The Calming Effects of Water

Have you been near water and felt calmer? While visiting waterfalls and other masses of water provide you with a beautiful scenic view, there are other benefits of hiking up to that gorgeous waterfall. Water has an effect on the human mind and body like no other element.

Today we’re going to discuss the science behind water and its calming effects on human beings. This concept holds for every person, and so perhaps this information will inspire you to start spending more time near water sources this year.

Releases Chemicals

When we look at water and hear the sounds it makes, the brain releases chemicals that induce relaxation. These neurochemicals flood our brain, open the blood vessels, and work to relax our mind as well as the body. This helps improve heart health and reduces blood pressure because the vessels are open wider to allow blood to flow easier through your body.

Heart Rate Slows

Spending time underwater such as going swimming or snorkeling can help slow your heart rate down. Science has proven that when someone puts their face underwater for a time that their heart rate slows, and some blood vessels constrict. Blood gets redistributed to other organs as it’s moved away from your brain, limbs, and heart. This causes complete relaxation and reduces anxiety fast.

This experience that occurs when someone dives into water or spends time underwater has been used by ER doctors to help patients from immediate trauma. Placing a patient underwater for a short time can increase the likelihood that their body recovers from certain accidents. This is an amazing thing about water, it not only calms you but can heal the body!

They say that our love of water and this natural response to water is found in our DNA. Our ancestors used water to heal and calm themselves, and so it seems the human beings on Earth today have similar innate desires to be near the healing properties of water.

How to use the calming effects of water?

If you’re ready to experience the most relaxing and anxiety-reducing benefits of water, then you should plan to spend time near water as often as possible. Perhaps plan a vacation this summer near a place that features bountiful waterfalls.

Again, you don’t have to be near a waterfall to reap the calming effects of water. You can sit near a stream, or a pond and get similar benefits. While diving and putting yourself underwater to emerge yourself in the relaxing and body-cleansing benefits of water works quicker, the simple act of sitting near a water source will help you tremendously.

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