Motivation Tips to Stick with your Exercise Routine

Having an exercise routine is great, except when you don’t stick with that routine! It happens to the best of us. We get our exercise routine all set and ready to do, we stick to it for a couple of weeks, and then we slowly slide off track.

Since this is a rather common part of life for those out there seeking to make exercise part of their daily routine, we wanted to share some motivation tips for those days when you feel like slacking off!

Change Your Mindset

Stop thinking that your daily exercise routine is an option and start thinking of it as a must-do. Changing your mindset to “I have to exercise” will help transition your mind to look at your exercise routine as part of your must-do daily tasks.

You can also think of your exercise routine as something you want to do. Knowing that your mind thinks you want to do this task each day will provide you with a little motivation to get it done!

Make the Routine Easier

If your exercise routine is too much to handle during the day then maybe you need to make the routine a little easier. Consider swapping out some of your more difficult exercises with easier ones or options that fit in with other must-do activities of the day.

For example, you may want to swap out squats during the workout at home and do them during your daily errand running.

Use a Visual Tracker

For some people using a visual tracker as they complete their daily exercise routine helps motivate them. There are apps and other options available to do this. Give yourself a fun sticker or gold star on a printed calendar to show that you achieved your workout goal today.

Each day you put a new sticker on the calendar as you complete the daily exercise routine. Try to reward yourself with something fun or excited to do at the end of each completed work or month.

The one thing we highly suggest is that you not reward yourself with food or treats that don’t align with your particular weight loss or exercise goals. This will deter you from sticking with this important routine of motivating yourself to complete your exerciser routine every day!

Using our motivation tips to stick with your exercise routine will surely help you survive the difficult days when you simply have zero motivation and do not want to work out! We hope that you’ll use these tips to motivate yourself to complete your daily exercise routine with ease.