Surprising Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks That Save Time and Money

Growing up, everyone can attest to the pain associated with the disinfecting qualities of hydrogen peroxide. The intense sensation is an unbearable experience that parents had to watch their kids bear as they cleaned up wounds of mischief. Honestly, it’s become a rite of passage. This article guarantees that you add at least one more use that would take the sting out of hydrogen peroxide for you. Some applications include ear cleaning, managing acne and teeth whitening. Learning is a process, and don’t forget that we are also discovering new uses to bring to you all the time. Share with us some of the applications you know that we may have missed, and how the ones you learned are working out.

Ear Cleaner

Note that this guideline is merely a piece of advice on how a healthy ear can be maintained, rather than the treatment administered to an ear festering with any form of infection. Now that we got that out of the way, people find it hard to quit using the old trusty Q-tips for the removal of ear wax.

The safer option is the use of hydrogen peroxide, which is administered by filling the ear canal with it, lying still for around 5 minutes before using an absorbent material to clean the substance that comes out. Again, please do it after a talk with your doctor, and not while you have any open wounds on your ear or inside the ear canals.

Whiten Teeth

The use of baking soda or hydrogen peroxide as teeth whiteners is not just a rumor, It actually works really, really well. Hydrogen peroxide can restore the lost glory of your teeth. Depending on your choice and comfort, you could swish a solution of hydrogen peroxide with water in the mouth before spitting or by soaking your toothbrush in the reagent and brushing for about 2 minutes.

The swish is akin to using mouthwash. A better result is obtained by repeating the process accordingly for a little over a week. While it might not make your teeth and gums healthier, it will bring back that white spark you had before you started drinking all that coffee just to get through the day.

Carpet Cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide, alongside water and lemon essential oil form an excellent trinity, which is the holy grail for cleaning a carpet. The composition is a proportion of water and hydrogen peroxide mixed in the ratio two to one with a touch of five drops of lemon essential oil. Remember to mix in a dark bottle and shake properly before use.

To remove a stain, spray the reagent on the spot and wait for about a minute or so before scrubbing out. The solution is effective on padding as well. For better results, do an iteration of spraying and scrubbing until the desired outcome is achieved. It might seem like a lot of work, but in reality, just prepare one bottle and it will be of use for a long time.

Treat Acne

Acne is not the most attractive of things to see, especially if you’re a teenager days away from yearbook pictures. If you are visited by the acne fairy and suffer her consequences , just mix water and hydrogen peroxide, soak the solution in a cotton ball and gently wipe your face with it. Remember that this remedy is not an overkill. The reagent will not cherry-pick which cells to attack when it is applied in high concentration.

So be gentle, work carefully, and be mindful. It will destroy both the bacteria and the skin cells if not used properly. This is not the intended purpose, but it can help you lose those annoying zits that just scream PUBERTY. Also, a little bit of makeup might be your best friend afterwards. Just remember to treat your skin with love.

Clean Burnt Food Stains 

You know those little disgusting and incredibly annoying stains of burnt food, oil and butter you have on your pots and pans? Well, it looks like Hydrogen Peroxide is coming to our aid once again. By Combining baking soda with hydrogen peroxide, you form a paste that is sure to clean every bit of dirt you have. Just rub that paste onto the dirty dish in the problematic spot.

Let it sit for a while, and then come back and scrub it away with warm water and a bit of soap. The baking soda acts as an abrasive while the Hydrogen Peroxide helps to break up the particulates. The stain should lift off with relative ease, and you could once again claim that you never leave dirty dishes behind you.

Heal Canker Sores

Canter sores are disgustingly uncomfortable and painful. Who doesn’t wish them out as soon as humanly possible? Using hydrogen peroxide will deal with the pain and hasten the healing period. Swish a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water in the mouth for half a minute. Spit and swish again with water for rinsing. NEVER, swallow the peroxide – This is extremely important!

If you don’t trust yourself to swish correctly, you can always dab on the solution with cotton, that is especially simple when dealing with children who have canker sores. The germs in the sore will be killed, thereby accelerating the healing process. However, always talk to your doctor before treating your canker sores with hydrogen peroxide. This is not to be taken lightly.

DIY Pesticides

You know those beautiful summer nights where you sit outside with a cold glass of your favorite drink, the wind is gently blowing, you’re relaxed and happy, and then, a buzzing sound appears. You know that buzzing sound, and it’s about to ruin your whole evening.

