The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far – Celebrities & Their Sons at the Same Age

It’s no secret that there are some good-looking men in Hollywood, and evidently, they’ve got some strong genes. Some of these famous sons follow their father’s footsteps into fame, while others opt to stay out of the limelight.

From Tom Hanks and his actor son, Colin Hanks, to Bob and Ziggy Marley, here are some of our favorite celebrity fathers and their doppelgänger offspring at the same age.

Will Smith & Jaden Smith

Age: 21

At age 21, Will Smith, an upcoming actor, was going by the name of Fresh Prince but hadn’t yet scored his breakout role on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” By the same age, his son Jaden (a play on Will’s wife’s name, Jada) was following in his father’s footsteps and pursuing a career in music.

Getty Images Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images Photo by Charley Gallay/KCA2018

Along with his passion for music, Jaden has made a name for himself in style and has become a strong influence in the fashion world.

Henry Fonda & Peter Fonda

Age: 37

Jane and Peter Fonda were born into Hollywood royalty. Their father, Henry Fonda, was one of the greatest actors of his time and is still well-regarded as a Hollywood idol.

Getty Images Photo by Boris Spremo

Peter managed to make his own mark in Hollywood, and in 1960 he became a symbol for the counterculture movement. One of his biggest films and one that he reached acclaim with was the 1969 blockbuster, “Easy Rider.” Sadly, Peter passed away in 2019.

David Cassidy & Beau Cassidy

Age: 28

Those of you who grew up in the 1970s will remember David Cassidy was one of the biggest pop stars and heartthrobs of the time. This was all thanks to his starring role as Keith Partridge in “The Partridge Family.”

Getty Images Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Mark Spiro

His son, Beau, got a later start and made his acting debut in 2014. Though he hasn’t been in anything as influential as his father, he’s slowly but surely proving that talent runs in the Cassidy family.

David Bowie & Duncan Jones

Age: 47

Duncan Jones was born to David and Angie Bowie in 1971, at the peak of his father’s career. We don’t need to go into how great the late David Bowie was, so we’ll concentrate on his son, who has become one of Britain’s top directors.

Getty Images Photo by David Mcgough

The film director, producer, and screenwriter is most well-known for directing the films “Moon” and “Mute.” For his work on Moon, Jones won the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer.

Stevie Wonder & Kwame Morris

Age: 28

Stevie Wonder is one of the world’s most prosperous singers and songwriters, with many famous hits attached to his name. His son has found his calling in the industry as well. Kwame Morris acquired far more than his father’s irresistible smile.

Getty Images Photo by Reed Saxon

At 31, Kwame has built a successful career in the music industry. If you thought that he put that great face to waste, think again. Kwame is a thriving model.

James Brolin & Josh Brolin

Age: 29

Going into acting as the son of legendary actor James Brolin is a gamble. How could you ever the shoes of such an amazing actor? Well, Josh Brolin has managed to do so!

Getty Images Photo by Bryan Bedder

Josh has been in the acting industry for over three decades and has starred in everything from “The Goonies” to “Deadpool 2.”

Tommy Lee & Brandon Thomas Lee

Age: 23

When you’re the son of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, you know you’re destined for greatness. At 23 years old, Brandon Thomas Lee opted for a different career than his pop’s in Mötley Crüe.

Getty Images Photo By Frederick M. Brow/ Alamy Stock Photo

Rather than follow his father’s footsteps in music, Brandon is set on pursuing an acting career and is one of the newcomers on “The Hills: New Beginnings.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Patrick Schwarzenegger

Age: 23

Former Mr. Universe and the Governator of California, Arnold, and his son with Maria Shriver proved that sometimes the apple really doesn’t fall from the tree.

Getty Images Photo by Andreas Rentz

By 23, Patrick had worked as both a model and an actor, and though it seems like he’s following his father’s lead in fame, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be running for governor any time soon.

Jack Nicholson & Ray Nicholson

Age: Early 20s

By his 20s, Ray Nicholson has more in common with his father, Jack, than just his appearance. One of the most famous actors of our time’s offspring works in Hollywood as an assistant and second director and has even dabbled in acting!

