What Summer Travel May Look Like in 2021

If you’re thinking about traveling in 2021 then you might want to consider how travel will look in the future. There have been many changes to how one must travel after and during the pandemic. Everything from new quarantine requirements to vaccine requirements and other check-in information is now the new normal for travel enthusiasts.

Today we’re going to share some of the ways summer travel may change from what you’ve been used to. These tips will help you plan the best summer vacation in 2021 without any surprises.

Use the Car

You may find using your car to travel to a destination, when possible, is the best option. Some people aren’t quite ready to be up in the sky with a bunch of strangers. We’ve been reading that many families are going to use their car for transportation to and from the most popular summer destinations.

Know the Rules

Some places won’t allow you to enter the state without a quarantine period unless you’ve had the shot. This is something you’re going to have to know beforehand. This may mean you have to plan for an extra-long vacation to accommodate that quarantine requirement.

Stay Domestic

Rather than traveling internationally, consider staying closer to home. This will alleviate the need for some of the pandemic-style restrictions and allow you to use your car. Many domestic regions allow local travel but outsiders must be held to other standards and requirements.

Take it Virtual

Many people are opting to do a virtual summer vacation in 2021. They’ll create an itinerary of events, and things to do all from the comfort of their home. This may be what travel in the summer of 2021 looks like for a lot of people. Find virtual tours and live camera feeds from all over the world online to make this the best staycation ever!

Consider Outdoors

Your summer vacation in 2021 may be more about getting outside than attending indoor events. This is something we’re seeing a trend in during the pandemic that might continue after the pandemic is settled. So look up new events and things you can do outside during your summer vacation to reduce your risks with the virus.

Pack the Mask

Remember to pack your mask(s) and hand sanitizer. You’ll want to be sure you’re doing everything proactively possible to keep your family safe. These items may cost more when you’re at your destination for summer vacation, so having a backup on hand ready for everyone who is traveling with you will help reduce the costs associated with these health and sanitary supplies.

These are just a few ways that summer travel may look like in 2021. As with most travel plans, each person will be different in what they’re willing to do and how they want to enjoy their summer vacation. We hope that these tips have inspired you to map out a plan to enjoy summer break with your loved ones while being safe this year.

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