the water. I just hope that the giraffe didn’t scare away the trout or salmon he was trying to catch!

Fishing Isn’t Easy

Fish aren’t as dumb as you might think. Actually, some species of fish are quite intelligent, and for that reason, fishing is not an easy sport. Most fishers have to spend hours with their rods trying to catch something, and they’re lucky to even catch one fish. Fishing is an art that requires using trickery to lure fish.


However, fish often outsmart the fisherman. In this photo, you can see that this fish so clearly realized that the bait dangling in front of him was dangerous. He swam right up to the poles and in front of the fishers, almost as to say to them “in your face buddies.” Well, the joke is definitely on the fisherman.

Taking Fishing Seriously

There are several ways to fish, the most popular way being with a rod. Another way to catch fish is with a net. While it isn’t as popular as using a rod, nonetheless, some people prefer this method.


The woman in this picture seems pretty fearless with her net. She prefers this method so much that she decided to wear a net on her head as well. Well, we can’t say much, as she does seem pretty successful. Maybe that killer wardrobe is helping her catch fish. You know what they say, if you can’t beat, them join them.

Long Lost Brothers

There are around 33,600 different species of fish in the world. They live in most bodies of water and are found in all aquatic environments. Each species has different qualities that distinguish it from another. Some species are poisonous, while others have tentacles. One unique characteristics of fish is their teeth. Teeth differ among species.


Some species of fish have no teeth, while others have many. This fish is unique in that his teeth look like human teeth. He has human-like incisors and molars to crush his food. What’s even more hilarious is that this boy and the fish have a very similar-looking smile! I’m afraid to say that it seems like both of them could use a trip to the dentist.

Did Anyone See The Sign?

There’s a good reason why signs are posted up in particular areas. For some reason, fishing isn’t allowed from this bridge. Apparently, this no fishing rule in the picture was completely irrelevant to the fishermen. They’ll fish where they want, when they want.


They have no intentions of following the rules. We guess there must be some good catch in the area, otherwise, we don’t think these men would risk the possibility of getting in trouble.

The Perfect Getaway

A lot of people get together based on shared hobbies. While that isn’t a necessary component of a successful relationship, it does make things easier. One thing that is necessary however, is that you at least support your partner in whatever it is they want to do. This woman seems to be okay with her husband’s hobby, but has no intentions herself of partaking in the sport.


Not only is she isolating herself from the situation and talking on the phone, but she’s also wearing heels. It doesn’t seem like she has any interest whatsoever in getting up from that chair to see what’s going on with her husband.

Just A Quick Peek

Sometimes fishing trips can turn into very long days. You may be siting for hours and hours and end up returning home without catching anything. Perhaps this guy started to wonder if there were even any fish down in the water. Rather than keep waiting, he decided to take matters into his own hands, or in his case, his head.


Perhaps he lost his fishing rod and was trying to catch a fish with his mouth. For whatever reason he was down there, the water seems absolutely frigid so I sure hope that he found what he was looking for.

Not Such A Good Solution After All

You know when you think you found the perfect solution that nobody else thought of? You get so excited that you just pounce on the opportunity before the idea gets stolen by somebody else. Well, this guy seems to have gotten his hopes high too soon. We’ve seen some people on this list incorporate a crane into their fishing and others bring a blow-up animal float into the water. While this guy thought that he had found the perfect fishing solution, it seems that his excitement was premature. He went out on a limb, or a board in his case.


Apparently, he thought that his tactic of extending a board from the dock was clever, but the board had different plans for the two of them. I’m sure that he regretted his idea in a major way when the board snapped from underneath him and propelled him into the water. Fortunately for him, he was barefoot and managed not to get too wet.

Dry Land Fishing

There are two items that you need if you want to fish. The first of course, is a rod, or a net, and the second is water with fish in it. Without one or the other, fishing is pretty much impossible.


Well, it seems like this sign is a bit unnecessary, considering that there is no water near the bridge. I hope that whoever decided to put up this sign did so when there was actually water there. Or perhaps the dude responsible for this has a very “dry” sense of humor.

Catch Of The Day

When you set off on a fishing excursion, you can never know what’s going to come your way. Most of the time, you need to be patient and sit with your fishing rod for hours until you catch something, if you’re lucky enough to catch anything at all.


Well, this man here seems to have caught the surprise of his life and scored the fishing jackpot. He’s showing off his catch of the day here, but wait, what’s that? He seems to have caught two things today! Not only did he catch a huge fish, but he also snagged a woman! He’s basically living every man’s wildest dream.

Making The Most Of It

Fishing can turn into quite the arduous sport. You may be stuck out on the dock for hours while you wait for a catch. At times, the lack of activity can make you feel discouraged and you’ll want to just throw in the rod. It’s important that every once in a while, you put down your rod and relax your arms. Rod stands were invented for a reason! It allows you to take a break from holding onto the rod but still keep your rod dangling in the water in case something good comes along. If you don’t have a rod stand, then you can run into some trouble.