Getty Images Photo by Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

Jack can be proud of his son for making a name of his own and gaining experience both in front of and behind the camera! We’re looking forward to seeing more of you, Ray!

Jean-Claude Van Damme & Kristopher Van Varenberg

Age: 30

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a Belgian actor, producer, screenwriter, director, fight choreographer, and retired martial artist best known for his martial arts action films.

Alamy Stock Photo//Getty Images Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

His son, Kristopher Van Varenberg, has followed in his father’s footsteps into action films. The father and son have collaborated on projects together, including the 1996 film “Quest.”

Rob Lowe & John Owen Lowe

Age: 24

Everyone remembers Rob Lowe in his teenage years as one of the ’80s biggest heartthrobs. In recent years, he’s been remembered for his roles in hit shows like “Brothers & Sisters” and “Parks and Recreation.”

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Charley Gallay

While his son, John, may not have spent his teen years in the public eye, he has gradually begun appearing in a few projects with his father, including a reality television series called “The Lowe Files.”

Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez

Age: 29

Legendary actor Martin Sheen obviously passed some serious acting genes onto son Emilio Estevez. Sheen, who rose to fame in the late ’60s, has two famous sons, but his firstborn son, Emilio, is the spitting image of him.

Getty Images Photo by Aaron Rapoport

Estevez was a member of the Brat Pack in the 1980s and has made a name for himself in his own right in the industry.

Bill Hudson & Oliver Hudson

Age: 24

Singer Bill Hudson split from Kate and Oliver’s mom, Goldie Hawn, in 1980 and, regrettably, didn’t have much of a relationship with his kids afterward.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Ochs Archives

Though he is the spitting image of his father, Oliver doesn’t have a strong connection to him, which is perhaps why he went on to pursue a career in acting much like his famous mother and sister. He currently hosts the podcast, “Sibling Revelry,” with Kate.

Jeremy Irons & Max Irons

Age: 33

It seems like good looks aren’t the only thing that runs in the Irons family. One look into Max’s darting eyes and you catch a glimpse of his famous father, Jeremy.

Getty Images Photo by Dave J Hogan

It seems like British actor Jeremy Irons has acted in almost everything and is most recently noted for his role in “Watchmen.” His son, Max, is also making a name for himself in the industry and has roles in films like “The Wife” and “Terminal.”

Tom Hanks & Colin Hanks

Age: 41

Everyone loves Tom Hanks. By age 41, his career flourished; he had already won two Academy Awards for best actor in back-to-back years. His son, Colin, followed his dad into show business and has made has become known in Hollywood for both his television and movie credits.

Alamy Stock Photo

Some of these include “King Kong,” “Fargo,” and “Dexter.” Though he still has a ways to go before being as big as his father, Colin is on his way to a solid Hollywood career.

Val Kilmer & Jack Kilmer

Age: 25

Jack Kilmer has already accomplished more than many actors his age and has appeared in several very successful films like “Palo Alto” and “Lords of Chaos.” His achievements come as no surprise when you realize that he is the son of the one and only Val Kilmer.

Getty Images Photo by TriStar

The Batman actor in “Batman Forever” began his career in the mid-1980s as a stage actor but quickly found his way into film after a string of appearances in everything from comedy to fantasy films.

Damon Wayans & Damon Wayans Jr.

Age: 36

The Wayans siblings are one of Hollywood’s most famous comedic families, and their offspring are following in their footsteps. Damon Wayans and his son look and act so similar; it’s hard to remember they are two different people.

Getty Images Photo by Anthony Barboza

Come on; they even share the same name! Damon Wayans Jr. took after his namesake in a comedy career and has paved the way for himself in hit sitcoms like “New Girl” and “Happy Together.”

Dustin Hoffman & Jake Hoffman

Age: 39

After becoming a graduate (see what we did there?) of NYU’s acclaimed film school, Dustin Hoffman’s son followed him into the film business. Jake has starred, directed, and written various film projects.

Getty Images Photo by Patrick PIEL/Clarovideo

Jake made his feature film directorial debut in 2014 with “Asthma.” You may also recognize him from films such as “Click” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Prince William & Prince George

Age: 5

It seems like style is a requirement for being the future King of England! 31 years apart, both Prince William and his son, George, pulled off the preppy sweater, and at the age of five, had more style in them than most adults we know!