As much as we love the summer season, it does bring with it several pests that upset the norm, from mosquitoes threatening to bite us (or even worse, our kids!), to ants that are clearly a bother, especially in the kitchen. A comprehensive do it yourself pesticide that can keep all insects at bay is made using hydrogen peroxide and some water mixed in a spray bottle. The insects will be repelled by the solution.

Whiten Yellow Nails

Your nails could face the same fate as your teeth and turn yellow for any number of reasons. They include some kind of special diet, handling of colorful spices, playing with your kids’ colorful crayons, nail polish use and especially smoking.

Regardless of the cause of such an obviously undesirable type of nails, hydrogen peroxide will always be the ultimate remedy for those yellow tips that refuse to go away on a regular shower. The magic is so captivating you have to see it to believe it. Simply take a cotton ball, rinse it in peroxide and apply it as if to wipe the nails. Voila! White nails. It really does take just a few seconds and your nails will look incredible.

Treating Athletes’ Foot and Getting Rid of Odor

Just like you can treat cracked heels with hydrogen peroxide, you can do the same with athletes’ feet. If you are tired of having open cracks and sores on your feet, try combining two cups of hydrogen peroxide with two cups of warm water. Soak your hurting feet for about ten minutes, twice a day, preferably once in the morning and once in the evening.

Afterwards, dry your feet carefully and thoroughly. Keep in mind that this will only work if you suffer from mild cases of athletes’ feet and bad odor. If you suffer from a bad case of athletes’ foot, you probably need to seek out proper medical attention, this hack will not do you any good.

Keeping Mattress Mites Away

As we all know, one of the dirtiest things in any household is the mattresses. Sadly, this is one item we cannot wash or even properly dry clean. Yes, we do have sheets and we wash them every other week, but it doesn’t really matter as long as our mattress is dirty.

The solution to this problem is to occasionally spray your mattress with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. For convenience, you can use a spray bottle if needed. This will kill off most germs that might be living in your mattress, and help you get rid of odors and stains, no matter how you got them. Do it every few months and you can add years to your mattress usage.

Treat Sinus Infection

You might want to be cautious with this one tip, maybe even consult with your doctor before trying it. A surprising amount of people have reported that they have successfully treated their sinus infection with Hydrogen Peroxide. Again, we are not giving you exact medical advice, but the word on the street is that if you mix 3% Hydrogen Peroxide with an equal part of water, it can help treat your sinuses.

What you need to do is mix the liquids, put it into a nasal spray container, and spray it into your nose. After waiting for about a moment, blow it back out into a handkerchief. In theory, this treatment should help your body kill the sinus infection, and help you breathe a little bit better.

Clean Contact Lenses

As any contact lenses user knows, those little specs that help us see better, can also gradually accumulate a buildup of proteins. One creative way you can get rid of that buildup is to use a commercial lens cleaner, but that’s boring, right? Why shouldn’t you use Hydrogen Peroxide? It’s faster, cheaper, and it feels like science!

Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in many lens cleaners as it is, so all you need to do in order to clean your lenses is just use it without all that added nonsense. It gets the job done quickly, easily and is incredibly available everywhere. Make sure you go over your lenses instruction book before you use the Hydrogen Peroxide on them. Some lenses can be too sensitive for the process.

Getting Rid of Aquarium Algae

Do you have a beautiful aquarium at home that is just filled with dirty algae that ruins that whole look? Well, you don’t need to buy any more special and expensive cleaning products. One of the safest and cheapest ways to kill algae without harming the aquarium is by cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide.

You need to use 60ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide for every 66 gallons (250 liters). Spray it or use a dropper, and let it work for about five minutes. Try to spray it as close as you can to the algae. After about five minutes, clean the aquarium with a rag carefully. Now your algae should be gone almost completely. Do this every few months in order to keep your aquarium clean and clear.

Purify Water

If you ever find yourself in need of purifying water, whether it’s for a study, an experiment or any other home usage, you could just add some hydrogen peroxide to regular water, and give it some time to mix. After a few moments, you should have a mixture that is very close to purifying water. Just don’t drink that, it probably won’t do any good to your digestion.

You could clean with it, remote dirt from surfaces, clean old books, some electronic devices and even old figurines your grandmother left you in her will. Make sure you use gloves while working with the purify water, you don’t want your hands to get soaked with it for a long period of time.

Clean Your Cutting Board

Many people don’t know just how much bacteria and other germs live inside their kitchen cutting board. Just think what goes on there, vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken and more are handled daily on it. This is where you prepare your food, but most times it’s one of the dirtiest things you could find in your kitchen.

