Why You Should Play Croquet

Croquet is one of the oldest recreational sports in England. This sport has been around since the 13th Century but it seems few people play it any longer. have you ever played croquet? Whether you answer yes to that question doesn’t really matter, but what we’re about to share with you does.

Today we’re featuring many of the benefits of playing this old recreational sport at home with friends or family members this year. There are many amazing benefits of getting outside to enjoy a game of croquet with people in your life, here’s our list.

Intellectually Challenging

Playing croquet can keep your mind active and provide an intellectually challenging experience. Croquet is played much like chess where you need to use your problem-solving skills but also a physical activity providing you with intellectual stimulation and physical activity while having fun.

Fresh Air

You don’t typically play croquet inside and so you’ll get the added benefit of fresh air when you opt to play croquet. Being physically active outside will help boost your happiness. Studies have proven that just 10 minutes outside can help reduce anger, stress, and anxiety.

Fun at all Ages

Croquet may be a recreational sport but it’s one of those activities that people of all ages can enjoy. This is a game that young kids can learn to play and the elderly can enjoy it. In a world where few elders can bond with kids over technology, croquet provides them with a chance to bond with their younger relatives.

Play Croquet Anywhere

You can use a grass lawn or dirt driveway to set up your croquet game. This means you’ll have more options to play croquet in various areas during your time outside. Croquet can be played in a tournament-style on a specific field, in backyards, on lawns, or at the park providing you with a recreational activity to enjoy during any outing.

Boosts Self-Esteem

We’re always looking for tips on ways to help you boost your self-esteem, well playing this simple recreational game can help boost your confidence. Game-playing is a fun way to encourage your competitive mind all the while inspiring you to try your hardest. You’ll find with each round of croquet that you start to feel more confident about yourself.

Helps with Heart Health

While you won’t be running around, you’ll be walking around during the game of croquet. This helps keep your heart healthy. Any activity that gets you on your feet and out in fresh air moving around will boost cardiovascular health.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should play croquet, but our list could go on. This is a fun game that doesn’t require a lot of muscle, experience, and holds no age requirements. We feel this is a game that every family should learn how to play this year.