Best Fitness Tips for Work at Home Adults

Work at home adults can still lead a healthy, fit lifestyle. Although it’s easy to say that we just do not have the time to work out with all the distractions that come along with working from home, there are ways to work out and live a more active life without impacting your work schedule too much.

Working at home and having an erratic schedule is one of the main reasons why most people who work at home don’t get enough exercise. Many working adults go straight to work and straight back home, without breaking for lunch or taking a walk break like they would if they were in an office setting.

Even with children around and all the extra distractions that come along, there are still ways to take short breaks throughout the day to get in your daily exercise routine. If you are home, this means you can work out whenever it’s convenient for you.

Break your workday up with short exercise breaks throughout  the day

One way to work out while still being productive is by taking small breaks throughout the day. If you have children, try setting a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and have them do some fun exercise with you. Do sit-ups, jumping jacks, high knees, or anything else that will make the time fly by for your children.

If you don’t have kids at home, try working out while watching a television show or movie. You can still get your heart rate up and work those muscles by doing some jumping jacks or dance moves during a commercial break.

If you’re not doing anything with your time, keep yourself busy. Use the 15-minute breaks to do something that will help you accomplish your daily tasks. Make phone calls, return emails, or just straighten up your desk while still getting in some physical activity.

Be sure to include strength training  as part of your daily workout

Although it is important for adults to get in some cardiovascular exercise, incorporating strength training into your daily workout will not only tone your body but also help you burn more calories even while at rest. If possible, try working with free weights in the morning when you are fresh. Keep it short, simple, and do three sets of 10 reps for each exercise.

Don’t underestimate the power of stretching

It may seem like a good way to take up more time during your workout, but taking five minutes at the end of your workout to stretch can help burn more calories while also preventing you from getting injured.

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself

Once you feel comfortable with the exercises that you are doing, step it up a notch by increasing your reps per set or adding some extra time to your exercise break. Make sure, however, that if you’re increasing your workout time and reps during a single session that you are not overdoing it.

It is always best to give your body time to recover after working out before you do another high-intensity workout session. Be sure that when you are increasing your reps or time, be sure to increase it gradually so your body can adapt. With these simple tips for adults who work at home, you should have no problem finding time to work out and still meet your daily deadlines.

If you work at home, don’t let that stop you from living a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to get in some exercise throughout your day while still being productive. Just give some of the ideas above a try and see how you soon start getting some fitness into your everyday life with ease.