If you want to make sure your cutting board is clean and ready to be used again, germs free and kid friendly, rinse it after every use and spray it with some hydrogen peroxide. We guarantee that after a few good scrubs, your cutting board will be as clean as can be. Just try to keep up the maintenance and don’t leave it alone for too long, especially if you have kids running around the kitchen.

Detoxify Fruits and Veggies

Sadly, we live in a world filled with toxins in our foods, especially our fruits and vegetables. Using water to remove the chemicals used during the growing of fruits and veggies is not effective, and frankly, you don’t have to pay the price for not being able to purchase purely organic produce.

The solution? After your next trip to the supermarket, remember to have a food-grade hydrogen peroxide lying around and use it to detoxify your veggies. First, apply the peroxide on the produce, let the food wait for approximately 2 minutes before washing it off with pure water and dry it. Next, spray it with vinegar to finish the process. Now, consider your fruits safer to eat. Easy right?

Bathroom Cleaner

At times like these where most people spend more and more time at home with their family, germs and dirt are more common than they were a year ago. If you find yourself cleaning your home all day and are just tired of all the chemicals and chemical smells around, you should use hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective disinfectant that can be used in the bathroom to protect your loved ones from germs and other disgusting things that lurk in there.

All you need to do in order to clean the most sacred room in your home is to mix equal parts of water, with hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and shake properly. Use this solution to clean countertops and bathroom surfaces. This application can be used to clean any other surface such as kitchen countertops.

Help Cracked Heels

It would be funny to say, but some people are genetically predisposed to dry cracked heels. The saving grace would be to have lots of cash to sustain constant visits to the spa. The hydrogen peroxide yet again saves the day by removing the search for the coveted home-remedy rather easily. Prepare a solution of hot water and hydrogen peroxide, one cup each.

Ensure that the hotness is at a level that you cannot burn yourself. Soak your heels in the solution for half an hour. The wait will remove a considerable amount of dead skin. Wipe them dry with a towel, apply lotion, and wear fuzzy socks. It is advisable to use this regimen immediately before retiring to bed.

Cleaning Baby toys

As you might know, baby toys are always covered in spit, dirt, and various body fluids. Babies put everything in their mouths, and it’s up to us to make sure that the toys and objects we give them are as clean as they can be. In order to properly clean the toys, you can use Hydrogen Peroxide occasionally and wipe them down. You could even do that with the toy boxes and play areas.

It is a safer cleaning agent to use around small children, especially when considering all those various commercial cleaners, with all their mysterious ingredients. Make sure your baby is healthy and clean without exposing him or her to various cheap cleaning products that could be harmful or develop allergic reactions.

Clean Mirrors

There are many products in the market that can help with the cleaning of mirror surfaces. Well, who needs them if you already have the components that can be used to make a home-based remedy on your own? If you want to give you home mirrors that shine, ensure that you spray the mirrors with the hydrogen reagent and clean it out with a paper towel.

For the best result, in terms of the angle of stroking, make sure the towel moves in a circular manner. The dirtier the mirror, the more peroxide it needs. Elbow grease may be necessary for such conditions, but believe us when we tell you, your face will never look clearer in a mirror.

Laundry Helper

You know those ugly little yellow stains sitting on the armpits of your white shirts? Yes, we hate them too. Aren’t they a pain? The solution to this problem is definitely not bleach, and we all know it. Sad mistakes aside, the real solution is to mix hydrogen and dawn dish washing liquid in the ratio of two to one before letting it settle for about one hour.

After you’ve let it sit for a while and think of its mistaken appearance on your shirt, spray the mixture on the stains and scrub. Resistant stain can be removed by adding an additional component, baking soda. Remember, the trick lies in the intensity of the scrub applied, so if needed, scrub hard, don’t worry.

Scour Burnt Pots

You know those old heating pans you have that are just full burnt spots from lots of cooking and frying? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to throw them away and buy new ones, the bad news? Well there aren’t any! Here’s what you need to do. Make a pasty mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, apply it to the burnt patches before washing it off with warm water.

The potency of the paste guarantees an easy wash. For better results, let the next application wait for a longer period before scrubbing. Now go on and work on all your old kitchen pots. You will see that this trick is completely magical and your kitchen will look brand new.

Retainer Cleaner

Maintaining the cleanliness of the retainer is no walk in the park. It can be simplified, however our friends at know this and have formulated a method and packaged it as a tutorial so as to provide a simple, economical alternative that is equally effective.

