Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst

Getting old is just something we all go through in life. Even though some celebrities have followed the most meticulous grooming regimes to keep looking young, old age catches us all. It is something that even the best plastic surgeons in the world cannot stop or change. This is proven by the celebrities that we have listed here for you.
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Some celebrities have admitted to not taking as much care of themselves anymore, and others just blame it on their health. Whatever the case, most of these celebs look like they have aged at least 50 years when less than five have passed.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan used to be a foxy Hollywood actress back in her day. Everyone loved her movies, amazing acting skills, and charming personality and looks. While she used to be all of that, she sadly is not anymore. The fox has come down from her days in the spotlight.

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Meg Ryan might not be doing as well as other stars in her middle-aged category, but she is certainly doing much better than most people on this list. Props to her for that, at least.

Kelly McGillis

Kelly McGillis used to be one of the more tempting actresses in Hollywood. She was eye-catching and stunning. Though as days pass, she seems to have become more and more okay with letting nature and age take their toll, and she does not seem to be willing to change that either.

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While we respect Kelly for settling down with her old age comfortably without making a fuss about it, we just expected her to be a bit more aware of her appearance with her age.

Renée Zellweger

Renée Zellweger is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. Not only did she win many different honorable awards like the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and the British Academy Film Awards, but she was also one of the highest-paid actresses in 2008.

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She was also one of the very few actresses from the 90s to not get themselves involved in any sort of scandal. She did, however, date Jim Carrey. You can tell she had a lot of things done to her face given that she does not look like herself anymore.

Sophia Loren

Sofia Loren, the Italian actress, was a Hollywood darling during her early days in the industry. The American Film Institute also went as far as to name her one of the most amazing female stars in classical Hollywood cinema.

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Now she just looks like she is someone out of some drag show — and not one where there is actual good pageantry. We do hope celebrities are more cautious about choosing what they want to get on their faces.

Axl Rose

We all understand when you are the lead vocalist of a famous heavy metal and hard rock band, you really need to look the part. Axl Rose, the lead of Guns N’ Roses, most certainly did that and looked great with it.

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But that was when he was in his younger years. Looking like he is going through a rebellious phase with chains around his neck and mascara in his eyes does not really fit the character of a man past his 60th birthday. He really does need to start acting his own age before too long.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry, better known for his role in the hit and iconic TV sitcom “Friends” as Chandler Bing, was the guy that every girl adored. Not only was he a great actor that fit the role of being funny and sarcastic, but he was also a very handsome-looking man.


A lot of people have heard all about the rough patches of life that Matthew had to go through. All that has turned him into looking like someone who is the star of a really bad sitcom. At least he can still bask in the glory of Friends.

Nikki Cox

The actress Nikki Cox is well known for her dancing and comedy writings. Still, even with all of her talent, someone needs to remind Nikki that the main goal of going through plastic surgery is to come out looking better than you did before. This does not seem to be the case for Nikki.


In our opinion, Nikki Cox looked a lot better before her whole plastic surgery journey. Now her lips look weirdly bloated, and her face looks too tight.

Ozzy Osbourne

We think Ozzy Osbourne is one of the more okay-looking ones so far if you were to consider everything and everyone else on this list. It seems that in his 70s, he looks just as bad as he did when he was 20.

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We think that Ozzy at least had a few fillers in because there are almost no visible wrinkles on his face. That should at least be true, given how he was known to live his life.

Courtney Love

A lot of people know about Courtney Love, not only for being an actress, a singer as well as a songwriter but mainly for her sense of “fashion.” Well, truth be told, no one really expected much from someone who would show up to an awards show with a trash bag around her and call it a form of fashion.


Apart from all of that, her face does look quite a bit swollen for some reason. Even though she used to be very beautiful, she clearly does not care for it.

Brendan Fraser

The very popular actor Brendan Fraser was counted as one of the Hollywood heartthrobs. However, we are not entirely sure what actually happened to him, but he seems to have turned into some kind of a middle-aged dad.

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The only good thing that comes out of this massive transformation in his looks is that we can quite certainly say that no one would recognize him out in public looking like this. It still does make you wonder, the once-famous actor of “The Mummy” movie series has now turned into someone else completely.