Getty Images Photo by Richard Pohle – WPA Pool

Watching Prince George grow up has been one of pop culture’s favorite pastimes, and we honestly cannot wait to see what more the world (and his stylist) has in store for him!

Nicolas Cage & Weston Coppola Cage

Age: 29

Born into a long line of industry greats, it comes as no surprise that Weston Coppola Cage would follow his bloodline into the industry. Nicolas Cage’s son was born out of the relationship he had with Christina Fulton.

Getty Images Photo by Steve Granitz

Along with his work in acting, Weston was also the lead singer of the black metal band called Eyes of Noctum that broke up in 2012.

Sean Penn & Hopper Penn

Age: 26

Sean Penn was just getting started in the acting business in his early 20s. On the other hand, his son, Hopper Penn, had a stable start to his acting career in his early 20s. Unfortunately, Hopper ran into some legal trouble when he was arrested in 2018.

Getty Images Photo by Paramount

If you’re wondering where Hopper got the other half of his striking good looks, they’re from his mother, the one and only brilliant actress, Robin Wright.

Bob Marley & Ziggy Marley

Age: 36

Unfortunately, at age 36, Jamaican cultural icon and musician Bob Marley passed away. Though the musical genius had 11 children, one of them stuck out in particular, his almost identical son, Ziggy Marley.

Getty Images Photo by Pete Still/Redferns

Being his father’s lookalike, Ziggy carries on his reggae icon father’s legacy with pride as a musician while still managing to make a name of his own.

Pierce Brosnan & Dylan Brosnan

Age: 22

Dylan Brosnan seems to have caught the acting bug just like his legendary father, Pierce Brosnan. Starting out as a model, Dylan has recently shifted into acting and, in 2019, made his movie debut in the film “Iconic.”

Alamy Stock Photo/Getty Images Photo by Michael Tran

Interestingly enough, his father was also getting his start around the same age. We hope to see Dylan’s acting career take off; if he acts the way he looks like his father – he’s destined for great things!

Ice Cube & O’Shea Jackson Jr.

Age: 23

Sometimes, your son looks so much like you; he ends up playing you in a film. O’Shea Jr. portrayed his N.W.A rapper turned actor father, in the 2015 biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” about Ice Cube’s 1980 group.

Getty Images Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic,/Getty Images Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Ice Cube was a well-known rapper at 23; around the same time, his son started getting cast in films. O’Shea Jr. has since starred in many films such as “Ingrid Goes West” and “Den of Thieves.”

Michael Keaton & Sean Douglas

Age: 34

Michael Keaton’s son, Sean Douglas, has kept himself out of the limelight. The actor’s son didn’t follow his movie star dad into the film industry but made a career as a singer-songwriter.

Getty Images Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Like his Golden Globe-winning father, Sean has received critical acclaim for his work; he even won a Grammy for his song, “Die a Happy Man.”

Jerry Stiller & Ben Stiller

Age: 44

If you’ve ever wondered why Ben Stiller is one of comedy’s biggest names, just look at his father. Jerry Stiller, the late comedian, enjoyed a successful career that spanned over 70 years. Ben Stiller is best known for his roles in “Meet the Parents” and “Zoolander.”

Alamy Stock Photo

The Stiller son is a part of the group of comedic actors colloquially known as the Frat Pack, and both he and his father were well-known in Hollywood by their mid-40s.

Lloyd Bridges & Jeff Bridges

Age: 39

When your father has starred in more than 150 films, it’s hard not to follow in his footsteps. Llyod’s acting career inspired his sons Jeff and Beau Bridges. Jeff has been working as an actor since the early ’60s and is best known for his roles in “True Grit” and “The Big Lebowski.”

Getty Images Photo by Paramount

At this rate, it seems like Jeff may end up outshining his father when it comes to representing the Bridges name!

Mel Gibson & Milo Gibson

Age: 28

Being the acclaimed actor, it’s hard to remember that Mel Gibson was once in his twenties. By 28, he had just starred in “Gallipoli,” which is to this day, one of the actor’s greatest films.