Take a glass jar, put the retainer inside, fill it with cold water enough to just cover it, add a sprinkle of baking soda, one tablespoon of peroxide and a drop of peppermint essential oil. Mix the components with a stir and let the retainer take about 10 minutes inside. Retrieve it now because it is ready for use. Make sure you ask your dentist beforehand if your retainer can and should be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide.

Help Your Plant Grow

You might not have known it, but hydrogen peroxide actually exists in rainwater. Usually, during a rainstorm, the falling water sometimes picks up extra oxygen atoms from the ozone. This process converts the water into hydrogen peroxide. As a side effect, that phenomenon helps plants and trees grow much faster and much healthier.

If you want, you could soak your plant seeds in hydrogen peroxide, that could stimulate the growth. Another use is spraying your house plants or garden plants with one ounce of hydrogen peroxide for every two cups of water. This should help your garden bloom with healthy and strong plants. But be careful, don’t do it regularly, a few times a month is all you really need.

Clean Dehumidifiers

The work of dehumidifiers is to basically take all of the moisture out of the circulation in your house of office, and trap it within itself. It is one of the best and must used household appliances in most modern homes. It is, therefore, one of the dampest places in the house and, as such, can harbor molds and other dangerous germs. The annoying persistence of mold can be stamped right away by always adding little drops of hydrogen peroxide in the dehumidifier’s water tank.

The parsing will ensure that this solution gets rid of molds, and keep that air in your apartment clean and fresh of mold. It is important to check your manual before doing it, because it might hurt your product or your warranty certificate.

Clean Garbage Can

Does your kitchen garbage can smell like something rotten lived inside for over 20 years even though you cleaned it yesterday? Well, you guessed it, we have the solution! Your garbage can is exposed to germs and bacteria 24/7, so it’s important to clean it properly at least once a week. By spraying the entire interior of your garbage can with hydrogen peroxide and letting it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing it, you can eliminate most germs, bacteria and smells.

Just imagine opening your garbage lid and not be surprised by that terrible smell. That sounds like heaven to us, especially when it can be reached with such easy and cheap maintenance work. So what are you waiting for?

Kill Household Mold

Ok, so winter just passed and you know what that means, It’s time to deal with all the mold we’ve acquired during the season. Household mold is probably one of the most annoying problems we have to deal with. Other than being completely disgusting, it could be hazardous to your health too. The action taken is dependent on the amount of mold you have present.

You are free to tackle average mold growth by using hydrogen peroxide, which will kill them. Further actions that could hinder future bloom of mold in the future are still in order though. When you feel the growth is out of hand, seek the services of a specialist. You never want to have this problem go unchecked by professional eyes for too long.

Whiten Grout

If you are annoyed by dirty floors or dirty wall grout as much as we are, you know that this is one constant battle. It takes hard work, expensive cleaning products that normally don’t work, and lots and lots of perspiration. We think we finally have a worthy solution to this pesky problem.

What you need to do is to spray (liberally) hydrogen peroxide, and let it stay as is for about thirty minutes. After that time, take a grout brush (or any other brush that would fit into those little tunnels), and wipe the dirt off. It should be pretty easy to clean. After that, wipe the grout with some water and let it dry for a few more minutes before you walk over it.

Remove Rust

The effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide in removing rust is unmatched. According to the guidelines by, all you need to do in order to fight those little annoying dust bunnies is to soak the metal to be cleaned in a container with hydrogen peroxide, then scrub using a brush or steel wool. Take some borax and mix it with hydrogen peroxide so as to make a cleaning solution.

You might need to scrub a little, but this actually works. Be mindful though! It is important to test your mixture on a rusty object you have no problem causing harm to before actually applying it on your intended object. You know, just to be on the safe side. It’s always important to be on the safe side with hydrogen peroxide, remember that.

Remove Ink Stains from Clothes

We all have some clothes we just love and feel good wearing. More often than not, those clothes are in constant danger from wine spills, chocolate stains, cooking sprays and and of course – ink. Lots and lots of ink. Especially if you have small children.
Well, we finally have some good news on that front.

If you get a stain on light colored clothes, all you have to do is just soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and dab the stain with it. Then wash your clothes on the normal setting on your machine. If that doesn’t work try making a 50/50 solution with hydrogen peroxide and clear ammonia. The ammonia helps the hydrogen peroxide do its job.