Rupert Grint

Famous for playing the role of Ronald Weasley in the hit movie series “Harry Potter”, Ruper Grint has not received the kindness of time. He was a cute little kid at the beginning of the movie series, but by the time the series came to a close, so did his good looks.

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We have no idea what really happened to him, but all those dark circles under his eyes and that unhealthy look on his face just say that something is up.

Al Pacino

Truth be told, Al Pacino definitely used to be one of the hottest men in Hollywood during the 1970s and 1980s. His role in “The Godfather” was definitely something that a lot of people loved and appreciated him for.


The thing that we find the most hilarious about his transformation with old age is that he now looks more suited to be a Godfather compared to the movies back in the day. We are sure the fans would love to see him in an updated version of the movie with him as an old gang lord.

Caitlyn Jenner

If you know about Caitlyn Jenner, then you would know that given her transformation, she has not had a lot of time in her hands to master or even learn the art of makeup. She started off late in learning how to do makeup and anyway, she is rich and does not need to bother herself with learning that.

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One thing that we have to say, despite her looking like she is still in her tweens trying to figure out makeup, is that she definitely has marvelous hair.

Shauna Sand

Many people know her as an actress and for being one of the Playmates featured in the Playboy magazines. Looking at Shauna now is just terrifying.


It makes you wonder how much can happen to someone in just a few years and a few bad decisions. We can tell her that it is time for her to finally get out of the bad tanning bed and stop with the lip injections. If she is trying to look like Barbie, she is doing a bad job at it.

Sally Struthers

Even though she is an iconic actress who has received not one but two Emmys for her performance, Sally Struthers was never really the best looking. She always gave the girl-next-door vibe, but as old age hit her, she is no longer that girl as she became more of the mom next door.

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Not that it is a bad thing by any means because now she looks like the jolly neighborhood mother who gives everyone a piece of her wisdom every time she walks down the street.

Lil’ Kim

We are sure that not many people still call this American singer/rapper “Lil’ Kim” anymore. Still, if that is what she wants for herself, then we can all let someone go for their happiness.

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However, apart from the immense weight gain that she went through, which led to many people making jokes about the “Lil” in her name, she still looks very gorgeous and quite adorable as well! She might no longer be “Lil” but is still just as beautiful.

Mickey Rourke

People who have known Mickey Rourke from his younger age should already know that he used to be very good-looking. Most people probably also thought that he would age to be a very good-looking man as well, but sadly not.

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Mickey clearly has an advantage in something. His head is full of hair, which is actually quite uncommon for people around his age. However, it is quite confusing what he is trying to go for with his hairstyle. Not only that, but he clearly does not know what a facial moisturizer is either.

Kate Moss

Many people have heard about Kate Moss, of course, they have. She used to once be a British supermodel. One can only achieve the title of being a supermodel when they are extremely attractive with some of the best physical features as well.

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This is why when we look at this picture, we can only guess that she was just going through a bad day. From the bad eyeliner to the tired look, she needs to get a new makeup artist because hers is not doing the job right.

Jack Nicholson

If you have ever watched films with Jack Nicholson, then you would surely know all about his psychological movies, which were made much more exciting and thrilling due to his ethereal personality. Take a look at that same Jack Nicholson now.

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You would never be able to recognize him and even think that he is still the same person. The most noticeable change he has had in his looks is that he went from looking ethereal to looking like he is your creepy neighbor next door. We can only just shudder at the thought of it.

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop, the singer, songwriter, and actor was named the “Godfather of Punk.” The vocalist and lyricist sure had his days back when he was younger. He looked hot being shirtless, but as old age hit him, his shirtless looks were not quite what you would want to see anymore.

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Mainly because now his form is… umm… let’s just say it’s not as solid as it used to be. Iggy does not look like the pop legend he once was.

John Travolta

The main thing with John Travolta is that he does not look as old as he is. We would say he looks more like a living wax statue of himself. That is the creepy part about him. His skin is just so pale, and having a completely plastic face does not help his cause either.

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In the case of John Travolta, sure, he looked better when he was younger, but now he does not look old, but more and more like a creepy doll.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent, the singer who had gained much of his popularity from being a guitarist, is definitely not doing well now. He used to be an activist, but sadly his good deeds did not really pay off that well.