Getty Images Photo by Mike Marsland

Gibson’s son, Milo, doesn’t have as many films under his belt, although he’s starred in some big films, including “Hackshaw Ridge” and “All the Devil’s Men.”

Kurt Russell & Wyatt Russell

Age: 33

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell sure know how to make a family of insanely attractive children. Wyatt Russel may be a couple of years late to the acting game since he played ice hockey, but it seems like he’s on his way to everlasting stardom with a long list of movies under his belt.

Getty Images Photo by Aaron Rapoport

Looking at Wyatt at age 33 and then back at Kurt at age 33 is somewhat of a mindblowing sensation for us; Wyatt is the spitting image of his father!

Jude Law & Rafferty Law

Age: 22

At 22, Jude Law was just a budding actor and hadn’t landed any of his more substantial roles, but he was known as an up-and-coming actor to watch. His son, Rafferty, had also made his way into the spotlight by the same age and is now modeling and working on his career as a musician.

Getty Images Photo by David M. Benett

Based on the resemblance Rafferty has to his father, we’re guessing he’s going to age like a fine wine!

David Beckham & Brooklyn Beckham

Age: 18

Being the eldest son of David and Victoria, Beckham comes with its perks, but it also comes with a lot of pressure. After all, both of your parents are legendary in their careers. At 18, David Beckham was just starting his athletic profession as a soccer player.

Getty Images Photo by David M. Benett

Since the Beckham children have been in the limelight since youth, it’s surprising that Brooklyn waited until he reached adulthood to begin a career in modeling and acting.

Mick Jagger & James Jagger

Age: 33

It seems like there’s something about musicians’ sons that make them want to go into acting and vice versa. While he was born into rock ‘n’ roll greatness, James Jagger turned to a career in acting instead of music.

Getty Images Photo by Evening Standard

The son of the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall has starred in films like “The Unravelling” and “Vinyl.”

Donald Trump & Donald Trump, Jr.

Age: 41

This apple fell right under its tree; Donald Trump has paved the way for his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who works for his father at The Trump Organization. The businessman also served as a boardroom judge on his father’s reality television show “The Apprentice.”

Yahoo/Getty Images Photo by Theo Wargo

Trump Jr. has been closely linked to his father’s political endeavors. Donald Jr. and his brother Eric proceeded in deals and investments in foreign countries during their father’s presidency. Though he may not have Donald Sr.’s colors, Jr. sure looks a lot like his father!

Prince Charles & Prince Harry

Age: 35

Prince Charles and Princess Diana welcomed their first son and heir a few years before his 35th circle around the sun. Charles’s youngest son, Harry, was a couple of years behind his father when he had his first son, Archie, at age 35.


Though they don’t look that much alike at age 35, there’s no doubt that Harry is Charles’s son.

Bill Pullman & Lewis Pullman

Age: 27

Bill Pullman’s career took off in the early 1980s, and he earned steady roles for the next four decades. We’ve recently seen him in the anthology thriller, “The Sinner.”

Getty Images Photo by Rachel Murray/Pandagossips

His son, Lewis, has made his way into Hollywood in his own right and has recently landed a role in “Top Gun: Maverick,” the “Top Gun” remake.

Eugene Levy & Dan Levy

Age: 35

Besides the fact that both father and son have similar taste in eyewear and great eyebrows, by 35, both Eugene and Dan were well-known names on the silver screen.

Getty Images Photo by Taylor Hill

For big Levy, he was the star of “SCTV,” but for little Levy, his rise to fame was a little more sentimental. The Candian father and son duo wrote, produced, and starred in the magnificent “Schitt’s Creek.”

James Caan & Scott Caan

Age: 40

The name James Caan probably sounds familiar from “The Godfather,” which was one of the actor’s most well-known roles throughout his 40-year career.

Getty Images Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage

His son, Scott, inherited his father’s good looks, as well as an itch for acting. Scott has taken his career to the small screen and has starred in shows like “Entourage” and “Hawaii 5-0.”

Don Johnson & Jesse Johnson

Age: 38

If anyone is ever interested in rebooting “Miami Vice,” they won’t need to look very far for a lead. The former TV star’s son, Jesse Johnson, is the spitting image of his father, Don. Not only that, but he’s an aspiring actor. Though Jesse’s performances haven’t earned the reactions we’re guessing daddy Don was hoping for.