Treat a Yeast Infection

Those who suffer from a yeast infection know that it’s one of the most problematic and annoying problems the female body can produce. However, as always, there is a solution as you are finally in the right place. All you need to do is mix a cup of water with three percent hydrogen peroxide and apply the solution to a tampon. After symptoms subside, continue with the same procedure once daily to remove the possibility of reinfection. Easy no?

Before you try out this treatment, please make sure to consult your family doctor. This might be a simple and fairly easy remedy, but it is in no way a replacement for actual medical treatment, which might be more useful in your case.

Disinfect Metallic Water Bottles

Do you have one of those fancy metallic water bottles that you take around with you at all times? Those really became a fashion accessory as of late, didn’t they? We know that they are super comfortable to have around, especially during this time of year, but we must remember that we need to clean them way more often than we do.

In order to properly disinfect them from bacteria that may have developed in them, add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the bottle, close it tightly, and shake it like it’s the 70’s for about a minute. Let it stay closed for an additional ten minutes, and then rinse it well. Now you have a worthy water bottle with zero germs.

Make Your Dishwasher More Efficient

Dishwashers are undoubtedly the best appliance we have in your house, but they have a problem. It’s not a huge problem, but it is a problem. When you don’t love it back with the same kindness it gives you by washing all your dishes in less than an hour, the dishwasher won’t clean your dishes as well as it can. Do not spend every dime you have and priceless time looking for possible solutions or fancy products that are “sure to make your dishwasher new again!”.

Hydrogen Peroxide might have just answered your prayers. The trick is to add it to the detergent used for cleaning the dishes, and the problem will be solved. Now your dishwasher is back to being the best appliance in your home, and you can save time for that binge watch of The Good Wife.

Cure a Toothache

It seems like the teeth cannot get enough of Hydrogen peroxide. Remember that the solution has been mentioned to be useful in making the teeth white again? Many home-based reports show that a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide when positioned to maintain contact with the part of the teeth that is painful, for around 5 to 10 minutes could help quell the pain.

Again, do not think that this procedure should be a permanent replacement for the needed dental care. It is helpful in the short-term. And also remember to never swallow the mixture of hydrogen peroxide  and water, it can be extremely harmful for you! Remember, we can get rid of rust with that chemical, so please be careful.

Clean Your Sponges and Dish Rags

As you might have guessed, the sponges and dish rags we use every day in the kitchen tend to get full of germs. When we leave them to dry, those germs can multiply and be really stinky and disgusting. In order to properly clean those sponges and dishrags, try soaking your dish rags and sponges in Hydrogen Peroxide, or even just spray it on them while they are drying besides the sink.

As you’ll see, they will foam up a bit, but that is good. There are a lot of germs to clean. Doing this not only helps your kitchen to stay safe and healthy, but it also extends the usage out of your sponges before you have to replace them.

Bleach Alternative

Remember all those times you have used bleach and secretly loved it? It is almost indispensable in cleaning the household equipment and floors. The catch is in dealing with the smell, although we do know some people who absolutely loved it. Don’t be caught by environmentalists because It is not kind to the environment either.

Another problem that can be caused by bleach is it can be intensely irritating when those with sensitive skin come into contact with it. Don’t lose the glimmer of hope now that you can’t harness this quality of bleach. A friendlier bleach alternative can be achieved by mixing hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. That way you can have a fresh lemon scent fill your house with less chemicals. 

It Can Save Your Dog’s Life

Dog owners understand the danger of inadvertent poisoning. You will be on the clock when your dog eats lots of grapes or cookies. By giving your dog a tiny dose of hydrogen peroxide, you can induce vomiting easily. The peroxide causes a moderate but not significant adverse reaction.

Give your dog 3 % hydrogen peroxide to cause vomiting (any concentration higher is toxic). For every 5 pounds of its body weight, feed the dog 1 tsp. After swallowing, the vomiting lasts for 10 to 15 minutes, and up to 45 minutes. Don’t forget to check up with the veterinarian afterward.

Remove Labels From The Glue

The attempt to remove a sticker or an adhesive from a product you have bought can be challenging and irritating. The mark or tag will more often than not split up into annoying little fragments that take just too long to get out. Furthermore, you have the mark or tag under your nails, which makes a massive mess.

The use of hydrogen peroxide is an easier way to clear marks and stickers. Place the substance on a flat surface and spray the hydrogen peroxide mark or sticker. Let it lie down. Let it lie. The sticker can quickly be scrubbed for about 10 minutes and it should come off easily.