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Where should we start? Take a look at the weird-looking soul patch he has on. It looks creepy and needs to be shaved off with a razor immediately. He also has a questionable sense of clothing; moreover, those under-eye circles are also something to look at.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp used to be one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood. His younger days were full of his female fans just dying for him. However, Johnny’s change should come to no one as a surprise. This is because he has been quite openly self-destructive over the past few years.

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The once famous and idolized actor widely popular for his role as Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series has now come to this. Many people might still argue that he looks a lot better than most of the other actors on this list, though.

Boy George

An English star, Boy George has a lot going for him. Not only is he a DJ, a singer, a songwriter, a photographer, and a fashion designer, but he is also one of the most iconic personalities of the 80s.

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Even though Boy George could adapt to the skinhead look quite easily, it is almost certain that no one really likes this look of his. He used to be creepy before, and now he is creepy in a completely different way.

Kelly LeBrock

The actress and model Kelly LeBrock was definitely an eye-catcher back in her day. Still, now she is able to come up and talk about her trauma of going to a bad plastic surgeon.


It is just sad seeing someone who used to look so nice turn into a horrendous mess because of bad plastic surgery. The lip job that she got was definitely a very horrific one. Not only that, but she also proved that Botox is not always magic considering all the wrinkles around her face when she smiles.

Janice Dickinson

If you are unfamiliar with Janice Dickinson and this is the first time you see her, you would most likely be shocked to find out that Janice used to be a supermodel back in the day. During her prime, she was beautiful, and people loved her looks.


However, it does not seem to be the case any longer. With this terrible transformation of her looks, our only guess is that it was the result of her not looking after herself properly. It is also likely that some bad plastic surgeries are part of the problem as well.

Tom Felton

This actor is famous for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movie series. His role was to be a stuck-up and snobby kid with rich parents in the movie series, but it looks like his characters’ wealth and magical abilities couldn’t save him from Father Time.

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After the end of his wizarding career, it seems that Tom Felton does not have much magic left in him. He used to be a good-looking kid in the movies, but now we realize it was probably just the magic school.

Teri Hatcher

If you do not remember Teri Hatcher, try thinking about the TV series “Lois & Clark”. Terri played the role of Lois Lane on the show and was probably the most known for it too.

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Even though old age has her now, you can still somewhat see the sultry look in her eyes. She does still look quite great. It is just that all of that beauty is now covered with creases and wrinkles all over.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is one of the most popular celebrities on our list. Also, she is one of the prettiest celebrities on the list, well, at least she used to be. Lindsay was one of the most famous child actresses and had a beautiful face to go with her career.

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All that remains now is a messy face that makes her look like she has not slept for ages. You can tell by all the nooks and crannies on her face that she has not been indulging herself in self-care lately.

Neil Young

It seems that many of these famous musicians from back in the 60s or around that time do not really age well. Neil Young is on a completely different level, though. We say that because he actually called it long ago with his song “Old Man.”

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He knew that he would not be aging the best, so that is most likely why he made that song as a prophecy. It is really time for him to ditch the hat, it might have looked better before, but now he just looks creepy with it.

Russell Crowe 

Russell Crowe used to be quite the stunner, but now we are just a little unsure of what really happened to him. It is as if he has taken up a new initiative and is trying to save the world from plastic razor pollution just by himself. It could also be that he is preparing for a magical movie where he is a wizard.

Shutterstock Editorial Photo by Steve Bisgrove

Well, whatever the case may be, we can all say that Russell seriously needs to reconsider his overgrown beard and get a proper facial routine again.

Barbra Streisand

This great American singer achieved a lot of success throughout her younger days. She is a talented performer who was awarded not only a Grammy for her musical performances but also an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony.


However, it seems as though, with time, she awarded herself with more lip plumpers and hair colors that don’t do justice to her appearance. Her nails are always impeccable, though, we’ll give her that.

Steven Tyler

If you were one of the people who actually found Steven Tyler attractive, there is something wrong with you. In reality, Steven was never really as attractive as people made him. He never was and never will be. It’s just the rockstar image, you know?

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When you think about it like that, it should not come to you as a surprise when you realize that Steven turned more into a hippy grandma than an aging rockstar as time went by.

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons might have looked quite nice when he was in his younger days. Still, if we are being honest with ourselves, no one expected Gene to be growing old and looking pretty.

Getty Images Photo by Harry How

In our opinion, it is not really that bad if you already know that you will not be aging well. We do have reasons to believe that he does dye his hair because he has no gray hair. He must have some given his age.

Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte is one of the better-known actors who has won his fair share of awards. He surely had his talents as well as the looks for the cinemas as well. Nick would probably need to be going places with security if he still looked like his younger self, but the good thing is that he does not.

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Well, it is not really a good thing considering that his appearance does not look as good anymore, but that allows him to go wherever he wants. No one would now recognize him anymore, and most people passing him by would likely think he was homeless.


While we all know Madonna as the Queen of pop and a fantastic actress and dancer, she should definitely try to tame her dose of self-care. Madonna used to be one of the most gorgeous women ever during her prime years, but now it seems like she has kind of forgotten when to stop when it comes to personal grooming.

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It only just looks like she has crossed over from self-care to self-destruction. If this is what continues, then we do not think that things are going to be looking as good for her by the time she hits 70.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein, the American socialite, deserves a spot on our list. While she’s never made a living out of modeling or anything like that, it’s safe to say she won’t be modeling anything in the future either. Well, she can always be a model for what you DEFINITELY DON’T want to look like.

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Many people might recognize her for all the extensive makeup and cosmetic surgeries she has done on herself. All of that just led up to her looking like her face was stung by 20 hornets at once. No wonder she went bankrupt after all that.

Donatella Versace

When you hear the name Versace, you think of someone with immense wealth and luxury. Someone who has been blessed with looks to reign over one of the most luxurious fashion brands in the entire world.

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Donatella Versace, the current princess of the fashion brand, was supposed to be just that. However, her sunken eyes and series of bad lips jobs have made her look more like some sort of extraterrestrial lifeform that has somehow escaped from the Area 51 research facilities.

Demi Moore

When Demi Moore was welcomed into Hollywood around the 80s, she did it with a fresh face and a mane of luscious black hair. Her arrival at the Paris Fashion Week in 2021 led fans to believe that she has definitely had some work done on her.

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There are obvious and rightful reasons for fans to think that Demi does not at all look the way she used to, and those reasons are her new unnatural cheekbones. Her younger self and current self look completely different.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is quite popular all over America and among the people who keep up with the world news. He is an American activist and politician. He has done a lot to prove his worth to the citizens of his country.

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One undeniably true thing about Bernie is that he used to be a dashing young man back in his golden days of college. He was handsome, and we’re sure he was also popular with the girls. However, his age got to him too quickly, and it seems that he is completely okay with doing nothing about it.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer, an actor who used to be included as one of the best-looking men in the Hollywood industry, is no longer the prettiest. If you saw Val during his golden days, you would most certainly think he was a handsome and dashing man, but it looks like food became his comfort in his later years.

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His love for food does not look like a pretty result at all. On second thought, even though he hasn’t aged the best, there is something about Kilmer that we will never be able to stop loving.

Matt Le Blanc

Here we have one of the famous cast members of the hit TV sitcom “Friends”. Matt Le Blanc played the role of Joey Tribbiani on the show, and his character was down to eat just about anything and hit on just about anyone.


Looking at him now, it seems like most of Joey’s unhealthy eating got to him off the set too. That does not look great for him, considering how dashing and hot he used to look back during his younger days in his prime.

Robert Redford

Almost everyone who knows Robert Redford would agree with us on this one. He is the original heartthrob of the 21st century. Just one look at him, and you cannot say otherwise to that statement.

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The sad part is that all the boyish charm and smile are hidden underneath all the years of wrinkles on his face. Moreover, another weird thing we noticed about him is that his skin tone is almost reddening. You’re never too old to start wearing sunscreen.

Mick Jagger

Something that we are still confused about when it comes to Mick Jagger is how people actually thought that he was hot even around 60 years ago. This might just be our opinion, but he was not to us. It is also probably why 60 years later, we still do not think he is doing any better.

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The only thing Mick Jagger still has going for him is his hair. We are actually quite surprised that he still has a head full of hair, given his age.

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill is probably one of the most famous actors in the Hollywood industry. Especially because of his role as Luke Skywalker in the classic “Star Wars” movie series.

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Even though he has won his fair share of awards for his role in the movies, it seems like the force has not been treating him well. Mark Hamill is more known as Luke than Mark; at least in that sense, he has not aged at all. Mark does need to get his things together and go on a self-care journey.