Getty Images Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

His debut in the 2007 film “Redline,” the film’s critical reaction was remarkably negative and was even called “idiotic.” Hey, at least he got his dad’s good looks!

Prince Harry & Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

Age: 6 Months

We still can’t get over how similar Prince Harry and his son Archie look at just six months old. The two royals are bound to have completely different childhoods now that Harry and Meghan have moved to Canada, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t look identical!

Getty Images Photo by Tim Graham

Prince Harry’s son attended his first royal engagement in South Africa for his parent’s royal tour, and we had to do a double-take to make sure this wasn’t the same baby!

Alan Thicke & Robin Thicke

Age: 42

Alan Thicke was America’s favorite sitcom father on “Growing Pains” throughout his late 30s and early 40s. You would have expected the late actor’s son to have followed his footsteps in acting, but Robin Thicke paved his own way in the entertainment industry and as a singer and songwriter.

Getty Images Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

He’s had many hits, including the ever-so-controversial “Blurred Lines.”  They may not have had the same career path in the industry, but look at that smile; it’s uncanny!

Stellan Skarsgård & Alexander Skarsgård

Age: 42

Stellan Skarsgård made a name for himself in Sweden as one of the country’s most prominent actors. He later took Hollywood by a storm with parts in movies like “Mamma Mia.”

Getty Images Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

In recent years, his son, Alexander, has landed huge roles on both the big and little screen, including one of the main characters on HBO’s acclaimed show, “Big Little Lies.” Like father, like son!

Prince Charles & Prince William

Age: 37

Though they both may be princes, Prince Charles and Prince William lived very different lives in their mid-30s. Prince Charles was nearing the end of his marriage to Princess Diana and had just welcomed his second son, Prince Harry.

Alamy Stock Photo//Getty Images Photo by Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

By age 37, his son, Prince William, had been married for eight years and had already had three children in his seemingly strong marriage to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Alain Delon & Alain-Fabien Delon

Age: 26

Alain Delon rose to fame as a French movie performer in the 1960s. His son, Alain-Fabien Delon, bears half of his father’s famous name and has followed his lead into acting.

Getty Images Photo by Dominique Gonot

Being the head-turner that he is, it’s no surprise that Alain-Fabien had a prosperous modeling career as the face of Dior Homme. The young actor made his debut acting appearance in 2001 in the film Fabio Montale and was most recently in “Golden Youth” in 2019.

Clint Eastwood & Scott Eastwood

 Age: 28

When we think of classic Hollywood, one of the few names that come to mind is Clint Eastwood. He rose to fame with his role in “Man with No Name” during the mid-1960s.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Mazur/Alamy Stock Photo

His lookalike son, Scott, followed in his infamous father’s footsteps in pursuing a career in acting. By the time he was 28, he was landing roles in 2015’s “The Longest Ride” and 2016’s “Suicide Squad.”

John Lennon & Sean Lennon

Age: 40

Of course, John Lennon would have a son whose name rhymed with him. Though his father was assassinated in 1980 at the age of 40, and Sean Lennon, the son of Beatle legacy, John Lennon, has maintained his father’s name and honor.

Getty Images Photo by Jack Mitchell/Getty Images Photo by Andrew Toth/FilmMagic

Sean Lennon is a singer-songwriter, musician, and guitarist. Interestingly enough, he was born on his father’s 35th birthday; perhaps the universe knew that Sean would continue his father’s legacy long after he was gone.

Daniel Day-Lewis & Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis

Age: Mid-20s

One of the best method actors of our time, Daniel Day-Lewis, has won three Academy Awards for his work. Being the magnificent actor he is, you would expect his children to fill his shoes, wouldn’t you?

Getty Images Photo by Craig Barritt

But his son, Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis, has decided to separate himself from his father and has found a passion for music. He is currently pursuing a career as a musician in New York City.

Denzel Washington & John David Washington

Age: 35

By the age of 35, Denzel had been working in the film industry for over ten years. His son, John David Washington, has decided to follow his father into Hollywood and pave his way in with impressive performances.