Mix Hydrogen Peroxide With Borax For An Even Deep Rust Cleaning

We have already told you that the rust can be removed from older metal tools by scrubbing 3 percent steel peroxide with metal wool. If that is not the case, try to mix 3 % hydrogen peroxide with borax and dish soap for a still deeper purification.

Combine 1/4 cup 3 % hydrogen peroxide with a few droplets of normal dish soap and a borax scoop to keep the rusted surface pre-clean. Cover the rusted surface completely and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. You should then clean the rust off as normal.

Faster Seed Germination Hack

Do you have hydrogen peroxide for your garden? Yes! Yes! Yes! Hydrogen peroxide is very useful in gardening. It aerates the soil and adds oxygen to the soil according to the Balcony Garden Web.
All the stuff that speeds up the germination process and help the seed grow at a pace. You tend to buy many products from the store for the same purpose, but are they safe and environmentally friendly? What chemicals are used in its preparations?

You can easily improve the germination by using H202. This can be done during the pre plantation by just soaking the seeds 1 ounce of 3-percent hydrogen peroxide for half and hour ; and followed to that you can rinse the plant

Eliminate Odor from Athletes Foot

If you suffer from an early case of athlete’s foot and bad smell, you could treat your situation with hydrogen peroxide. What you need to do is first wash your feet thoroughly, give them a nice rub on the way, and then soak them in this mixture.

Mix two cups of hydrogen peroxide with two cups of warm water. Soak your feet for about ten minutes at a time, twice a day, preferably once in the morning and a second time in the evening. After you soak your feet, dry them well including between your toes. The hydrogen peroxide kills off the fungus that’s causing the athlete’s foot and bad foot odor. If this doesn’t help, please visit your doctor.

Perfect Cooler And Lunch-Box Solution

According to an e-cloth report, 73% of the cooler and lunch boxes have bacteria that can induce food intoxication. By washing these containers thoroughly and regularly can protect your families from infection and ensure safety. What’s a better way of disinfecting the containers than hydrogen peroxide?

You can start by removing all food waste with water and soap. Then apply hydrogen peroxide to your food storage containers. Combine hydrogen peroxide with water if you need a more dilute solution, but also realize that it will be less powerful. Let it stand for 10 min, then rinse with water and let it dry.

Sometimes The Air Needs Cleaning Too

Remember when we talked about hydrogen peroxide cleaning the humidifier? We addressed how clean air increases the quality of your life. Well, for another reason: to reduce the germs that float in your house, you should use hydrogen peroxide and a humidifier. Well, for another reason: to reduce the germs that float in your house, you should use hydrogen peroxide and a humidifier.

Dilute the 3% hydrogen peroxide and make a solution. Mix a portion of peroxide to 8 parts of water and add the solution to the humidifier. You can add a few drops of essential oil for a nice fragrance if you have a diffuser. Then let its magic work. Avoid using this method when you have pets roaming around.


Yes we know, you’ve read Deodorant and you probably seem skeptical. Clearly, you don’t agree. Surely, by now, you should have understood the capabilities of hydrogen peroxide. The mixture of dish soap with hydrogen peroxide is a proper deodorant. Mix one part of hydrogen peroxide with two-part dish soap and let it settle for about 30 minutes.

Now try it and let us know what you think, did we completely blow your mind? We hope that you have liked a couple of these practical remedies, but it’s important to remember that these hacks should be used when it is absolutely necessary rather than routinely. Remember, you are dealing with basic chemicals, so be mindful of that and make your own alterations if needed.

Lighten Hair

Are you broke, or don’t think it is completely worthwhile to spend large amounts of money on balayage highlights? You definitely have to try out this home remedy. Lightening up your hair is on course to shock you with the eventual results. All you need is a lot of patience and some sunlight. Simply mix equal proportions of water and hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle, shake well before applying on the hair and comb.

Settle somewhere until it dries out. This session is done. Repeat as many sessions as possible for better results, until you’ve reached that perfect color. Alternatively, to achieve highlights, you could clamp strands, spray only them, and take a bask out in the sun. Your hair will change in no time.

Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells On The Towel

Towels in the bathroom are one of the dirtiest things that need to disinfect. At times, ole Detergents and hot water often do not do the work– towels may have tonnes of dead skin cells on it.

Fortunately, with the super disinfectant, yes you guessed it right – hydrogen peroxide will get you rid of dead skin cells in your towels. You can do this often but not every time, apply 1⁄2 cup of hydrogen peroxide to your wash load of towels. Also, add 1⁄2 extra vinegar! It will do wonders and your towels will be cleaned much better.