Billy Crystal

The actor from the hit chick flick movie “When Harry Met Sally”, Billy Crystal, is clearly not doing the best now. After that movie, he became the dream guy of many women, but that is an entirely different story now.

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It could mostly be due to that intensely receding hairline that he has. It has gone deep. The way the sun bounces off his shiny round forehead just makes you think that the moon is walking with us in the streets. An idea for his next movie, perhaps?

Goldie Hawn

Looking at young Goldie Hawn, you can definitely say with ease that she has had her days of living under the spotlight with fame and beauty. If you know what she looked like in her younger years, you would never ever expect her to grow up with such a massive change in appearance.

Getty Images Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP

One thing is for certain, Goldie’s days of fame and beauty are long gone now. We can only hope for Kate Hudson to look at her mother’s face and not go overboard with plastic surgeries.

Chevy Chase

If you knew comedian and actor Chevy Chase from back in his early days, then you would find it hard to recognize him now. The forehead is much taller now, and there’s way less hair to cover that fact.

Getty Images Photo by Jean Catuffe/GC Images

There’s no shame in going bald, man! But you do need to lean one way. Ready to embrace it? Great! Shave the whole thing off! And if you’re unhappy with the receding hairline, try plugs or a toupee. No shame whatsoever!

Britney Spears

While Britney Spears’s look has changed with age, she has definitely had her fair share of breakdowns under her belt to excuse it and then some. All her fans and basically everyone on the internet know of the terrible conservatorship she had been trapped in.


Considering all of her glory during her iconic days as an American singer and pop star, we only have to say that someone should have called for a better makeup artist or maybe a good Botox.

La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jackson is a businesswoman, an actress, a singer, and a songwriter, however, the thing that most people know her for is being the sister of Michael Jackson. You can clearly tell that she has a ton of work to do with this headband that she has on her head, but apart from that, she is actually not doing quite as bad.

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Well, that is only when we compare her to the other Jackson family members. Compared to most of them, La Toya is actually doing a lot better and not looking quite as bad.

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong, the actor who played John Connor in “The Terminator” by James Cameron, is quite well known. He even received the MTV Movie Awards and the Saturn awards for his performance as a child actor.

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Edward once used to look cute, but now he just looks strung out. In our personal opinion, a good place to start would be figuring out the dead look in his eyes. It really is not doing him any favors. He should also get a haircut if he is not going to wash his hair.

Macaulay Culkin

Surely everyone recognizes Macauly Culkin from the famous Home Alone movie series. We would not really blame you if you actually failed to recognize him today due to the awful change of appearance that he has gone through.


Something must have happened after his childhood hit. Still, now that he is done basking in the glory of his childhood, we are sure that Macaulay needs a conservatorship more than Britney Spears. Not only are we bothered by his change in appearance, but also the weird rantings he has been going on about.

Brigitte Bardot

If you could ask any of the celebs on this list how hard it was to age, they would probably have given you some of the saddest answers. The same thing goes for Brigitte Bardot.

Getty Images Photo by Gilles BASSIGNAC/Gamma-Rapho

She might be far and beyond her prime days when she was young and beautiful, but now we just wonder if she has just given up on her hair. This is because even though she’s already seen better days, the nest she has on the top of her head is a bit too much.

Anthony Micheal Hall

Some people might not immediately recognize Anthony Micheal Hall when they look at him. Still, if we were to tell you some of the classics that he has been in, for example, “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles”, you would surely have your jaw hanging down.

Alamy Stock Photo

He does not look like the crush of every teenage girl anymore, but more like your regular suburban home doctor who comes by your house whenever you call on him. Honestly, we don’t hate it.

Steven Seagal

With his multiple allegations concerning the way he treats women, we aren’t even sad looking at what has become of Steven Seagal. Once a talented martial artist, it seems that the only kind of fighting he does is while meeting a random roach he may or may not find in his shower.


We might have been able to excuse that if it was the only problem. But alas, that it isn’t. His efforts to fend off his receding hairline resulted in an embarrassing artificial widow’s peak that looks made of melted tar. It seems that all of his martial arts skills did not help keep him forever young.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone, back in his early days and his prime, used to be a completely different person. Sylvester is actually a great example for people who want to use steroids because once you see him, you can tell that when the steroids run out, there is not much left.