Well, this guy looks like he wasn’t about to let the lack of a rod stand stop him from taking a well-needed rest. So, what did he do? He created his own human stand, naturally! But, that does look like quite the tiring position to keep up.

This Bear Is A Photo-bombing Pro

In some places, a fishing trip in the woods can bring you face-to-face with some pretty large and petrifying animals. It may be a deer, which usually isn’t very threatening and shies away from you. Or, it can be something much scarier than that; an animal which becomes very defensive at the sight or scare of a human. This guy seems like he was so pumped at having caught a fish, that he wasn’t paying much attention to his surroundings.


While he thought that he was alone in the photo, there was actually a bear photo-bombing his picture. Don’t you just hate when they do that? No respect, I say. I wish we also had a photo of the photographer because I imagine that he wasn’t smiling.

Learn How To Fish

When you first learn how to fish, you’re taught how to cast out the line and what position to place your arms in. This guy apparently wanted to cast his line very far out into the water. But, he forgot the important rule of only following through with his arms, and not his entire body.


Missing this necessary step caused him to end up completely in the water. We’re happy that we don’t have to see the end result.

Boat First, Buddy

Owning a boat is a luxury. For most people, even owning a car is an expense that is hard to cover. Owning a mode of transportation comes with a lot of responsibility. For one, you must learn all of the safety rules involved with owning and managing your vehicle or boat. Without knowing the rules, you can really get yourself into a dangerous situation. For example, during the off season, it’s important to keep your boat out of the water or else major disaster can go down. When the weather is good, it’s okay to bring the boat back out.


To do this, you use a loading ramp. Sadly, this guy didn’t realize that the boat is what has to go in the water, and not the truck. Now it seems like he’s in a sticky situation and could use some help.

High Hopes

When there’s a heavy rain or serious flood, things can get ugly. If the area isn’t prepared to handle so much water, the water can end up causing damage to people’s homes and businesses. But sometimes, the situation can actually lead to something hilarious, like this photo.


While I can’t imagine that this boy is actually attempting to catch any fish in this pothole, it does make for a very funny picture. But hey, fish have been found in potholes before, so maybe this boy is on to something!

Just Chilling

We’ve already seen some men transport some of their living room out onto the water. There are also some people who just prefer to be out on the water alone. Fishing, as we’ve mentioned, is a therapeutic activity and some people just want to reap the benefits of that as much as possible. This guy seems to want a day out on the water just by himself. So, he created a great fishing boat which is perfect for one person.


Although the chair isn’t hardly as comfortable as a lazy boy chair, it definitely beats sitting on plastic or metal all day. The guy also installed a motor into the boat to make it easier to get from place to place and scope out good fishing locations.

Looking For A Better Catch

Many people like to celebrate marriage with a wedding. The celebration often includes flowers, delicious food, family, and loads of dancing. But, weddings are also an opportunity to express your unique self. This woman decided that she wanted to celebrate marrying the love of her life by fishing.


Perhaps they met each other while fishing and want to bring things back full circle. Whatever the reason, this woman  headed straight to the water after the altar, or maybe she skipped the altar all together. She clearly isn’t one of those girls that cares so much about clothes and makeup.

Patiently Waiting

Commercial fishing is a billion dollar industry which supplies millions of jobs to people around the world. There’s no denying that fishing often involves adverse conditions which have fisherman spending hours out on the water and sometimes facing difficult weather conditions. But, for many people, this is their job and they must work hard in order to sell their catch to local markets and restaurants.


It seems like these two men have customers that aren’t about to shell out the big bucks. Cats of course love eating fish and it seems like they’re also trying to get in on the fresh catch these men returned with. Fortunately for these cats, the men are happy to share.

Why Not?

There’s nothing cooler than seeing how some people rise above adversity and make the most out of a situation. While flash floods can be very dangerous if you aren’t prepared, they can also make for quite the experience. This guy looks like he wasn’t only prepared, but prepared to have a blast.


He stocked up on beer and made sure that he had an ample amount of bait on hand to take full advantage of the flood waters right in his yard. He almost makes the flood look fun.

Nature Always Wins

Humans often think that they can take on nature. This guy seems to have gotten himself into quite the pickle. Whatever he caught is not about to give up easily, and neither is this man. The man seems fully determined to win the fight, but he doesn’t seem like he’s having much luck today.


There’s a reason why fishing is categorized as a sport, and that’s because it’s an activity that requires physical exertion, strength, muscle, and endurance. Well, we don’t know what happened after this picture was taken, but we do hope, for the guy’s sake, that his hard work wasn’t for nothing!