Getty Images Photo by Emma McIntyre

His most memorable roles include “BlacKkKlansman’s,” “The Book of Eli,” and the hit television show “Ballers.” Keep your eye out for the name John David Washington; trust us, he’s going to be big!

Marlon Brando & Tuki Brando

Age: Mid-20s

One look at Tuki Brando’s jawline, and you know exactly who his relatives are. Though he may not be an actor himself, the grandson of the Godfather carries on the iconic actor’s legacy of exquisite looks working as a model for brands like Versace.

Getty Images Photo by Julien Hekimian

The French Polynesian model is the son of the late French model, Cheyenne Brando, Marlon Brando’s estranged daughter.

Rance Howard and Ron Howard

Age: 22

Ron Howard made a name for himself in Hollywood by acting in “Happy Days.” These days, directing has become more of his forte. His father was in the business as well.

Alamy Stock Photo

Rance Howard was an actor and appeared in over 100 films throughout his career, from the mid-50s up until he died in 2017. Both father and son had successful careers by the age of 22.

Ryan Phillippe & Deacon Phillippe

Age: 16

Excuse us while we gawk at Ryan Phillippe and his son, Deacon. We don’t think we’ve ever seen a father and son look that look so much alike in the history of father and son look-a-likes. Ryan got his start in the industry on “One Life to Live” when he was a teenager.

Getty Images Photo by Stefanie Keenan

He married his “Cruel Intentions” costar, Reese Witherspoon, and the couple had two kids before splitting up. Though he has the face for it, it’s unclear if their son, Deacon, will follow his parents’ acting footsteps.

Kirk Douglas & Michael Douglas

Age: 30

Both Kirk and Michael Douglas had outstanding acting careers and are considered two of Hollywood’s greatest. When Kirk was 30, he landed his first role in the film, “The Strange Love of Martha Ivers,” the part that kickstarted his career into what it is today.

Alamy Stock Photos/Getty Images Photo by Sunset Boulevard

When his son, Michael, was the same age, he was busy starring in the show, “The Streets of San Fransisco.” Though the two actors were popular in different generations, it’s safe to say that they’re on the same level of greatness in Tinseltown.

Donald Sutherland & Kiefer Sutherland

Age: 52

Donald Sutherland rose to fame with roles in shows like “Dirty Dozen” and “M.A.S.H” and really hit it big in the film industry for his roles in “Ordinary People” and “1900.”

Getty Images Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage

His son (who happens to be a twin) Kiefer rose to fame in the ’80s when he took part in the film “The Lost Boys.” Keifer won an Emmy, Golden Globes, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards for his starring role as Jack Bauer in the Fox drama series, “24.”

Dennis Quaid & Jack Quaid

Age: 27

Once upon a time, Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan were married, and though their marriage failed, one good thing did come of it; their son, Jack. Though papa Quaid’s more substantial roles happened later in life, by 27, he had a pretty impressive résumé.

Getty Images Photo by Jerod Harris

Jack decided to venture into acting as well, and has appeared in films like “The Hunger Games” and was most recently a star in the critically acclaimed show “The Boys.”

John Ritter & Jason Ritter

Age: 29

This million-watt smile isn’t the only thing John Ritter passed on to his son, Jason. Papa Ritter is most known for his role on the ’70s sitcom “Three’s Company,” which he started acting in when he was only 28.

Alamy Stock Photos/Getty Images Photo by Ron Galella

His son, Jason, turned to acting just like his father and has been in several television shows and movies by his late 20s. Losing John was hard for fans everywhere, but lucky for us, whenever we miss the late actor, we look at Jason!

Robert Downey Jr. & Indio Falconer Downey

Age: 26

Robert Downey Jr.’s oldest son almost looks like he could be his dad’s brother—you know, minus the beard and long hair.


Like his dad, Indio also decided to go into the entertainment business. In 2005, Indio appeared in his father’s film “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” and he’s also dabbled in the music industry as a performer in several bands.

Jackie Chan &  Jaycee Chan

Age: 30

Jaycee Chan released his first Mandarin CD album in Hong Kong and later went to Taiwan to continue his music career.


Much like his dad, Jackie Chan, Jaycee established himself in Asia and became a flourishing musician before he broke into the Western industry.