Alamy Stock Photo

This iconic star now just looks like he has been going through some stressful patches of life, and life has not been the best for him lately. That doesn’t stop him from still performing his own stunts, though!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Do you remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in his younger days when he was in his prime? Back in the day and in no time, he became one of the most desired actors in Hollywood.

Alamy Stock Photo

However, the transition from being a famous actor in Hollywood to the governor of the state of California has not been the best for him. We mean in the sense of appearance. It looks like he has at least aged by a few decades in just a few years.

Carrot Top

Carrot Top was quite a well-known actor and stand-up comedian. Compared to how he used to look, we think he has aged beautifully. But that is just our own opinion. Why do we think that? Well, that is mainly because of the very unnatural and inhuman-like face that he used to have.

Alamy Stock Photo

Now his face looks a bit more human-like, but that does not mean that it looks any better. It just looks better than it used to be.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Unless Sarah Jessica Parker had played her role in “Sex and the City”, we are not completely sure that she would actually be labeled as “hot”. In our opinion, she would not have gotten her fame as a celebrity and been called that by almost everyone if it wasn’t for HBO.


Well, while these days she doesn’t get cast as a quintessential hot girl, she might be doing a lot better as someone who is simply relatable.

Pamela Anderson

If you remember Pamela Anderson from her early days, you would likely recall that she used to be an icon. She used to be considered the epitome of perfection for women. Well, she is something entirely different now.

Alamy Stock Photo

It seems that all of her hair extensions, botox, and fake makeup have started to show their age and expire. It is clearly evident that whatever she is paying her stylist, she is definitely not getting a good deal out of it.

Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner, an actress, awarded with not just one but two Golden Globe Awards, is known mostly for her distinctive voice. She was a talented actress with several nominations on the big stages.

Alamy Stock Photo

While her younger days were full of achievements and compliments on her beauty, she definitely got too comfortable as she started aging. Even though she has not been trying at all to maintain a proper image of herself, you can still see her perfectly smoldering eyes through her old age.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is one of the most famous actors in America. He also used to be the mayor of the Carmel-by-the-sea city of California. However, the truth is that he is no longer the young man that he used to be. His cowboy days are long gone, which is obvious with just one look at him now.

Alamy Stock Photo

Our only advice for him is that he could really get himself a box of hair gel because his hair does not seem to have a life of its own.

Katie Price

When you take a look at this English model and media personality back when she was younger, you would readily agree that she looks like a cute little vixen. However, all of that ended when she went on a plastic surgery journey.

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If you look at Katie now, you can tell that her plastic surgery journey did not go well. She looked a lot better being all-natural. Someone needs to tell these celebrities that being all-natural is also an option.

Jeffrey Jones

Jeffery Jones is an actor who is mainly popular because of the movie “Amadeus”, where he played the role of Emperor Joseph II. There are also a lot of other plays that he is famous for as well.

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What we are trying to say is that it is quite a bit different in the case of Jeffrey. He was not the best looking in his younger days, and he is certainly not the best looking now that he is a lot older, but one thing is for sure, he does look better than he used to before.

Joan Van Ark

Plastic surgery is definitely one of the more popular trends amongst celebrities nowadays. Almost every other celebrity has had some sort of plastic surgery done, as it is within their right to do.

Alamy Stock Photo

Well, that is till you look at Joan Van Ark. That’s when it needs to become illegal. The once stunning actress is a living example for all Hollywood celebrities of what can go wrong if you are to lean a bit too much into the world of plastic surgeries. Looking at her now just makes you wonder what her skin feels like at this point.

Keith Richards

Perhaps one of the most shocking and scariest transformations we have on our list today. The main thing we are mostly unsure about is how this man is still alive, given the amount of partying he did and the use of illegal substances that never passed his way.

Alamy Stock Photo

Amazingly, Keith Richards is still alive. We are sure even he realizes that he looks more and more like the undead on stage.

Paul Stanley

When you think about the younger Paul Stanley, the musical superstar, you could easily say that he had a perfect face. Why do we say this? It is because of his facial features, his eyebrows that are angled so perfectly that it looks odd.

Getty Images Photo by Paul Archuleta

Despite all that, it does seem like old age is not the most forgiving thing to happen to some people. His best facial features are what grew to make him look like a creepy guy who would follow you home.

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