Hydrogen Peroxide Gets Rid Of Blood Stains

We definitely would not want to hear a screaming voice like, “ He’s bleeding! Get a towel!” in our house, but unfortunately things happen. And of course, you will grab the nearest towel piece to prevent excessive bleeding when there is an emergency. Fortunately, there is something to the rescue.

If the towel is blood-stained, pour some hydrogen peroxide into the blood-contaminated area and let it rest. The next step is to rinse with lukewarm water and soap. You can repeat the same procedure again if the stains are hard, and it should make a considerable difference!

A remedy for Bad Breath

We all hate those mornings when we wake up all refreshed and happy, but than find out our mouth smells like a day old lasagne that sat in the sun for too long. That is especially annoying when you’re not alone in bed. A measured approach of swishing a controlled amount of hydrogen peroxide once every seven days in the stead of mouthwash could partially or fully remove bad breath.

We want to remove a significant amount of harmful bacteria without getting rid of the good bacteria. Therefore, the procedure should not be aggressive or intense. Now, your breath would be a little fresher during the mornings, and you could even risk a kiss or two before brushing your teeth.

Get Rid Of Foot Odour In Shoes

For any reason, none of us wants to purchase a different product for different purposes which makes hydrogen peroxide all the more valuable. Yeah, in sneakers you might use a special soap to get rid of foot odor, so why would you spend money when you have the hydrogen peroxide bottle home?

Mix it with baking soda and make a paste. Then put it in your shoes and dry it up. When it will dry, remove the residue with a cloth. It is very useful!

Clean A Wound

Hydrogen Peroxide also serves as a quick cleaning agent to cut or wounds. This is possibly one of the most popular applications of the product, but it is worth noting if you do not already know!
This hack is another one which saves money if you go to the shop to choose different items for antibacterial and disinfectant purposes.

To clean the dead skin, avoid the minor bleeding, and clean the skin to prevent infection, add hydrogen peroxide to small wounds to prevent infections.

Detox Dream Bath

Baths can clean you right and it can also leave you to carry on dirty thanks to water quality, soap or just stubborn dirt. Take a 30-minute soak in diluted hydrogen peroxide once in a while thus making sure your body is actually squeaky clean. The benefits for your skin (pores, clarity, etc) are huge and besides you can use it as an excuse for taking that long bath you want.

You know, during those days when your family members are extremely annoying and all you feel like doing is screaming back at them for being so annoying. Just take a dip breath, say you’re going to take a bath, no matter what they think or say about it, and take your alone time to heal, clean yourself and calm your mind.

Brighten Your Curtains And Tablecloths

Over time, do you see the curtains turning yellow? It’s quite natural. Look for discoloration on the bottom of your curtains; and you find it messy take your hydrogen peroxide bottle, soak the curtains yellow for 5 to 10 minutes in 3 % hydrogen peroxide and chuck them into the wash.

You can clear stains from tablecloths using the same method. Soak the stained spots for some time using hydrogen peroxide. Using a wet rag or sponge to clean the caked food onto the cloth. Then run it into the wash.

Add Oxygen To The Bag While Transporting Fish

Can you transport fish in a bag? By adding H202 to your bags, you can make this process safer and better for your fish. Do not use the same hydrogen peroxide recommended for the other applications in this article.

Go for the tiny white tablets that dissolve to guarantee that the oxygen is released controllably. Remember that you can save a fish by adding 5 times a dosage of liquid hydrogen peroxide anytime you have a gasping fish. This is a last resort measure, but the boost of oxygen is sometimes necessary.

Makeup Brush Cleaner

How does your makeup brushes look these days? Dirty? Hardened? Filled with days of quick appliance and no cleaning work? Well, it’s time to get to work. This is the end of your worries from not cleaning your makeup brushes for that sharp look. Designer products are a flagship quality, but spending $30 is not sustainable.

You know what else is effective, soaking the brushes in a solution of warm water with a tint of hydrogen peroxide. Time the soaking to a period of 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water. This is probably one of the best tips we could ever give you. Why throw away perfectly good brushes when you can clean them up in just a few minutes. This is your weekend project for next Sunday. Don’t forget it!

Disinfect Reusable Grocery Bags

This past year has been a rough one for all of us. With viruses and bacteria everywhere we go, we must learn new ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. One way of doing it is by using reusable grocery bags which are healthy for the environment. But what should you do when they get dirty or exposed to viruses?