Gary Busey & Jake Busey

Age: 47

Gary Busey had an incredible career back in the 70s and 80s, especially when he garnered acclaim for his role in “The Buddy Holly Story.”


His son, Jake Busey, has carried on in the same style; he starred in films like “Starship Troopers,” “Identity,” and, most recently, the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

Will Smith & Trey Smith

Age: 23

Many will know Trey as Will Smith’s more discreet son, but he’s also Will’s oldest son. Trey also has his dad’s ridiculous good looks and incredible smile.


We haven’t seen much of Trey yet, he’s only appeared in a few small roles here and there, but we can’t help but wonder if he’ll have the same relentless energy as his father.

Michael J. Fox & Sam Michael Fox

Age: 24

Seeing Michael J. Fox alongside his son Sam makes us confident that there will one day be a “Back to the Future” reboot!


Michael was one of the biggest stars of the 80s, who managed to parlay his impeccable comic timing and clean-cut good looks into a successful career as an amiable boy-next-door character.

Alan Arkin & Adam Arkin

Age: 42

Alan was an extremely talented actor who easily swung between comedy and drama. Although they look alike and their names are eerily similar, Adam Arkin began his career as a child actor, which culminated in his starring role in the werewolf comedy “Full Moon High.”


Most notably, Adam appeared on shows like “The West Wing,” “Sons of Anarchy,” and “Masters of Sex.” Adam earned an Emmy nomination for his recurring role as the barefoot, possibly feral chef Adam on “Northern Exposure.”

David Beckham & Romeo Beckham

Age: Early 20s

David’s chiseled-jaw and sporting achievement made him the most celebrated and sought-after British athlete of his generation.


David Beckham’s middle son, Romeo, celebrated his 18th birthday with his family in 2020. At that same age, David Beckham was just starting his soccer career in the youth squad of Manchester United.

Carl Reiner & Rob Reiner

Age: 52

Having grown with your dad being Carl Reiner, the famed comedian, actor, and director Rob Reiner emerged from his father’s considerable shadow to become one of Hollywood’s more successful directors.


But before that, he cemented his place in TV history with his character Michael “Meathead” Stivic on the sitcom “All in the Family.”

James Marsden & Jack Marsden

Age: in their early 20s

Handsome leading man and former model James Marsden appeared on the scene as a young actor in the late-1990s that dazzled both critics and fans with a series of comedic performances a decade later.


In addition to their strikingly similar looks, his oldest son, Jack, followed his dad into the entertainment industry as a talented musician and model.

Humphrey Bogart & Stephen Bogart

Age: 43

Humphrey Bogart was the very definition of the term “film icon,” and he also had one of Hollywood’s greatest love stories with his wife, Lauren Bacall.


During their marriage, the couple had two children, including a son named Stephen Bogart, who looks a lot like his dad.

Julio Iglesias & Enrique Iglesias

Age: 38

As the son of legendary Julio Iglesias, Enrique eventually eclipsed his father’s success thanks to his bilingual body of work that drew upon his Spanish roots while also embracing contemporary pop trends.


Enrique’s eagerness to take on everything ensured he endured as a regular on the Billboard charts.

Nick Clooney & George Clooney

Age: 41

After years spent toiling on the small screen, mostly in forgettable roles, actor George Clooney rose to stardom with his portrayal of a charming but troubled pediatrician named Doug Ross on the acclaimed medical drama “ER.”


His father, Nick Clooney, was a television host and journalist with a career spanning from the ’60s.

Robert Pine & Chris Pine

Age: 36

It turns out Chris Pine got his movie-star good looks from his dad, Robert Pine. Younger generations might not know his dad Robert, who was the star of “CHiPs.”


Chris was Captain Kirk in the “Star Trek” reboot from 2009 to 2016, Steve Trevor in “Wonder Woman,” as well as his starring role in the acclaimed indie drama “Hell Or High Water” which helped solidify his reputation as one of the most compelling actors of his generation.

Ethan Hawke & Levon Thurman-Hawke

Age: 19

Even though Ethan Hawke exhibited star-making potential in movies like “Dead Poets Society” and “Reality Bites,” he instead chose to be something of a Renaissance Man, starring in offbeat movies, writing novels, directing indie films, and even forming his own theater company.