All you need to do is just spray them with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and wait for a few minutes before wiping them off. This is one simple solution that will protect your family from any germs and bacteria AND the environment. It really is a win-win situation. Make sure to do that after every visit to the supermarket.

Clean The Toilet

I have covered a lot of information about bacteria, so I assume you people already knew this one was on the way. Toilets are one of the places where frequent use of od Hydrogen Peroxide is recommended and also when a deep bathroom cleaning is needed.
Before we leave the house, I prefer spraying the interior and exterior toilet surfaces, half a cup into the tank, and another half cup in the bowl.

This results in the setting of the liquid for a number of hours before I clean, but 30 minutes should be more than enough. Rub the interior of the tank and toilet bowl with a scrub, wipe down the exterior and let it dry.

Treat Colds

The common cold has no treatment, and hydrogen peroxide is no exception to the law. But there are ways by which common cold can be cured, and many people report that adding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears is one perfect way. Which can help to remove infections or obstructions in your ear.

Cold is seasonal but this H202 really works like an immediate solution where it helps in just reducing the irritation of the nose and just resulting in fewer sneezes.
Hydrogen peroxide has a vinegar-like smell that doctors have declared helps in immuning the body from cold or flu.

Refreshing Mouthwash

If you happen to get stuck without any mouthwash, just use Hydrogen Peroxide! It kills most bacteria you have and helps eliminate bad breath (although it is inferior to a strong peppermint mouthwash). If you want to use this hack, just mix equal parts of Hydrogen peroxide with water, and swish swish swish, gargle and spit it out. That should be enough for the day!

If you want to make your own mouthwash, make sure you store the mixture in an opaque container. This is really important because the compound could break down if it is exposed to light. Now you can be that person that mixes their own mouthwash, you could even add different tastes and smells to make your breath unique, but in a good way.

Cover Your Roots

As they grow, are the roots of your bleached blonde hair beginning to reveal their black, natural color? Dab on hydrogen peroxide and leave it to rest for half an hour or so, then wash it out. This frequency is enough to mask her roots (think of Margaret Houlihan from MAS*H *, who still wanted to cover her roots up by using the hydrogen peroxide she had stashed from medical supplies).

Hydrogen peroxide can be found in all sorts of coloring/ dyes used to color our hair. It has been used widely across the globe and has given proven results also.

Keep a Fresh Salad

Salads are wonderful and excellent for you, but almost instantly they turn bad. In order to keep your salad fresh for a little longer, mix half a cup of water with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and spray on your salad. The combination is very watered-down, as you can see. This is quite important (a note later on).
H202 is also used as a preserving agent which is highly used in restaurants and other food production companies.

Globally the people use Hydrogen peroxide to decrease the damage while shipping it across the countries. It is completely an highly rich in oxygen which effects the growth of bacteria and acts as a natural preservative

Clean Your Fridge

Do you want to remove unpleasant odors from your refrigerator and disinfect everything as well? Use hydrogen peroxide to wipe the shelves down. This prevents unsightly and unnecessary food stains and kills germs. It can also lead to neutralizing those smells. Add a packet of baking soda to deal with the rest.

The pungent smell of soggy food from the fridge can be simply removed by using Hydrogen peroxide which is a very basic and easy to do method for households. It just removes all the bacteria and germs from the surfaces of the refrigerator.

Treat Wounds In Animals

You may use hydrogen peroxide not only to treat human wounds but also the pets’ wounds can be treated. Even the fishes are included but exclude the tiny ones. If you can dab it carefully, dead tissue is extracted and bacteria are destroyed. Align that with the possibility that the fish may be stressing; it might not be worthwhile if you stress the fish too much and you need to return it to the water quickly.

Effectively used in hospitals and clinics, it is also used to clean the stitches wound and is highly prescribed to use while doing the dressing of the wound also.

Clean And Disinfect Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are a bacterial hotbed and should be sanitized on a regular basis. Spray hydrogen peroxide on the sink surfaces and let them rest for 10 minutes. Rinse clean and scrub properly and no bacteria is left.

You should also blend the same pieces with hydrogen peroxide and rub alcohol with a spray-on. Ensure you clean the sink properly before starting to prepare any food-stuff.
The kitchen needs to be highly hygiene as we can already see a lot of various viral diseases coming into sight. Hydrogen Peroxide is a better substance than many other cleaning chemicals which is cheap and has the best results.

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