Fast-forward to 2020, and his son Levon is set to appear in the fourth season of “Stranger Things.”

Gregory Peck & Stephen Peck

Age: 46

Gregory Peck took on the role that became inseparable from his career, that of Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which earned him an Oscar for Best Actor while inspiring viewers for generations.


While Stephen Peck may have his father’s jawline, he didn’t go pursue showbiz. Rather, he went on to become the president and CEO of the non-profit US Vets.

Bruce Springsteen & Evan Springsteen

Age: 24

One of the famed personalities of rock ‘n’ roll, Bruce Springsteen created music regarded for its deeply moving portrayal of average people struggling in America.


Bruce Springsteen’s oldest son, Evan Springsteen, followed his father’s footsteps and also became a musician. Bruce’s fellow guitarist offspring even joined him on-stage in 2008.

Jakob Dylan & Bob Dylan

Age: 33

Bob Dylan doesn’t need much of an introduction, as the most important figure in the folk music of the past 50 years, but many might not realize that his son, Jakob Dylan, is famous in his own right.


Born into rock royalty, Jakob Dylan first followed in his father’s footsteps as the frontman of ’90s alt-rock staples The Wallflowers before forging a thriving career as a solo artist.

Christopher Reeve & Will Reeve

Age: Early 20s

For a world filled with comic book fans, Christopher Reeve had for years been the definitive Superman. It also seems as though Will inherited his looks from his father!


However, Will Reeve lost his superhero father when he was just 11 years old, followed by the loss of his mother, Dana, only two years later. Things were not easy for him as a teenager, but he went to college to obtain his degree.

Stephen King & Joe Hill

Age: Stephen in his 50s while Joe is in his early 30s

Stephen King’s son writes books under the fake name Joe Hill. His real name is Joseph King. Back when he was in college, Joe Hill started writing horror stories.

16 Celebrity Fathers That Have Really Talented Sons

Later, he released several full-fledged novels, and moviemakers instantly bought the rights for the screen adaptations. Hill’s books regularly appear on the lists of “The New York Times” bestsellers.

Gordon And Jack Ramsay

Age: Gordon was in his early 30s here, and Jack is in his early 20s now

The hair says it all! Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and his son Jack could not look more alike. With their blonde locks and love of running, it’s easy to see that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree.


While his father may be one of the world’s best-known chefs, Jack reportedly wants to stay out of the family business and join the Royal Navy’s elite unit.

Mark Consuelos & Michael Consuelos

Age: in their early 20s

Early in his career, Mark began acting on “All My Children”—the ABC soap opera where he met his wife, Kelly Ripa. Now, more than twenty years later, it’s his son’s turn.


Michael has appeared in various roles on TV series like “The Goldbergs” and “Riverdale.”

Jon Bon Jovi & Jesse Bongiovi

Age: Jon Bon Jovi in his 40s, and Jesse is in his 20s

Jon Bon Jovi was the ultimate Jersey boy who made good but never forgot his roots; he was the frontman and lead songwriter for the rock band, Bon Jovi.


Powered by his charismatic stage presence and big hair, his band ruled the 1980s. Although Jesse Bongiovi didn’t mimic his dad’s mullet, the two are still pretty alike. Jesse chose to follow his passion for entrepreneurship and started his own company.

Jon Voight &  James Haven

Age: 36

It probably goes without saying that James Haven is the son of Jon Voight; many will recognize him cause of his resemblance to his sister, Angelina Jolie.


Although he doesn’t frequently appear on screen, one could say that James went into the family business, as he’s appeared in films like “Original Sin” and “CSI.”

George Harrison & Dhani Harrison

Age: In Their 20s

The only child of George Harrison, Dhani Harrison, worked on his father’s musical legacy before becoming a musician in his own right.


Dhani’s own band, thenewno2, was originally a collaboration between Harrison and drummer Oliver Hecks; their sound combines Beatlesque vocals with modern loops. Dhani’s solo debut, In/Parallel, presented Dhani’s vision of psychedelia, combining trance-hop elements with obvious Beatles roots.

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